Buy ACNH bells: Guide to enjoy New Horizons game

Animal Crossing New Horizons is considered to be an interesting version similar to its earlier version. The initial days spent in this game can be somewhat bewildering, especially to those new to this eccentric series. But with some tips, you can enjoy your game as an islander and make the most of the initial days spent here. 

Avoid wasting time on taking the initial major decisions

With New Horizons game, you can take a more flexible approach. There are several elements that can be crafted as well as re-crafted. Remember, when selecting for your home the initial pitch, it need not be perfect. By paying a small fee, you can relocate. Even big facilities can be relocated. For this, you need to reach Resident Services to discuss with Tom Nook. Their appearance is not much of a concern. 

You do have the ability to change features or gender at any point of time after constructing or acquiring a mirror. Whatever be the type of layout of your first island, do not get bothered by it. One option that you may have after you derive anew island life is ‘Terraforming’. It allows you to reroute rivers or resculpture cliffs with great ease. You can come make plenty of adjustments effortlessly without much hassle. Choosing Animal crossing Bells will be necessary to move ahead in the game. 

Double down your inventory

Whatever you find in the island can be taken to stuff your pockets. It is considered to be the way to become rich and to pay off the loan as well as to buy a much bigger house. This means, you also need to expand your pockets. With upgradeable inventory, you can get better access to a larger storage space. 

When personal storage is concerned, in Resident Services, you can become the ATM machine head. This will allow you to upgrade the inventory space. You may also choose other available upgrade options paid in Nook Niles. It does make good sense to spend the Nook Miles. Bigger pocket will allow you to derive larger cashflow. Remember, the game is more about bells. For details, refer to

Tool up

There is no urgent need to start the game with everything you require. A few tasks might prove to be infuriatingly impossible during the initial days if you lack essential crafting items or resources to create key tools. 

You may reach the airport and the mystery island. You can find Wilbur waiting for you as you disembark. Every tool will be provided required to make purchase. However, you may require to buy ACNH bells as it might not be available for free. For repeated tricks, you will require having a Nook Miles Ticket. They are an easy, quick and affordable way to derive all useful tools required in the arsenal during the early part of the game. 

Avoid rushing things. Rather, learn the tips and tricks to play the game well and to be in your favour.

Animal Crossing Tips:

Fruit gives you superpowers

If you eat fruit, you’ll notice a counter in the upper-left corner of the screen. This indicator shows how many pieces of fruit you’ve eaten (up to 10), and for each one, you can perform a super feat, such as breaking a stone or digging up a full tree. Digging up trees helps make groves easy to pick, and when you visit other islands, it helps transplant new fruit trees without having to wait for them to regrow. All that said, DO NOT BREAK ROCKS! In fact…

Catch all the fish and bugs

Another early tip: Catch every animal you see — which pretty much consists of fish and bugs. Keep an eye on flowers for stinkbugs and mantises, snag butterflies in the groves, and shake trees and rocks to find pill bugs and spiders. Here

As soon as you craft your first bug net and fishing pole, start handing over your collected critters to Tom Nook. Sure, you could sell these creatures to Timmy and Tommy, the island’s resident traders, but Tom Nook will send each unique discovery to his friend Blathers the owl, who lives off-island.

Long story short, after enough donations, Blathers the owl will come build a museum on the island and set you on to a much larger collection project, opening up the game considerably. 

Cross-breed flowers

Breeding new varieties of flowers is a slow but rewarding process in Animal Crossing. When you water flowers, they reproduce. But if you water adjacent flowers of the same type but different color, they reproduce with blended colors. So if you’re looking to discover new colors, plant the same varieties near each other, but leave room for them to spread.

On the other hand, if you want more of a rare variety you happened to grow (like my prized black tulips), separate them from other flowers and water them daily. It’ll take some time, but others will sprout soon enough

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