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4 Practical Tips on How to Record Interesting Instastory

I get a lot of questions about Instagram recording. Before I started recording Instastory regularly, I was approaching the topic of “like a hedgehog”: I knew I should record, but I couldn’t breakthrough. Like many people, I felt discomfort just thinking about talking to the camera. I also talked to Dorota Białkowska about the fear of video recording during LIVE, the report of which you can read in the entry ” How to Overcome Fear Before Video Recording “.

In retrospect, I can say that Instastory is the best way to practice video recording.

The fear of the camera itself is one thing. However, in the beginning, I did not know what to record, why to record, and I was afraid of this “constant walking on the phone”. And I was wondering if what I’m showing is interesting for the audience at all.
Until I saw that Instastory helps me build a committed community faster and is a way to build relationships with potential clients.
Sounds good? Then stay with me! Based on my experience, I have prepared a few practical tips thanks to which you can easily start recording Instastors.

Why Instastory at all?

Instastory (or simply Relacje in Polish) is Instagram’s response to the galloping trend of consuming video content. Video has become an integral part of online business strategies and its viewing figures continue to grow. Videos for Instagram are short and they are relatively easy to create, because thanks to the functions available on Instagram, you do not need to be a film operator to record video content.

Instastory is also easy to watch. The mobile form of content displaces graphics on both Facebook and Instagram, and the video is viewed much more often than, for example, photos, i.e., the content of the so-called static. For Instagram account owners, creating video content regularly with Instagram simply means increasing visibility for their brand if you want to see how it will work check the visibility of our brand Socially go. So, if you do not want to be left behind and you treat your Instagram activity as an important element of your strategy, you must do Instastory. Dot.

1. Step one of Instastory recording – practice

What can I say – we all know that training makes perfect? Our first recordings will probably be a bit numb but don’t give up and practice for the betterment, of your character count You don’t have to share what you’ve recorded right away. First, practice in front of the camera to be able to get used to communing with her, to your voice, to practice your shots. Choose a calm background for recording because nothing is more distracting than a shelf full of books or a mess in a room.

If you feel that you do not look the best on a given day, use the filters available on Instagram. My favorite filter was Lisa and Lena. With this filter, even after a sleepless night, you will not scare the observer of your Report.

Also, watch your gestures because we often do something strange with our hands or hair. For example, I am playing with my hair and this can distract the viewer. My tip – take something in your hand, e.g., your favorite mug of coffee, and take your hands with it.

2. Select the Instagram topic

One of the reasons why recording Instastory is difficult is that we lack a specific plan. Without a plan, we don’t know what to record and what. Schedule the publication of content on Instagram for the entire week. Each relationship has a specific goal that is part of your strategy (I don’t like that word, but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade).

What is an Instastory recording about?

Some sample topics for Instagram stories:

Promotion of a product, event, company news.

Show how you work and where you work, what project you are working on.

Observations, thoughts, motivations, inspirations, and quotes.

Events you are participating in.

Share your successes.

Ask for opinions, research the community using stickers with polls.

Share knowledge to establish yourself as an expert.

Recommend accounts of people who inspire you.

Sharing passions outside of work.

Other content (apart from the “strategic” content) you do as a hobby and on your responsibility, hehe. And it costs a lot of time.

3. Structure of Instastories

Well, done Instastory – it’s like writing a good essay. Do you remember that from the Polish language lessons? The elements of a good essay are:




First, you relate to the topic and introduce viewers to the heart of the matter. Often, one snap (part of the relationship) is enough for the introduction. The next snaps are an expansion. You tell – what is your relationship about, what you want to convey.

A paper without an ending would not get a high five from the Polish language lady and the same applies to Instastory. Once you have developed the topic sufficiently, move on to the ending. If you don’t do it – it’s like saying that you are going to some super awesome event today, but you didn’t let me know how it was. Or that you are just boarding the plane and not letting you know that you have arrived safely. Or that you are making beautiful crafts, but have not shown the result.

Watching Instastory without end can be compared to watching a movie with the action suddenly freezing in a tense situation. The hero is alive … or has he died? It is not known.

4. Elaboration – do not publish Instastory “on the run”

Avoid the situation (unless it is in line with your concept) that you record Instastors and share them immediately. This is the secret of big Instagram accounts that will never be told by their owners. Well-planned content can be prepared in one go without spending more than 30 minutes. And don’t even think about walking around with your phone and making

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