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Best Way to Recover Deleted messages on Facebook Messenger

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger?

If you are using Facebook messenger then you must be using Facebook messenger too but there are some chats which you have deleted at some point of time but when need the chats back but you are not able to do so and are wondering what to do or wondering how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger

Losing a basic Facebook discussion could be very irritating, in reality no its horrendous. Those messages could be extremely valuable to you. You never needed to lose those recollections, correct? In any case, dont alarm! Since large number of clients are looking for changed ways Of recuperating Permanently Deleted FB Messages on Messenger, we considered giving the highest useful arrangements with the goal that you can undoubtedly recover those talks. This aide centers around how to recover erased messages on courier with basic and quick advances.

In this blog we will be looking at this issue only and we will be solving the problems as well as questions of our users like how to recover permanently deleted messages on messenger. As missing an important message could be very much annoying and frustrating for you and you know that it would be a difficult task to get the messages back. But this was in the past now with the availability of advanced data recovery tools this task can be comparatively very much easy for the users. In this article we will be discussing the ways to get your messages back on Android, which includes some in-built features as well as quick solutions for you which will allow you to find your deleted messages. 

So, let us dive into the sea of solutions without wasting any single moment so that you can recover your messages quickly. 

Steps to restore messages using the Facebook messenger – 

If there are messages in the archive folder of your Facebook messenger app and then you must get the chance which would allow you to restore the deleted messages Facebook to recover the messages easily for which you must follow the steps given below – 

  1. First of all the users have to open the Facebook messenger application on your device and then you must move ahead to the recent conversations of yours. 
  2. In the next step to how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook on pc you must click on the search bar to search the conversations which you have previously archived.
  3. Now in the next step you have to look for the conversation and once you have found the conversation you wanted to you have to just select and then press the Unachieved Messages option to un-archive the conversation you have selected. 
  4. On the web version you have to move to the messages option and then you have to look for the more option and once you have found it you need to click on it. 
  5. Now in the next step you have to click on the Archived option to find the archived messages option which you will further use to answer the question which is how can I recover permanently deleted messenger messages and then see it for whatever purpose you want to. 
  6. You can also recover it by going to the settings of the Facebook for which you must first visit to the Facebook app on your device so that you can move ahead to further steps. 
  7. Now after this you must go to the settings option of the Facebook after which you must navigate the General account settings and after finding this you must click on it. 
  8. After selecting the your Facebook information you have to move ahead to the option of download your information which you can do from the right panel and finish the procedure further. 

Way to archive messages – 

  1. Firstly you have to open the Messenger on your device and then after moving to the recent conversations you have to select the option you select that conversation. 
  2. After selecting the conversation you have to long press on it and then click on the horizontal lines on the screen and then from it you have to further select the Archive option and then you will get your messages back and then read whatever you want to. 

We hope that by following the steps given above you will be able to recover whatever messages you want to on the Facebook messenger. 

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