Day: October 11, 2021

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Top 9 Advantages of Mobile Web Apps over E-commerce websites

With the rapid technological advancements, the world of the internet is advancing at a rapid pace thus improving branding and user interaction to a whole new level. Currently, every e-commerce company has greater resources and immense scope to deliver the best user experience to the targeted audience.

One of the parts of this incredible evolution on the internet is the mobile web app that is leading the digital market right now. Mobile web apps are now so popular that they are literally disrupting the entire way people used to access the internet in the past.

So, no wonder that every company, be it a startup or well-established one, is going for a reputed web app development company in India over the E-commerce websites. Here are the top 9 advantages of Mobile Web Apps that make them preferable for e-commerce platforms.

  1. Personalized Experience

When it is about e-commerce platforms, the customers are more focused on personalized shopping experiences. The main reason being, the simplification of finding the most relevant products and services in the environment. Real-time recommendations based on the touchpoints of the customers are what makes it possible.

Being backed up by the top mobile app development company in India, any business can provide an incredible user experience by filtered product deals, which also builds an emotional bond with the audience.

On top of this, a dedicated mobile web app makes it easy for visitors to explore all the features, options as well as offerings. So, more than the users, the company gets great benefits from using a mobile web app.

  1. Faster Operation

Due to the heavy competition in the market, every business needs to deliver their service as fast as possible. As the targeted audience has enough alternatives out there. Even a slight lag in the performance of the app can cause a massive loss in customers.

Mobile web applications are indeed faster than the standard websites that run on a browser and every browser performs differently. Although mobile web apps run on browsers, they provide the outcomes combining both the performance of mobile and browser by using minimal access to the device.

Besides, one of the main benefits of mobile web apps is their ability to use the storage of the phone. So that they can be retrieved instantly. Additionally, the code frameworks behind the mobile web app developments are simple yet faster. Than the standard websites thus giving a great advantage.

  1. Ease of Access

When it is about standard e-commerce websites, the targeted audience can approach it either through a search engine by searching a specific product or by searching the website name. IN, either way, one needs to take multiple steps to enter the interface of a company. And even more time to explore everything in it.

Besides, it is most likely that the potential customers who have reached the website through search engines go for other websites for the products that are already available in the previous one. Thus, you are losing a customer for one of your products although another is bought by the same person.

But, having a mobile web application on the phone means one will surely explore your every offering. And prefer your platform over searching for other alternatives out there. Thus, it provides a great base for making a good community of loyal customers faster.

  1. Instant Notifications and Updates

One of the top reasons that make people stick to a platform is exclusive offerings besides a delightful experience. Emailing or SMS are now outdated ways to approach the customers to display your exclusive offers. Most of the targeted audience will not even look at those business-related emails due to the lack of trust factor. Which is quite reasonable.

But with a mobile web app, a business can make your approach easier by giving in-app notifications directly to their phones. It is probably the best way to increase sales by giving alerts for a limited time offers on the most relevant products of the potential customers.

The notifications from the app that they have already used mean they are surely going to go through the offers. Or buy it without comparing with other options from other companies.

  1. Branding Possibilities

A mobile web app is the fastest way to excel the brand awareness of an e-commerce business. It is quite astonishing, but a mobile web app is more of a representative. Or an ambassador of the company that reflects reputation, quality, and reliability all at a time.

Thus, there are unlimited possibilities to engage the new customers. Who come across the app on a person or through the play store. Besides, in the recent survey, even Google concluded that most people want to explore an app once they come across the design and the way of communication/presentation of its offerings.

So, if you have succeeded in hiring an experienced mobile app development company for design. And communication strategy, you will have infinite possibilities to increase the visibility of your platform.

With all those advantages on one desk, none of the active businesses out there would miss this opportunity. As a result, mobile web apps are the topmost preferences of every e-commerce business to approach and engage the targeted audience.


Developed in 2009, Node.js is a runtime environment whose main goal is to execute JavaScript on the server-side. You can hireNode Js Development servicesfrom a company. Since its origin, it has been popular a lot.  Node.js is used by many big companies like Netflix, Walmart, etc.

Today, most people surf the internet on the mobile and that too on apps. Therefore, companies need to focus on app development as well as using them properly.

Why to use Node.js?

Node is a very popular platform. The reason why Node.js is very much popular today is because with the help of Node you can develop real-time applications. Also, Node.js is an open-source platform, so it is easily accessible. These are some of the best features of Node that can be very helpful to you.

Here, we will let you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of Nodejs.

Advantages of NodeJS

Let’s look upon some of the major advantages of Nodejs

  1. Cost-effective

Developers may simply write code in both the front-end and back-end with Nodejs. As a result, you won’t have to hire two different developers, lowering your company’s costs. As a result, the web development process becomes faster while maintaining high quality. So, it is better to use Node, as it will get the work done faster in low cost. A Nodejs development companycan help you in building a better website.

  1.  Better Performance

Node enhances the performance of the applications. Therefore, when it comes to developing applications, it is extremely popular. In addition, JavaScript has NPM, the world’s largest package management with a wide range of web development tools. Also, it has a large community sop whenever any problem comes, the community helps in solving their problem and improving the performance at large. And, when it comes to developing websites, the performance is the most important thing. Therefore, if you want to develop a website you can go with Node.js.

  1. Easy Scalability

In developing scalable applications, Nodejs is considered one of the best platforms. Therefore, if you want to build apps as per your requirement, then you must choose Nodejs for app development.

Node.js allows you to add extra resources to single nodes while vertically growing your web application. These additional resources are solely added to the current system. You can hire Nodejs developersto develop a completely scalable website or application.

  1. Caching Advantage

The Node.js open-source runtime environment also allows you to cache individual modules.  Anytime there is a request for the 1st module, it gets cached. The developers don’t have to execute the codes again because caching will allow the applications to load pages faster. Thus, Nodejs for Web development service is the perfect option.

  1. Support from the community

Node js has a vast community of developers that continuously keep improving the platform. In reality, JavaScript programmers support the developer groups by supplying ready-made and simple solutions and scripts on GitHub. Many more developers are expected to be initiated in the future by the developers.

Disadvantages of Nodejs

Along with numerous advantages, Nodejs also has some disadvantages, some of which are as below:

  1. Unstable API

One of the major disadvantages of Node is that it has an unstable API i.e. Application Programming Interface. Many developers have encountered that API gets on changing again & again. Also, at some times the new API has many backwards-incompatible changes. Thus, the developers have to change the access code.

  1. A limited number of Node.js developers

The need for Node.js engineers is growing all the time, yet there aren’t enough of them on the market. As a result, there is a significant imbalance between supply and demand. And, with so few Node.js developers on the market, picking the right one is difficult. Although there are many JavaScript developers, it is important to note that not all JavaScript developers are also Node.js engineers.

  1. Poor quality tools

The tools of Node.js are not up to the quality. Also, they are not stable and mature. The quality of Node.js is constantly kept in check by the contributors. But, on the other side, the quality of tools is not given that much importance. So, before using Node.js keep this point in mind and then make the decision whether to use it or not.

  1. Inability to do CPU-intensive jobs

One of Node.js’ significant drawbacks is its inability to do massive calculation operations. JavaScript code can be run in a single thread with Node.js. When Node.js is asked to perform a CPU-intensive task, the problem develops. If any heavy requests come then Node.js will first process them and then answer them and this will take a lot of time. So, this is not a good sign for a platform.


In conclusion, we would like to say that every platform has its own advantages & disadvantages. But, whether to use that platform or not depends upon its suitability for your project. So, if provides features that support your project, then you should definitely use that platform. If we talk in general, then Node is a good platform for building websites so you can go with it for your project, just one time go through the advantages and its limitations that we have mentioned above. If you decided to use this platform then you should also hire Nodejs Development servicesfrom a reputed company.