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What’s Going on with Outlook?

If your Microsoft Outlook stops responding, there can be multiple causes. If you open or close Microsoft Outlook, reply to an email, switch between folders, or upload or download an attachment, the problem will occur. Responding to an important email often causes this issue. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Microsoft Outlook might seem to be frozen or not responding.

Some of these include a temporary glitch; A third-party program that runs simultaneously with Microsoft Outlook; synchronization in progress; an oversized PST file; antivirus software; the IMAPExchange account; Outlook registry entries; and a virus or malware infection. Let’s start fixing Outlook now that you are aware of the causes.

Are you Experiencing this Issue for the First Time?

This tweak may help if your Outlook has stopped responding for the first time, some time you will see the erors like [pii_email_3ceeb7dd155a01a6455b]. If you’re using Windows 7, you can open Task Manager by pressing the CTRL, ALT, and Delete keys together or by right-clicking anywhere on the taskbar. Choose the Outlook.exe process from the Processes tab, click End Process, and it will be ended. Click on the Close button. Your computer needs to be rebooted now. Check whether Outlook is working after the computer has rebooted fully.

Second Case: Third-Party Applications

If you are using Outlook along with another application, close it. After you close the program, Outlook should work normally. Microsoft Outlook can be frozen by third-party software such as antivirus software, firewalls, add-ins, plug-ins, and toolbars. Due to the security and privacy settings that antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall programs configure to prevent unauthorized intrusions on your data and privacy, they can sometimes prevent Outlook from enabling you to send email or receiving emails.

If you’re Outlook or Outlook add-ins is not in the trusted zones, configure your security program to add them. After installing an Outlook add-in (whether Microsoft or third-party) and then manually stopping Outlook, remove the add-in. If Outlook is not working, check to see if it has started. Install updates and patches if it has been updated. If still no response is received, uninstall the add-in and install one from a different company. In some cases, software add-ins may not have been properly written by their publishers.

‘Case 3’ Is An Oversized PST

The email or other items in Microsoft Outlook are archived automatically. Microsoft Outlook is more efficient when you archive your mailboxes. Because archiving is a resource-consuming process, Outlook can freeze when larger files are open, pending tasks such as email are pending, and programs are running simultaneously. In similar fashion to archiving, synchronization consumes a great deal of resources. In order for Microsoft Outlook not to stop responding, please allow it to finish any pending tasks.

Furthermore, do not add anymore clicks and do not start any new tasks before you begin archiving and synchronizing. The fact that PST files (files that store all the Outlook data) or mailboxes are too large can cause Outlook to stop working properly.

Keeping your mailbox items archived regularly will prevent this issue. It is advisable to delete any unnecessary attachments. A large .pst file should be broken down into several small ones. I recommend creating multiple small .pst files and dividing your Outlook data between them. Additionally, make sure you regularly backup your .pst files to prevent data loss due to viruses or other issues such as [pii_email_b02030edf01c934e4ab8].

Case 4: Entries in the Registry are not Working

When your Microsoft Outlook registry entries are corrupt, your program may not respond when you click. Registry entries that have been damaged must be repaired. Install a free registry repair program on your computer by downloading it from a trusted website. This is a sensitive and risky procedure, and we do not recommend that you repair register entries manually.

Changing the registry in the wrong way can permanently damage your computer. Therefore, make sure you repair them with a registry repair tool. Make a backup of the system before running the registry repair program. You can do this in the event that anything goes wrong, thus restoring your computer to its previous state. Start the program, and when it finishes, run the registry fixer program.

Information Added:

Your antivirus program may prevent emails from being sent automatically if you have set up an auto responder or scheduled some to be sent automatically. It is because some antivirus programs identify attempts to send or download auto-emails as phishing, spam, or virus carriers, and thus block them. You should also remove any virus-carrying emails from your mailbox if you suspect that they have caused your Outlook program to hang.

Download and update your antivirus software! Below are instructions on how to do so. You should scan your computer for viruses afterwards. If any infected files were brought up during the scan, remove them. Updating your antivirus program on a regular basis is highly recommended.

Schwinn recumbent exercise bike

Is recumbent exercise bikes safe for seniors?

Many seniors don’t become conscious of their health and fitness, but they need to be more mindful of their health at this age. They are very disappointed in finding the best recumbent exercise bike for seniors.

It’s pretty tricky to find, but using Schwinn recumbent exercise bike gives you comfort and durable workout sessions. In these posts, we will describe the benefits, safety, and ease of the equipment. So, you don’t have to waste your time pick it up and start your health training without any issues.

Benefits of recumbent exercise bike for seniors

Many health benefits also provide a recumbent exercise device, but here we discuss some of them. Hopefully, following these benefits make your body more muscular.

Durable & Comfortable

A senior person needs a piece of durable fitness equipment because they are fewer fitness levels. The recumbent exercise machine is the perfect solution for the elderly because it offers stable and comfortable training. A built-in high-quality frame that ensures durability during workout sessions.

Safe for riding

There are many seniors person suffer previous injures, and this reason they don’t want to do physical exercise. To solve injuries, you can use a suitable recumbent exercise device to prevent your previous injuries and give you an attractive lower body. Everybody knows that as a preventing previous injures it has a good reputation around the world.

No need to schedule

As a fitness expert, I know that gym membership cost is. And the most critical issue is the schedule because they don’t allow before or after access. If you buy a recumbent exercise device, you can use it any time without any program and save your extra money and time.

Some Common questions about recumbent exercise bike

Q: Are recumbent exercise bikes safe for seniors?

A: We are already discussing the question but again, tell you that, yes. A recumbent exercise indoor device is genuinely safe for seniors because it has a slight chance of falling and impact previous injuries. So, you can easy to use it without any hassle and injuries.

Q: What exercises should seniors avoid?

A: When you’re elderly, you should avoid some exercise. Otherwise, you face some unbeatable problem. Although many activities have dangerous for seniors, we are writing some of them such as squats or weight lifting, leg press, bench press, high-intensity workout, abdominal crunches, and long-run.

Q: How long should exercise on a recumbent bike?

A:, each day, 30 to 40 minutes is suitable for the exercise, but if you want to do more, you can do it more time. Suppose your fitness levels are goods and you want to do more than 30 minutes, then it’s ok, no problem.


In these posts, we are tried to understand the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike and some related questions about it. We are delighted to complete the guideline that is helpful for those people who want to get safe riding and muscular body fitness.        

Rejoice your Parent's Anniversary with These Unique Gifts

Rejoice your Parent’s Anniversary with These Unique Gifts

Unlike any other celebrations parents, anniversaries are the day to thank them for being evident in every day of life. The parents who have been there for you through thick and thin deserves to be respected, and anniversaries are the best day to show them how fortunate you are for being a part of their lives. Parents always stood for us as our ultimate guide to protect us and motivate us to work hard and be better human beings. So, these parents deserve something special for their anniversaries. Anniversaries are the day to remember years of togetherness and beautiful memories spend together. On this anniversary, surprise your parents with a remarkable gift that will make them smile.

Thank your parents for being your constant support and holding you back when you fall. Thank them for raising you as a better person and teaching you the biggest life lessons.

So this anniversary, surprise your parent with a heartwarming gift. If you find it tricky to gift something unique and thoughtful on your parents’ anniversary, here are some amazing ideas.

A basket full of Roses and lilies

A beautiful bunch of flowers can never go wrong if you plan to surprise your parents on the wedding day. Arrange for some vibrant colour of roses mixed with lilies to make it look extra luxurious. Gift them or plan for a surprise by keeping it at the door to make them smile. Flowers are the best way to show your gratitude towards your parents and let them know how lucky you are for having them as your parents.

Shopping Gift Coupons 

Thinking of something that stands out from the standard set of gifts is always the best idea—this anniversary plan for something unique and thoughtful. Prepare a set of gift coupons for your parents and surprise them. Shopping is everyone’s therapy to take a break from the busy schedule and to get something special for yourself. So, gifting this cupon surely going to make your parents smile on the anniversary day.

Dinner Date

Taking a break from the daily hustle-bustle and spending some quality time with loved ones is the best way to make a special day even more special and exciting. Your parents also do best for you no matter what, so this is the time for you to arrange something special and heartwarming for them. Surprise your parents this anniversary by gifting them the most meaningful gift you can ever think of. Reserve a table in one of their favourite restaurant with the food they love and order a cake to make it look extra special. Midnight cake delivery in Bangalore now, so surprise them by adding a cake and some roses.

Throwing an Anniversary Party

Anniversaries are always meant to celebrate a day with loved ones, families and friends. So your parents anniversary is the best day to arrange for a surprise party for your parents and inviting their family, friends and raise a toast together for another new beginning of life. Arrange for some flowers and balloons, decorate your backyard or a place according to your convenience, and surprise them with this amazing gift. Decorate your backyard with balloons and organize for a special theme and order wedding anniversary flowers. You can also add a projector and add videos and pictures of all the beautiful moments spend together to make it extra special.

Personalized Jewellery Gift Set

A good aesthetic piece of jewellery can be styled up with anything. This anniversary gift is a pair of customized jewellery for your parents. It’s always best to choose something that is touching and heartwarming and stands out from the normal piece of everyday jewellery. So, surprise your parents with a pair of customized jewellery with their names crafted on it and make them smile on their special day.

Plan a Picnic

Picnic is always the best choice if you plan to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Taking a break from city life and spending some time in an adventurous place is always the best idea. A picnic is the best idea to surprise your parents on the anniversary day. Arrange for some good food and order a cake online to take it with you. A picnic takes a little more work because you have to pack meals and kinds of stuff, but you are planning this for your parents. So take out some time, pack things for them, and surprise them with this meaningful wedding anniversary surprise.

Decorate the room with balloons and flowers

Planning for a surprise by decorating the room with some balloons and flowers is never a dull idea. Surprise your parents by arranging some flowers and decorating the room with balloons of vibrant colours. Plan for additional surprises by ordering anniversary cake online

So, plan your parents anniversary with these amazing ideas and surprise them. Show them your love with a remarkable gift and thank them for being your ultimate source of inspiration.

How To Find The Perfect Workout Attire And Equipment Online

The act of shopping online is becoming more and more popular among all demographics. The convenience and wider range of choices available online are the two major appeals for online shopping. If you’re trying to put together your exercise outfit, or even looking for exercise equipment, then online is the way to go. Before you get lost in between shoe sizes and the different choices available, here are a few tips to make sure your shopping is successful. 

Research Is The Key To Finding What You Need

The first rule of all online shopping is to do your due diligence. You need to read every review you can, from no bull shoes reviews to people’s opinions on shopping from a certain platform. Remember that not all platforms or sellers are going to be equal, and shopping from a reputable website helps protect you. After all, you will be sharing your banking details and home address with this website. Rushing into things and skipping research could mean you buy the wrong product unknowingly, have a bad experience (they may take ages to deliver) or worse—it could be a scam website set up to steal your data and money.  

Figure Out Your Needs And Preferences First

There are so many options available online, that it can feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole as you search. One minute you were looking up sports shoes, and the next thing you know, you’re looking at gym membership plans for the entire family.

To avoid getting ahead of yourself, try to set specific goals and figure out exactly what it is you need to buy. Don’t limit your search to “sport shoes”, but try narrowing down the search. You could add the brand name, or the type of shoes you are looking for. If you have any specific preferences or needs, this is the time to think about them. It will save your time and energy to get to the point, because the internet is a vast, never-ending universe of data. 

Contrast And Compare

Don’t forget to visit more than one online store before you commit to a purchase. You can find many deals on the internet, and they aren’t all on one website. It’s easy to stumble upon cheaper options for the same equipment on eBay, while shoes may be cheaper on Amazon. The point is, you should take the time to compare prices, because you never know what you could find.

Final Advice: Try Using A VPN

Many websites save your data (via cookies) and may even offer location-based pricing. It’s worth trying to use a VPN to mask your IP address, because sometimes that means you can buy from the same store at a cheaper price. The purpose of the VPN here is not for anonymity, because you will ultimately need to provide a shipping or home address. The purpose of the VPN is to potentially unlock better prices. Be sure to check the price with and without the VPN. 

With these tips, you can buy any equipment or workout attire online with no issue at all. Have fun shopping!  

Should I Pay For Mold Testing

Form testing is costly. Expenses can raise rapidly, contingent upon the state of the property and the quantity of tests caught. Here are a few focuses to think about when concluding whether to test for shape and how to get the greatest value for your money on the off chance that you do choose to test. 

Start little. Pay for a dampness examination, with a choice to test, contingent upon the aftereffects of the dampness examination. The dampness examination is essentially just about as significant as catching air or surface examples. Comprehend that in light of the fact that the main forerunner to shape development is dampness, it’s basic to start by deciding the property’s condition from a water harm point of view. The expense of a dampness examination is significantly less costly than an exhaustive series of testing. The dampness examination will show the most essential spots to catch tests, in case tests are suggested. The examiner can survey his dampness examination discoveries while on location, and you can pick to add testing after you comprehend his discoveries. 

Recruit an authorized Mold Assessor with numerous disciplines, for example, a Division 1 General Contractor who is likewise authorized as a Building Inspector and Mold Assessor. Multi-prepared experts comprehend the property according to an all encompassing point of view, for example, how fabricating frameworks communicate with building materials and constructions. Do your exploration, and get ready inquiries and a short history of the property to audit with your Assessor. This basic data is useful in deciding why there is a form issue. Recruit a gifted Assessor who can utilize particular gear to discover conditions that are not promptly obvious to the undeveloped eye. 

Examine and comprehend your Inspector’s suggestions for testing after your Assessor plays out an exhaustive dampness examination, however prior to testing starts. This is the ideal chance to find out with regards to the soundness of your property by concentrating on the dampness examination results. Your overseer will actually want to clarify significant data which can assist with restricting the quantity of tests caught. 

Rethink testing noticeable shape like staining. For the most part, in case there is adequate proof that form exists, for example apparent form like staining, combined with inordinate dampness, flow and additionally past water harm, or potentially a conspicuous awkwardness in moistness, customers might pick to move straightforwardly to fixing the reason for the issue and eliminating the shape without performing testing. In these occurrences, customers may likewise pick to buy restricted testing. 

Testing is suggested under these conditions: 

Test when there is no noticeable form like staining, however the conditions are reasonable for shape development. For example, during the dampness examination, your Inspector discovers wet or moist drywall, you experienced a previous water harm occurrence, and a stale smelling scent is available. Your assessor will prescribe testing to preclude airborne form spores that are not apparent. 

Test when you see noticeable form like staining noticeable all around overseer storage room, you smell shape in the home, and your cooling framework conduits look foul. It’s impractical to outwardly decide whether the grime is residue or form. mold testing Your assessor will undoubtedly suggest catching a surface example from the HVAC conduits to preclude form development. 

Test if your insurance agency requires evidence that form exists. 

Test when you experienced a water harm episode and need to confirm that the property is dry and that no form has become airborne from behind divider cavities and behind cabinetry. 

Test if your home loan organization, or other monetary interest, requires leeway that a property that recently endured water harm or shape has been agreeably reestablished. 

Test on the off chance that you require explicit data about the sort of form and the degree of rise in each caught test for wellbeing reasons. 

Test assuming you need to fulfill an oddity about shape. 

Test on the off chance that you require documentation because of a current or forthcoming claim. 

Continuously test after a form remediation to ensure that the remediation was effective. 

By observing these rules, you may get a good deal on form testing. 

Make sure to confirm the situation with your authorized supplier prior to recruiting. 

Contact the creator, Susan Hadaway, Business Manager of QCI Mold Inspections, Building Inspections and Remediations LLC for help with your water harm episode or to pose inquiries about form QCI has been serving business and private land owners in Clearwater, Lakeland, New Port Richey, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Tampa, and encompassing Florida areas for more than 25 years. All requests and administrations are kept private to ensure the interests of our clients, including mold review results, form evaluation reports, shape remediation project results, water harm ventures, and building investigation reports.


Best Indian apps that you can download on your smartphone

The IT revolution had taken place in India a long time back. It saw the rise of many MNCs such as Wipro, Infosys and TCS. There is a huge scope of growth in technological fields in India because the demand is high. With the growing access to the internet even in rural areas, the need for applications is increasing. Apps provide an easy alternative to almost everything these days. Books, instruments, calculators, everything is turning redundant. The need to step out of the house to purchase, or remove cash from the ATM is also history. Everything is turning digital today.

A big issue that we were facing is the less number of Indian apps on Playstore (Android) and Appstore (iOS). Most of the apps were made by foreign companies, predominantly Chinese which made Indian companies lose a lot of business but more importantly was perceived as a major security risk by the Government of India. To counter this threat, push the Make in India initiative and compete with China is all spheres due to growing geographical tensions, the government banned many Chinese apps and started incentivising app-based startups. In the past 12 months itself, we have seen many Indian apps as alternatives to the ones we initially used, thus raising the questions: Why did we not encourage this initiative before?

Anyway, the past is the past. Looking at the bright future of Indian digital businesses, these are some of the top Indian apps in their segments.

1.   Hindi Keyboard App        

It was almost the whole nation who was using the google Indic keyboard for typing in their regional languages. And honestly, why not? There was no competition in those days and not much awareness. But all this is changing rapidly. With growing voices on privacy infringement by Google, people started shifting to a set of keyboards that has made the country proud. Bharat keyboard’s Hindi keyboard app is now the most widely used Hindi typing software in the world. Similarly, Bharat keyboard has a range of other keyboards, including malayalam, Bangla and Marathi.

The fact that it is Indian-made is not the factor pushing its growth. But the multifunctionality and reliability of this keyboard is what is propelling it through the Playstore rankings. To put in simple words – You can type in Hindi easily along with making your conversations super fun with the app’s features. The Hinglish typing option is very popular, which allows users to type with English letters and conversion to Hindi is done instantly. I no longer have to go through the varnamala to write each letter since I didn’t focus well in my 2nd grade Hindi class.  For long messages, I use the Speech-to-text feature due to which I don’t even have to move my fingers.

The keyboard has hundreds of sticker packs and different ways to create stickers. You can make avatars and GIFs, reply with stickers and send bigger emojis. The Hindi keyboard comes with many jokes, shayari and quotes so that you can send brilliant messages to your contacts without having to think hard on your words. These messages will instantly make an impact in your groups.

Other features, include a storage of copied messages for an hour, quick-access to frequently used messages, Covid-19 resources which is a very important and life-saving feature from Bharat keyboards; Mood analyzer, emoji suggestions and personalizations.  The keyboard can be adjusted and made to look the way you want. Add background images or ready-made themes, to make your keyboard look beautiful. It is without any arguments, the best Hindi typing keyboard on Playstore.

2.   Ludo King

Ludo King is nothing but a success story in gaming apps. Imagine making an app that the whole world is playing. That is Ludo king for you. Bringing a popular childhood board game to the digital space, Ludo king was an instant hit. Once it made its way into the trending page of twitter, people were quick to download it and ever since has been one of the most played games on Playstore. The app’s simplicity and features like local and online multiplayer has made it popular. You can chat whilst in game which makes it a lot of fun with friends.

If an app is getting 8 million reviews and have a rating more than 4, you can imagine its greatness and popularity.

3.   StepSetGo

Stuck at home with no motivation to start exercising? What if I tell you that you will be rewarded if you just start walking. That’s right. Walk, gain points and get your favourite products, this is the idea behind StepSetGo. You can compete with your friends or just go on a stroll, the app will always be looking at your movement, in a good way of course. You get free products or special discounts from your SSG points. The app was also praised by PM Narendra Modi to make fitness fun and rewarding.

4.   Aarogya Setu

It is possible you might want to skip this one, but hear us out. For a country as big as India, contact tracing was a humongous task. Further, there was a need for a common portal where reliable and latest information regarding rules and regulations of the current time were available. Rumours started making rounds and it was necessary to bust them, this app did it all.

Very important to know how your area stands with respect to Covid cases, it might look to us as a privacy infringement, but it is not. The vaccination portal – Cowin is now linked to Aarogya Setu, so you can see that installing the app beforehand helped you get vaccine certificates and updates on time. Since the pandemic is far from over, it is a great source of reliable information and latest updates from the government.

5.   JioMart

To compete with foreign owned companies and with already existing trust amongst Indians, Reliance launched JioMart, an online grocery store. Having used the services myself, I can guarantee how flawless the entire process is. Launched before the pandemic, JioMart gained a lot of popularity during these times since people feared to go out but we cannot live without a regular supply of groceries. If you had a JIO SIM, you also received certain discounts on products. JioMart is now expanding its business and including more products. As it does this, they have a lot of discounts, so make sure you check them out.

6.   Paytm

One of the earliest e-wallets in India and surely the first popular Indian digital payments app, Paytm is another success story. What started as a digital wallet now gives services in UPI, digital banks and insurances. They have their own card and the highest retail reach in India. Although Google and Amazon Pay exist, Paytm continues to gain customers and in fact outperforms the aforementioned apps. Made and owned completely by Indians, Paytm for me is the most reliable payment app in India.

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4 Best Malayalam typing software that will make it worth your while

Language of God’s own land, Kerala, Malayalam is a beautiful language and a medium of historic scriptures and literary works in the past. Although there is a diverse culture in Kerala and people of all faiths call it their home, the one thing that binds all of them is Malayalam.

This respect for the state language was always there amongst the people of Kerala but in between, English became a status symbol and a synonym for an educated person. Boys and girls preferred to talk in English due to which reading and writing in Malayalam was confined to schools only. This parallel to digitalization made writing almost nil, until typing solutions in regional language started gaining popularity.

Digitalization and open-source softwares have enabled developers to make apps that benefit society. Digital keyboards, dictionaries, online books, all of these have played a huge role in creating an atmosphere for learning and typing simple for the common man. Irrespective of when you have started writing in Malayalam, these 5 softwares will completely change your experience relating to Malayalam typing. 

Malayalam Keyboard App

Bharat keyboard’s Malayalam keyboard app is the most popular Malayalm typing digital keyboard on Android Playstore. The keyboard is specially designed by Malayali speakers, which makes it susceptible to details and smallest mistakes. The keyboard then automatically corrects them, or gives suggestions to you to do the change manually. Not only has Malayalam typing become simple but very popular amongst the youth. The reason for this is that the keyboard is not just a typical one, but has other exclusive features.

The keyboard’s basis, the typing software is so well developed that even kids can use them without any issue. The keyboard consists of three keyboard layouts – English, Malayalam and the Manglish keyboard. If Manglish sounds like Manglik which is an omen in the stars according to Hindi traditions, then this is quite the opposite. In fact, the Manglish keyboard is a blessing for all Malayalam typists. All you need to do is type with English letters and the keyboard converts it into Malayalam. Transliteration along with auto-correction and word corrections will make your messages mistake-less.

Stickers from this keyboard is a separate topic in itself. There are many ways in which you can share stickers with your friends without relying on the messaging app. For example, on whatsapp, you can store stickers in the app’s storage, which means you cannot use them in any other app. \

But the manglish keyboard apk allows you to not only make and store stickers but also has hundreds of custom made, ready to share sticker packs available. You can download and use them along with your avatars! Yes, you can create your avatars through this keyboard and use them with any sticker pack.Convert words to emojis with Pop-texts and bigger, animated emojis with Bigmojis. You can even create animated stickers or GIFs through this keyboard.

To make a good impression in your groups, you should always send good messages. Unless you are a writer, words won’t come naturally to you, like most of us. This is where the keyboard will help you again. With a dedicated library of hundreds of Malayali jokes, quotes, and poems, the keyboard will help you always be in the spotlight with some amazing ready-made messages.

Malayalam English Dictionary

A complete guide for Malayalam-English understanding and learning, this app is highly rated on the Playstore. The features include a visual-based meaning of words for kids to understand, grammar such as synonyms and antonyms, usage of words in sentences, a smart-search feature so that you can find words with minimum information like start-with, end-with and containing.

The new update has also enabled offline dictionaries which is a great feature since most dictionary apps require the internet. The app als contains many poems, stories, quotes and Malayalm proverbs for your learning and maybe to use in typing. If you are preparing for the Kerala services exam, there are also current affairs and educational updates for the same.

Malayalam Troll Sticker

Troll Sticker for Whatsapp is a collection of amazing Malayalam stickers and memes that you can share with your friends and family. Troll Sticker makes your conversation interesting and filled with laughter, way cooler than using regular emojis and texts. The sticker packs are specially created  and updated every week including the latest memes and movie dialogues. Troll Sticker packs are small and occupy very little space, so you can add them to Whatsapp easily.

The app’s ratings are also healthy which makes it a reliable source of sticker content with more than a hundred thousand downloads. It will satisfy all your need for Malayalam stickers.

Ezhuth – Malayalam Writing App

An instant Manglish to Malayalam converter, the best thing about this app is that it works offline. Type in English and press space to convert the word to Malayalam. Specially trained software does transliteration without accuracy. There are also ways to do translations, from Malayalam to English and vice versa. Type or paste Malayalam in the box and press on Translate. Follow a similar procedure for English, and get it converted to Malayalam.

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A Guide to Having Better Conversations

The conversation has evolved a lot. Now, we see a shift from talking face to face to text-based conversations. Many texts are a lot shorter than a lengthy conversation.

This creates tension when you want to convey something that is complex or needs time to be explained. I’ve been in situations where the other person gave the impression that they could not wait for me to finish because it took time, and they needed me to get to the point. In many cases, you end up feeling like you’re not getting through while you struggle to explain your point of view.

The good thing is, there are ways you can overcome this while making sure that you get your point across effectively.

There are many ways to have a better conversation. In this post we’ll discuss ten ways that you can improve all of your conversations and specifically, we’ll be discussing digital interactions.

 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation will help you get over these obstacles and improve your communication skills in the process.

  1. Having a spell checker on a keyboard: Lots of people have weird habits – we often misspell words, use abbreviations or misread something because our brains aren’t really set up to get it. When chatting with people online, it’s important to use proper grammar and spelling. But what you don’t realize is that misspelling the exact right word can ruin your entire conversation. One easy way to get better at conversation is to add a spell checker to your keyboard. With this Bangla keyboard that includes an in-built spell checker, it will alert you when you’re spelling something out too much or not using enough hyphens or dots at the end of words. This can help you improve your communication skills dramatically.
  2. Ending a conversation too soon: Have you ever had a conversation that went well, but ended before it was fully formed? It could be that you were nervous, or simply lacking in certain aspects of the conversation. Chances are, these are symptoms of an inefficient conversation rate. The good news is the cure for bad conversation is more efficient delivery. Learning how to open up and improve conversations can actually increase your productivity within a team or company. An added feature of this Bangla keyboard is, it can suggest words and phrases through predictive analysis. It reads and understands the pattern of communication and suggests ways to improve your conversational tone with precise suggestions to get the talk going.
  3. Spacing out your words: Spacing out your words is a great way to make yourself more memorable and less boring to talk to. When you overuse a phrase or sound byte, your readers will subconsciously interpret it as a lack of consideration and will once again resort to their previous knowledge of you to form an opinion of you. If you want to make a lasting impression, avoid overusing key phrases.
  4.  Keep it short and sweet: People like to talk – and lots of us are guilty of starting long conversations that end up being more like talkathon sessions. Context and environment play a big part in this. If something can be conveyed using short sentences and sweet phrasing then try not to complicate the conversation unnecessarily because simple is in vogue.
  5. Break up your text into readable chunks: A really good conversation doesn’t have you stuttering and bickering. It doesn’t require you to yell at each other or be silent. Break up your boring, repetitive text and replace it with something that will make you seem more approachable and engaged.
  6.  Structure your text for clarity and impact!: Make sure that your posts are thorough, well-articulated, and make sure you apply a positive emotional wall that blocks out negativity.
  7. Choose and place the right emojis: It’s much easier to have a good conversation with someone when you’re using emojis, which are little pictures that replace words in your message. Bangla keyboard for Android has a plethora of emojis to choose from. Moreover, the AI-powered keyboard is also capable of suggesting emojis in accordance with your conversation.
  8. Converse in regional language: Communication is key when it comes to connecting with natives. Ditch that formal tone and go for that long-lost heartfelt conversation with the Bangla keyboard if you are a native Bengali speaker. With modes like transliteration, native Bengali input, English typing etc, you get a wide range of options and switch accordingly.
  9. To make jokes: Make and share jokes along the way. This is the secret to a lasting conversation. The power of humour never goes out of style. Install the Bangla keyboard which has unique and funny jokes which can be directly shared on chat messenger platforms.
  10. Type less yet talk more: The Bangla keyboard is one of the best mobile keyboards. It’s not just the layout that makes this keyboard stand out, but also the software that comes with it. Your keyboard can sometimes be a barrier to better communication. Break the barrier. Based on deep technology, this one essentially renders a swift conversational interface with stickers, emojis, GIFs for a personalised conversational text experience.

Your keyboard can sometimes be a barrier to better communication. Break the barrier. With these ten tips, you would become a better speaker in no time.

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How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on Android, IOS

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world, irrespective of whether their phone is Android or iOS. Whatsapp is used for private messaging, business, and now even for payments. To use this app, all you need is a phone number, and the SIM need not even be on the same device. Typing messages is one thing, but sending messages without having to move your fingers at all is another, and it is possible.

You must have heard of Mobile assistants. If you are an Android user, there is google assistant. If you use iOS, then it’ll be Siri for you, or Cortana for MS users. These assistants are nothing but an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can perform a lot of functions for you with just a verbal command. You can even use it for sending messages.

Just say the activation words and tell the assistant to type the message for you, and mention who you want to send it to, and it will be done. A detailed description is given ahead. It is very simple to use this feature, but is not very commonly used due to hesitancy with regards to efficiency. Anyhow, these assistants can even be used for reading out messages, for which, you will need to give certain permissions.

For instance, for the Google assistant to be able to read out your messages, it will ask for permission to access the notifications. Grant it and it will be done. Also, you can change these permissions anytime through the Phone’s settings.

What if I don’t want to use any mobile assistants due to any reason? Can I still be able to send messages without typing? The answer is Yes, you can indeed do that with the help of a smart keyboard.

A keyboard? Why will I use a keyboard when I don’t want to type? If  this is your next question, then do not worry, Bharat keyboard’s Marathi keyboard app or other regional typing keyboards (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi) will help you send messages effortlessly without typing. Read ahead to know more.

Marathi Keyboard App

The best regional typing solutions for mobile phones, Bharat keyboard have introduced the Marathi keyboard app. The way you can send messages without typing is very simple. Use the Speech-to-text feature from the keyboard. The way it works is, you need to select an output language, for instance Marathi, English or any language from the list. Start speaking and you will get real time output in the chat box. Once you finish speaking your message, simply click on the send button.

Try it a few times to get a clear idea of how it works. This keyboard reduces need for any assistant, is secure of your privacy and makes your texting experience beautiful in more ways than you can imagine. Aiding the speech-to-text feature is a powerful auto-correct and word-suggestion feature that automatically corrects any mistakes and makes flawless messages.

The Marathi keyboard is fun to use, with hundreds of ready-made sticker packs that can be downloaded and used. This way you won’t even need any third-party apps for stickers. That is not all, you can even make your own stickers like Avatars and GIFs. Convert words to stickers in the form of Pop-texts and large emojis in the form of Bigmojis.

There are a lot more features that you can access through this app. But sticking to the topic, send messages without typing and without any errors. Download the Marathi keyboard now!

WhatsApp: How to send messages without typing on Android

Step 1: Download the Google assistant app on your Android device, open the app and configure it. It will store your voice in its memory so that it responds to you perfectly later.

Step 2: To activate your assistant whenever you want, just say “Ok Google” and it will pop up. You can command it now to do anything you want. Do not say the command without first calling the Google assistant, it won’t respond or work.

Step 3: Once the assistant responds to you, command it to send a Whatsapp message to a particular person. You will have to name that person from your contact list.

Step 4: Once it identifies the contact, it will ask you about what should be mentioned in the message.

Step 5: The AI-assistant will type the message and ask for your confirmation. Tell it to send it and the message will be sent.

WhatsApp: How to send messages without typing on IOS.

Step 1: In Apple devices, no special app is required to activate the Assistant-Siri. Open phone settings for configuration.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap WhatsApp. Enable Use with Ask Siri to integrate Siri with Whatsapp.

Step 3: Whenever you want to send a message, say “Hey Siri! Send a WhatsApp message to…” followed by the name of the person or contact you want to message.

Step 4: Siri will ask you what you want to send. Speak out the message to Siri.

Step 5: Similar to Google Assistant, Siri will read the message out for you. If everything is fine, ask it to send it and it will do so.

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How IT Support Ensures Comprehensive Monitoring?


With the increase in technological activity especially in the digital economy that will now find ourselves, a lot of information technology products and services keep springing up every day. This technology related product and services will, in turn, change the way businesses handle and operate their day-to-day IT maintenance processes. Whether you have multiple branch locations, or you support remote work where your employees work remotely, it is wise to consider adopting IT support to ensure comprehensive monitoring.

IT Support Services is one of the services that every serious-minded business owner should integrate into their processes. There are so many benefits of integrating IT Support services into your business operations. Among the benefits is the comprehensive monitoring of your data and information technology architecture that you use to drive your business processes. Other benefits include the ability for you to manage and completely coordinate your remote employees.

So, for instance, if you have a team of 10 employees working in different locations, it would have been a great challenge for you to manage all these employees in a single dashboard, but with a high-powered IT support, you will be able to manage your team efficiently and also improve on their productivity. Your team will even offer targeted value to your customers so that your customers can become your permanent and loyal fans, and also help to promote your product or services to their friends or family members. This will also, in turn, affect your bottom line as well as increase your revenue.

So, in the light of the benefits of using IT to monitor a business process and IT infrastructure compliance, this article will take a look at how IT support ensures comprehensive monitoring.

Ready to learn? Let’s dive in!

#1. Improve Efficiency

If you have a business and you are struggling to improve your bottom line, one of the best things you can do to get your business back on its feet is to adopt IT support into your business processes. Adopting information technology support into your business processes will help to improve the efficiency of your business and also that of your employees. Efficiency is a great factor when measuring the performance and growth of a business.

 If the efficiency of your business is low, there is a high chance that your employee morale will equally be down. On the other hand, if the efficiency of your business is high, there is a high chance that your employee morale will also be high. So much research suggests that employee morale and business efficiency work hand-in-hand. So, in whatever you are doing so long as you want to grow your business to a level where you will be able to compete favourably with other businesses in the industry, you need to consider integrating IT support into your business processes.

Additionally, by leveraging IT support to ensure comprehensive monitoring will also successfully reduce so many financial costs that are associated with business management. For instance, the money that you would have spent to train your employees on how to protect your business data from corruption can be channelled or allocated to pursue other business interests.

#2. Control Costs

Another benefit of adopting IT support to ensure comprehensive monitoring is the fact that your business expenses will significantly reduce simply because your employees will be well-informed and the money that you would have spent to train them on different processes of your business can be relocated to target more qualified leads and also boost your promotion activity. IT support services will not just help you control training costs alone, it can also help you control administrative and engineering costs.

So, the bottom line is that adopting information technology services into your business processes will help you control cost. As a matter of fact, if you are able to achieve cost control, you will spend less in areas of marketing sales as well as lead generation drive.

#3. Quick Resolution of IT Issues

There is no business that generates money that does not experience technical issues. Technical issues are some of the reasons why some businesses actually exist. So when your business is experiencing complex information technology issues, if you don’t quickly resolve those issues your business is likely to experience a downtime, which will also disrupt your revenue generation drive. But adopting IT services to monitor your business compliance level can help you reduce or quicken the process of resolving any IT-related issues that may occur.

The benefit of quickly resolving IT issues far outweighs suffering a downtime. For instance, if your business experiences a sharp downtime, the likelihood of your customers abandoning your brand and switching to your computer is very high. In essence, whenever your business experience a downtime, it is important to quickly resolve the problem so that your customers will not abandon your brand and switch to your competitors.

#4. Consistent Support

Finally, adopting IT support to monitor your business compliance system also guarantees consistent support. If you rely on your own in-house IT personnel alone, the chances are that when there is a disruption in your service or product delivery, your in-house IT team may not be able to deliver the required resolution that you need to quickly bring back your business into operation. But adopting an IT support service to monitor your business compliance will ensure that your business will operate 24/7. As a matter of fact, your business will enjoy consistent support from well-trained and licensed information technology experts.

Final Thoughts

An IT support service is one of the services that every serious-minded business owner should integrate into their processes. There are so many benefits of integrating IT Support services into your business operations. It is important to include a budget that will hire or engage experienced information technology experts to help you drive your business growth so that your business can gain traction and compete favourably with other businesses in your target market.

One more thing..Feel free to share your success with us when you start adopting IT support services