5 Reasons Why GogoPDF Is the Best PDF to PNG Converter

Time is of utmost importance whether you are a student or an employee. Your boss or professors expect that you can deliver all requirements on or before the deadline. On top of that, you still have a life to live outside work or school. Your parents expect you to be present on all important occasions while your friends would want you to spend leisure activities with them once in a while. This scenario would not be possible if you don’t know how to manage your time wisely and use technological innovations designed to help you perform your duties faster and easier. 

One of the most helpful technological tools that you can use today is GogoPDF. If you submit a PDF file that has to be in PNG, you can use it for conversion purposes. If you want to have a deeper understanding of what it can do, then keep on reading. 

What are GogoPDF and its features?

If you plan to convert PDF to PNG, know that there is no built-in converter available for use in almost all devices. You may resort to purchasing software and applications if you have the budget. But the downside of using them is that they typically have complex interfaces, long installation processes, and constant updates. Hence, a more time and cost-effective way to transform one file format to another is through the use of online tools, such as GogoPDF. 

Consider GogoPDF your best friend if you are managing tons of digital files daily. It is a website that can perform its functions excellently without compromising the safety of your confidential information. It offers a lot of services which range from converting and editing to merging and splitting of documents. It has increasing popularity because of the outstanding features it offers. Check out the list below to know more about this online tool,

1. Does not require a premium account

One of the features of GogoPDF that makes it student-friendly is affordability. It will allow you to utilize all of its functions without charging you any amount of money. Additionally, you will not incur any hidden charges after using the converter tool. You may opt to decline its offer to upgrade your account into a premium if you don’t have the budget to pay a monthly fee. You may avail of one if money is not an issue because it will let you enjoy converting files without limitations, restrictions, and pop-up advertisements.

2. Offers a fast and highly accurate process

Since you have a busy schedule, you want a converter tool that offers a fast yet highly accurate process. In this way, you will no longer have to wait for hours before you receive high-resolution images. The website will allow you to transform the file to your desired format in just a few clicks on your device. Accuracy will never be a problem since it commits itself to provide converted documents with the same content, layout, and quality as the original file. It is the perfect tool to use if you have a jam-packed schedule. 

3. Compatible with all types of devices

Are you more comfortable in using your mobile phones instead of your laptop or tablet when converting files but you can’t find a tool that runs on this kind of device? Worry no more because here is GogoPDF that is highly compatible with all types of devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Aside from that, it can function smoothly in all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Macintosh. You can also perform the conversion process in any kind of browser including Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. 

4. Strictly implements a privacy policy

The website values the trust, time, and confidence of its users which is why it aims to give them the best conversion experience. Therefore, it strictly implements a privacy policy to ensure that your personal information will not be accessible to unauthorized persons. Aside from that, it guarantees you that viruses and malware can’t corrupt your uploaded and converted documents. It is possible because it uses the 256-bit encryption technology and imposes a 60-minute rule. It means that all uploaded files will not be available after 60 minutes of staying on the server. 

5. Operates using the cloud system

Since the website operates using the cloud system, you only have to secure yourself with a device, a working browser, and an internet connection. It will not matter if your smartphone, laptop, or tablet lacks storage space because everything is entirely online. It will not occupy any of the device space allowing you to convert documents without facing any issues in storage.  

A detailed instruction to convert PDF to PNG using GogoPDF

The process of converting PDF to PNG is pretty straightforward. In fact, you can perform them in just a few minutes. The first thing you have to do is to visit the website and find the PDF to PNG converter tool. Once you reach it, it will require you to upload the file you wish to convert by simply dragging and dropping it on the toolbox. An alternative way is to by clicking the select files button that will redirect you to your local storage. 

After successfully uploading the PDF file, the converter tool will start scanning and extracting it. You have to do your part by waiting for just a few minutes. In a while, the converted PNG will appear on your screen and will be available for download. You may also send copies to your colleagues or group mates via email and other social media platforms. Remember that you only have an hour to save your file because, after that, the server will automatically and permanently delete it. If you fail to download it within 60 minutes, you will have to repeat the entire conversion process.

In a Nutshell

Working and studying in the 21st century requires the use of technology. You will be at a disadvantage if you continue doing your tasks all by yourself. You can never catch up with the increasing demands of your work without online platforms like GogoPDF. So if you want to have an easy and convenient life, you have to visit and utilize the website now!  

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