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When it comes to mobiles, India is one of the biggest markets for smartphones. Smartphones are filled with a plethora of features. You can clearly observe the latest and greatest smartphone launches from big companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Realme, and many more. These brands from time to time launch a tsunami of features whether it be the specifications, features, or price.  

The latest mobile phones have evolved and embarked their way into the revolution of the market. There are tons of smartphones launching, therefore many times it becomes difficult to have a track of a good smartphone with a superb feature that too at an affordable price. 

There are some mobile phones that are not only budget-friendly but also their model comes with an array of exciting features and technological upgrades.  

If you are considering buying the latest mobile phone that can cover all the latest specifications but still fit your budgetary requirements. Then you are on the right path. We have concise some latest mobile phones that you can choose based on reviews and ratings.  

Let’s have a look at some of the pocket-friendly latest mobiles. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10:  It has an impressive screen size of 6.43 inches (16.33 cm) bezel-less display with a punch-hole in it. The display is Super AMOLED type and offers a screen resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels along with a pixel density of 409ppi that ensures the high definition display.  

For more information about Gadgets visit here – List of Online Stores Providing High Quality PC Products online in UK at Best Prices

The camera setup for this mobile has a Quad setup with a 48MP f/1.79 primary camera. 

Performance and battery: If you monitor the performance of the device that is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 chipset, rests over an Octa-core (2.2GHz, Dual-core, Kryo 460 + 1.7GHz, Hexa-Core, Kryo 460) processor. Apart from that phone gets 4 GB RAM and an Adreno 612 GPU to ensure premium performance and ensures a seamless user experience. 

Storage and Connectivity: The XIAOMI smartphone gets an internal storage capacity of 64GB that is capable of further extension of up to 512GB. It operates on the Android v11 operating system customed with MIUI.

Under a price range of 12,499. This mobile is a great steal. You can easily find the latest Xiaomi phones on Flipkart. And, to save more money on the latest deals with mobiles, you can use the Flipkart coupon code that you can get from Couponscurry. 

Realme 8 Pro: This smartphone comes under a range of 17,499. It is a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display phone with an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Realme8 Pro smartphone gets a bezel-less punch-hole display loaded with a pixel density of 411PPI. The mobile features a quad camera on the backside comprising a 108 MP Primary Camera, an 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, a 2MP Macro Lens, and a 2MP, depth camera along the side of LED flash. 

Performance and Battery: Realme 8 Pro comes with 6GB RAM along with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset. The Octa-core processor comprising Kryo 470 Dual-core and Hexa Core functions at the speed of about 2.2GHz and 1.8GHz is amazing. The smartphone is equipped with a 4500mAh Li-ion-type battery that charges up the phone. There is a non-replaceable cell that is compatible with 65 W super dart charging technology. 

Storage and Connectivity: Realme 8 Pro comprises 128GB internal storage that can expand up to 256GB. This device has various connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB charging, A-GPS, Bluetooth v5.0, Mobile Hotspot, USB Type-C apart from 4G VoLTE. 

One Plus 9R: It comes with a 6.65-inch AMOLED type display that carries a refresh rate of 90Hz and an aspect ratio of 20:9 with itself. One plus is known for its camera, that is why it has a 48 MP Primary Camera supported by a 16MP Camera, an 8MP Camera, and another 2MP Camera gets placed on the backside. The camera can autofocus and has LED Flash, Exposure compensation, HDR mode, Continuous Shooting, Auto Flash, Face detection-like features. The front camera is 32MP and is perfect for clicking stunning selfies. 

Performance and Battery: This smartphone derives its operating energy from a 4,500mAh Li-Polymer battery. The design by Oneplus is compatible with a 33W fast charging technology and non-replaceable by nature. 

This smartphone sells under a range of 39,999 INR, but you can get a huge discount if you buy this smartphone via TataCliq promotional codes

Storage and Connectivity: The one plus 9R is provided with a 128GB internal storage that is non-expandable and if you look at the connectivity aspect then the smartphone has various features like Mobile Hotspot, 5G and 4 G VoLTE network, Type-C USB charging, Bluetooth v5.1, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, etc.

HP Deskjet 920c Printer

What are the steps to Change the Ink Cartridge of the HP Deskjet 920c Printer

HP is a popular brand name for printers and other hardware gadgets. It manufactures printer devices for all businesses, large companies, and home use. The ink usage of HP Deskjet 920c Printer devices is also very less. Users can take lots of printouts in a single cartridge. Once the cartridge gets empty, users can replace it with a new cartridge and then take the printouts easily.

Steps for changing the ink cartridge on HP Deskjet Printer

  1. Check the out tray of the printer and fold up tray
  2. Both trays should be down
  3. Power on the HP deskjet printer
  4. Remove the top cover of the printer
  5. The user has to wait until the cartridge cradle moves to the centre
  6. Take out the ink cartridge from the printer carefully
  7. Check the new cartridge for any mishandling
  8. Remove all the plastic protective tapes
  9. Take out the clips and check the pins
  10. Insert the new cartridge on the empty slot of the printer
  11. Press down the cartridge so it can fit correctly

After installing the new cartridge; close the top cover and now check the printer status. Your HP will start showing the new cartridge. 

The cartridge is showing error during installation

Some users face errors while using or installing the HP Deskjet 920c Printer on the device. They get the cartridge’s unavailable message on the printer screen. Users can get this error when the printer or cartridge is dealing with some error. 

The cartridge is not correctly installed

Users often get the cartridge installation error when it is not installed correctly on the printer. After moving the old cartridge, you have to install a new one. While installing a new cartridge; check for the plastic tape and clips. You will see the plastic protective tape and orange clips on the cartridge. Before installing it to the printer; you have to remove all these tapes. The plastic tape prevents the pins from contacting the printer. After removing all these tapes; reinstall the cartridge on your printer. 

Printer error code

When you make any changes on the printer; it may get into error. Users sometimes make invalid changes and the printer stops working. After installing a new cartridge, some users face the HP Error Code 0xc4eb8004 on the screen. This error mostly appears when the user is giving a print command from the network. When you see the error message on the screen; check the network on both devices. Check the Wi-Fi status of your printer. Restart the Wi-Fi of the printer and reconnect it to the device. Try to give the print command to your HP device and now check for the error message.

The printer is not detecting clone cartridge

For cost-cutting, some people purchase the third-party or clone cartridge for the printer as the original cartridges are costly. But your HP printer won’t detect the clone cartridge. The printer software is designed for detecting the original cartridges only. When users take lots of printouts; they often prefer clone cartridges. For making the clone cartridge available for the printer; the user has to make some changes. You can ask a local hardware shop for help. They will make some changes and the printer will start detecting the clone cartridges. But these cartridges can damage the HP printer. If you want to decrease the printing cost then check for the ink refill.

HP printer driver is outdated

Your printer or cartridge will show an error when the HP printer driver is outdated. The outdated driver can show errors while detecting new changes on the printer. You can fix your cartridge-related errors by updating your outdated driver. Go to your driver and check for the new update. If the update for the driver is available then you have to install it immediately. When the driver is showing any error; try to repair it. You can run the driver repair tool for the pc. It will fix the HP Deskjet 920c Printer driver. After updating the driver; your printer will start detecting the driver. 

Remove the stuck print job of the printer

When the printer shows you an error; check the print queue. You can get the error when one of the print jobs gets stuck. Go to your printer and remove the current job. After cancelling the stuck job, resume the printer and now check for printer or cartridge-related errors.

Best Email to Fax Software in 2021

Best Email to Fax Software in 2021

The online fax market has grown exponentially in the last few years. These days it is common to find many companies offering a email to fax solution at a great price. These thousands of choices can be difficult for the inexperienced so a little detail can help us make the right decision.

You can capture the Internet fax in many different ways and learn all the steps involved in it with the help of free trials, shareware and demos and online reviews of different options.

In the field of programming, Captaris is one of the leading companies offering the best email delivery software in 2009 with its product: Rightfax. The program is designed with large customers in mind who need to handle heavy fax on a daily basis. If you are a small business owner, or plan to use a fax as an individual, this may not be the solution you are looking for. In those cases, other methods such as GFIFax Maker are more convenient, giving you features such as mobile integration, faxing and receiving, and automatic fax delivery. But there are also good options this year, like MightyFax for example. These are good words to start your research.

If you choose to have all your fax in a web based interface you can do so, thanks to the help of web-based fax services. They work in much the same way as email services like Gmail or Hotmail, but they are paid monthly. You can access your fax anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection – you do not need to install anything.

Services like MyFax, or Fincentral Fax allow you to access your account from any computer to start sending and receiving texts. These services also offer a free piece of software that integrates with your commonly used apps so you can fax at the click of a button! You will also be given a local or toll-free number so you can receive faxes from anyone.

Spending some time looking at different options will be very beneficial for you, you can try software and services give you free tests to start Internet fax with the right foot!

To learn all about the best online fax companies that offer free trial, you can visit the free trial fax with Internet companies, where we are listed in the order of quality.

wordpress design and development

Knowing these 8 secrets will make your WordPress design and development look amazing

The services of wordpress design and development are being used by millions of people and small businesses to earn more sales and do effective marketing of their brands. But these targeted audiences only choose the well-reputed and famous company which has acquired a special place in the market industry. To be one of those companies, here we will mention some of the secrets tips that you should consider and follow. 

The customized theme

The first and the most critical aspect of the company providing wordpress web development services is its theme. The theme of WordPress should be striking, convincing, and beautiful, and only then will you be able to make a unique and professional-looking website. The business should know its nature and then get to know about its competitors. After getting to know these facts, then it should consider the theme appropriately. This is a crucial step because the company that does not have a charming piece will display a terrible image of the targeted audience and drive away all the attention. So, if you want to make your web development site look unique, you should go for the selection of customized and appreciate themes that also compliment your company’s nature.

wordpress web development services

Appropriate color palate

If you want to be the best wordpress development company, you should choose the proper and beautiful color combinations. The task of selecting the appropriate color combinations is more tedious than you think. The right color combinations can make WordPress look stunning, while the wrong combinations can display a lousy image and result in the company’s downfall. Colors play a significant role because they have a strong psychological impact on the customers. So, you should choose the appropriate color and combinations as per the requirement of the website. 

The right typography

The typeface and typography should be proper and appropriate for WordPress. The style of the font and size of the font matter. The style of the letter should not be too complicated or stylish so that people cannot read it easily. Such font styles are a big drawback because when people find it difficult to read the provided information, they ignore it. Such websites do not mark its viewers, but in fact, it drives away all the attention.

Moreover, the displayed information should be precise, and there should be no grammatical mistakes in it. Those websites which have grammatical errors in the said details make WordPress look unattractive. So, if you want to make the website look stunning, you should go for the proper typography and display more information precisely. 

A beautiful home page

This is one of the many secrets that can help make the website look a hundred times better. As the wordpress web development services provide the possibility to the customers to avail of aesthetically pleasing WordPress websites, they should also have a beautiful home page. Such home pages can compel the targeted audiences and convince them that this company is a professional. It can help you build good and beautifully customized WordPress development sites. 

Customized favicon

Favicon is a shortcut icon or a website icon that helps in directing the audience towards their specific desired option in a speedy time. It helps save the time of the viewers who want to find some solid choice on the website. So, the wordpress development services Chicago business can create a customized favicon to highlight the options on the webpage so that people can get access to the opportunity quickly. This feature helps make the website look more professional while also providing ease and convenience to the users. 

Personalized footer

The best wordpress development company always provides correct information to its customers and avoids exaggerating the facts. This information may include the essential details about the business, its origin, the reviews about its customers, the privacy and policy of the company, and even the customer care services. While some viewers do not care about such information, most of the audience checks all this information and assesses the company based on such details. This information should not be scattered throughout the website, but a special place like the footer should be designated to display data. The footer is the lower part of the WordPress where this crucial information is displayed, so it should be personalized and customized according to the website’s theme. 

Use of modern languages

Different languages are being used while creating and designing websites. The wordpress development services Chicago should opt for modern languages, like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc., to make an efficient and professional-looking website. Only such types of WordPress can acquire a special place in the industry that is manufactured through proper technologies, software, and language. These fantastic WordPress development websites will grab the attention of more audiences and increase the sales of the business. 

wordpress development services Chicago

Addition of specific plugins

The website should be error-free, meaning it should not be crashing, reloading, and refreshing problems when people visit them online. The business should go for modern tools and technologies, and plugins, which help add unique features to the website and increase its functionality. The viewers more appreciate the quick websites that provide fast access to the options. Not only do they help in saving time, but they also attract more audiences. This way, by adding specific modern plugins, you can easily make the WordPress development website work fast and look fantastic. 

Only the wordpress design and development businesses that look amazing succeed in attracting more audience and generate more revenue. So, the company should always create a good and professional-looking website that can engage its viewers and motivates them to acquire exceptional services. Above, we have mentioned some of the tips and tricks that you can consider to make your website look outstanding. 

How to Check Hard Drive Space on Windows 7 PC?

  • Microsoft has historically recommended that you leave at least 100 MB of free space on any drive where Windows is installed to avoid problems. However, since we see problems at levels higher than 100MB, we always recommend 10% free space.

Are you still using Windows 7? Do you want to know how to check hard drive space Windows 7? When your PC slows down, you may wonder whether the problem is caused by low disk space and then you want to check hard drive space.

Actually, we should pay attention to hard drive space usage indeed when using PCs, because insufficient hard drive space will cause many PC issues like system crashes, slow system, program crashes, etc. Then, how to check hard drive space Windows 7? You can refer to the following methods.

Check Hard Drive Space Windows 7 via Windows Explorer

  • Click Windows Explorer icon on the Taskbar or click My Computer icon on the desktop.
  • Highlight Computer and then you can see the total size of each drive and how much space is left in each drive.
  • If you want to see more detailed information about the usage of a drive, you can then right-click on the drive and choose Properties. Then, you will get a window showing you not only the size of used space, the size of free space, and the total capacity, but also the file system and a pie graph about used vs free space on the drive.

Check Hard Drive Space Windows 7 via Disk Management

This method will not tell you the used space and free space. It only gives you a disk partition layout. Through this layout, you can see whether there is unallocated space or a partition without drive letter.

Usually, these spaces will not appear on PC and therefore you can’t use them. To some extent, these spaces are free spaces. If your PC lacks free space, you can use them by creating a partition on the unallocated space or assigning drive letter to the partition.

  • Click the Start icon and type “computer management” in the search box.
  • From the result list, click Computer Management program to open it.
  • In the tool, go to Storage > Disk Management. You will see whether there is unallocated space and partition that have no drive letter.

If there is unallocated space, you can right-click on it and choose New Simple Volume to create a new partition. Of course, if there is a partition before the unallocated space, you can right-click the partition and choose Extend Volume to merge the unallocated space into the partition.

If there is a partition without drive letter, you can right-click on it and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths > click Add button to assign a drive letter to it.

Check Hard Drive Space Windows 7 via Commands

Like the first method, this method only displays the total size and free space of a partition that haves a drive letter. It doesn’t display those hidden partitions or space. Here is the guide:

  • Press “Windows + R” keys simultaneously to open Run box.
  • In the Run box, type “cmd” and press Enter to open Command Prompt window.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type command “wmic logicaldisk get size,freespace,caption” and press Enter. You will get an output showing each drive’s free space size and total capacity size.

How to Add More Space to Hard Drive

If you find your hard drive doesn’t have enough space, you can use the following methods to get more space.

1. Add a second hard drive or upgrade to a larger hard drive.

This method is the most effective way to get more space. If you have an idle hard drive bay, you can add a second hard drive to your PC. If you have only one hard drive bay, you can buy a larger hard drive and use it to replace the old one.

2. Free up disk space.

If you don’t want to spend money to buy a new hard drive, you can try this method. To free up disk space, you can do as follows:

If you don’t know how to perform the above methods, you can refer to the original text: Check Hard Drive Space and Free up Space Windows 7. In addition, this post will offer more method to you.

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PC Products online in UK

List of Online Stores Providing High Quality PC Products online in UK at Best Prices

A computer is an electrical device that accepts data (input), processes the data according to set rules, produces information (output), and stores the information for future use. There are many best PC parts website in UK that provide quality and reasonable prices. Hardware and software are both components of every computer. CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse are the four most critical components. A computer system is a collection of interconnected devices that process, store, and input data and information. At least one digital processing unit is used in today’s computer systems. Input, Processing, Storage, Output, and Communication devices are the five primary hardware components in a computer system.

The chassis, central processing unit (CPU), monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, graphics card, sound card, speakers, and motherboard are all examples of computer hardware. Software, on the other hand, is a set of instructions that may be stored and executed by a computer. The physical components of a computer are referred to as hardware. This is sometimes referred to as computer machinery or computer equipment. The keyboard, monitor, mouse, and central processor unit are all examples of hardware in a computer. Hardware, unlike software, is a tangible entity.

Following are the best places that are providing Best Computer and Laptop Parts in the UK at reasonable prices. 

Argos is one of the most trusted online sites for buying PC parts, especially if you’re seeking dependable and safe items. Argos is one of the most popular internet businesses in the United Kingdom, specializing in electronics, computer gear, and software. Began operations in 1973 and is today the largest and most successful retailer in the world. They offers a comprehensive choice of PC parts from the world’s best manufacturers, all with the specs you want. Argos is an online store that will give you several possibilities that you may strongly consider if you want to buy a laptop or computer parts at a reasonable price with all of the needed qualities.

Reliance Solutions

In the world of IT and technology, Reliance Solutions has built a reputation for itself. Reliance Solution is regarded as the best PC parts website in UK, offering top-of-the-line laptops, PCs, PCs parts. Reliance Solution strives to give the highest quality products to their consumers, and their customer satisfaction percentage is the highest in the industry. Laptops, notebooks, PCs, desktops, cellphones, and other innovative items are available at a reasonable price. They provide a variety of laptops to suit every work environment. You can use Reliance Solutions’ search engine to quickly discover the laptops, computers, and PC parts you want. Reliance Solutions attends to their client’s requirements and expectations; they also have a customer email address and complaints, demonstrating their market trustworthiness. They provide a specialized sales staff to their clients as the UK’s leading pc parts provider, ensuring that your parts are acquired as promptly as possible.


Newegg is the world’s largest online retailer of electronics such as PCs, laptops, computer hardware, digital cameras, LCD and LED displays, and so on. Newegg’s headquarters are in California, although the Chinese hold a bigger proportion of the company’s market. Newegg is the only well-known online retailer in the United States, making it a trustworthy, reputable, and safe place to buy laptops and PCs.

Although there aren’t as many reviews as Amazon, research shows that this firm is more trustworthy. This online store’s unique selling point is that they give a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right computer or laptop parts for you, including options for the screen, CPU kinds, screen resolutions, RAM & ROM, and more.

Newegg is also distinct because of its promotions, discounts, and special offers, which make its products more appealing to customers. In comparison to other online retail businesses, Newegg, in my opinion, is superior at giving the greatest pricing. Newegg’s main flaw is their warranty; they are not great when it comes to warranties, but they are quite trustworthy and have quick shipping times.

UK Insight

Insight is the world’s largest single-source provider of IT goods and services. To create better business outcomes now and prepare your organization for the future, you need insight. We design IT solutions for where you are now and where you want to go using compelling capabilities and deep experience. We provide low-cost computers, hardware, and software, as well as services ranging from basic setup to complex design execution and financing, to suit the IT needs of enterprises and organizations of all sizes. UK Insight is the best in marketing computer software. They provide both sorts of software at a very fair and economical cost. 

Reliance Solutions is the best PC parts website in UK that is providing quality pc parts to their customer guaranteeing the quality and working capacity of the specific parts. 

Windows 10

How to resolve Disk Management is not opening in Windows 10

Disk Management not opening error occurs when some of its files get corrupted. These files get damaged due to malware infection or runtime error. The disk management shows an error when some of the apps are taking lots of time and your disk is not working correctly. When the disk management is not opening on your device; check for the possible reasons and solutions. 

Restart the device and try again

When the disk management is not opening; try restarting the device. When a runtime error appears, some of the functions stop working. You can try restarting the device as it will fix the runtime issues. Whenever the windows error appears, you should try restarting the device. Close the running apps and hit the restart. Again try to open Disk management.

  1. Open Windows search bar and type Computer Management
  2. Hit on the Computer Management option
  3. Click on the Run as Admin option
  4. Go to Computer Management 
  5. Tap on Storage and hit on Disk Management
  6. If the disk management is still not opening then try other solutions for troubleshooting disk error.

Initialize a new disk 

You can face a disk error when it doesn’t have a valid signature. This occurs when it has not formatted or initialized. You can troubleshoot the error by initializing a new disk. Go to the Disk Management and check the Status. If it shows offline then hit on the Online button. When you see the partition system then try to edit the name of the drive  manually. If you don’t see the partition then choose the Format option. It will delete all existing data from your disk. Some users face this error on an external disk. Eject the disk and then reconnect it. Now choose the action button and select the Rescan disks option. Also, check the cable you are using for connecting the disk and system. Use a good cable for connecting the disk.

Scan the disk

The error while opening the disk management or checking the dynamic disk’s status appears due to any hardware failure or I/O error. You can face these issues when some system files get damaged. Go to your device and scan the device for corrupted files. If you know which file is corrupted then open it and repair it manually. You can use the system file checker program for scanning the corrupted files on the system. Open the device and now you run the sfc/scannow command. If the device has any corrupted files then it will get repaired. Now check the disk status of the system.

Try to add a disk to your system

You can get the foreign status error if you transfer the dynamic disk to the local system. Some users get the error 0xc00000e9 when the data on the dynamic disk gets lost. When you see the foreign status; try adding the disk to your system and import the foreign disk. You can inspect all data in the import folder.

Run the malware scan

The disk management error can occur due to malware infection. When you click on the file, viruses interrupt the functions and disk management will not open. You can fix the disk management error on the device by running a malware scan. You can use free antivirus but they can’t remove all viruses from the system. Go for a premium antivirus that can remove all the viruses. You should run the full scan and then try to open the disk management.

Try to change the status

While running the device, if you are getting offline status on a dynamic disk then try to fix the error by switching the status. You will get the Offline status and the disk name will be missing. The user has to repair the disk and check for any cable problems. You can also run the reactivate command for keeping the disk online. 

Clean the junk from the system

Several junk files can also interrupt disk management. When your disk is not opening on a Windows device then check all the junk on the system. Firstly, delete all the Windows temp files. Now, open the command screen and run the cleanmgr. When you get the list, choose all files and tap on the OK button. Restart the PC and now run the disk management. 

Key Factors to Measure Translation ROI

Spending On Translation? Key Factors to Measure Translation ROI

The translation is not a luxury of big business houses. Translation services are the need of the hour for every business aspiring to spread its wing beyond the local market. In this article, we will detail Key Factors to Measure Translation ROI.

It is a proven fact in various statistics that customers connect with the companies speaking their native language. In some cases, the customer is least bothered about the country of product origin if the information is in the local language. 

We always discuss factors like the cost of translation, but that is an investment for any business. When we call something an investment, it is supposed to have some ROI or return on investment in quantitative terms for its evaluation. Translation services do have measurable returns, and not all returns are measurable in numbers, like customer satisfaction. Returns from the translation services have their waiting period. Whenever you pay an amount to a professional translation agency in India for translation services, remember to evaluate the ROI on this investment.

This blog will help you find how to measure the ROI from investment in translation services or the key factors to measure translation ROI.

1. Increment in Website Traffic

The instant effect reflected on the website traffic is raising high. It can be counted on several clicks on the website and then lead generation. Localized Advertisements and landing pages can immensely increase the customer traffic on the website that is directly attributed to the localization cost based on the region from which the clicks arrived.

2. Increased Market Share

Increasing the market share is the biggest dream behind all big or small investments done in the business. Translation or localization of marketing documents increases the reach of the business information. It gets easy to launch a product in a different region with a contrasting culture than the origin country. It increases market share rapidly. The comparative study of increased market share acts as the best return from the translation project.

3. Cost Savings

The next indicator of returns from the investment in translation services is saving in cost. Don’t ponder what costs? Imagine the cost and time you would have incurred to gain the same market share without translation services. There would have been additional employees cost for the extra period, travel cost, hiring the local people to reach and explain products and company values to natives globally. Do you think this would have been in the financial capacity of startups to incur such a level of cost for expansion?

4. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is neither a short-term achievement nor directly attribute to monetary returns, but it has a far-reaching impact on the overall return on investments. Interacting with customers in their native language is helping to touch their emotions. It benefits in creating long-term connections with the customer and thus ensures customer retention.  

5. Cost of Inadequate Translations

Few entities hesitate in approaching professional translation agencies to save the cost. They should focus on this point. We mentioned the returns on investing in translation or localization in the above points. Now consider what happens when you approach translation services in tidbits to save pennies and come up with a poorly drafted translated text floating in the market without professional proofreading. That document does not communicate information, but it negatively impacts the customer and in the market too. It creates an unfavorable market for you. Now your responsibility will get double; first, you will have to make a good and positive impression and then prove your credibility to build the market. It will then depend upon customer acceptability if they want to give a chance to your product and service or not.

If you compare the returns on the above indicators, you will realize that it is always prudent to go for a professional language service provider. Hire the best translation agency that may ensure the best localization of your marketing documents and communicate with your customer professionally and empathetically.

If you are exploring the best translation agency around you, then LanguageNoBar is the best option. Team LanguageNoBar will look into your requirement thoroughly and will assure you of the best services. Language No Bar is an ISO certified translation company based in India that offers the best in class document translation services in 150+ languages for any type of documents, advertisement, website, etc.

LanguageNoBar offers translation and localization services in various and complex languages, including Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, etc.; Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, etc.; European languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, etc.; Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, and many more.

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Voice Recording Performance

Vocal Warm-Up Techniques to Improve Your Voice Recording Performance

Singing or voice-acting is not only about skill and voice quality. It is also about the strength of vocal cords. Like a person can improve voice Recording Performance when he stays active and keeps himself fit with a regular warm-up exercise, a singer or a voice actor needs to do a vocal warm-up to maintain the strength of his or her vocal cords. It helps a voice actor by having control over his breathing. It gives voice stretching power to an actor.

It is the reason why classical music globally focuses on practice. If we talk about India, classical artists emphasize practicing during early morning hours as breathing patterns are more controlled in those hours as your lungs strengthen naturally by inhaling the purest air. Muscles are more relaxed at this time for warm-up. Like warm-up allows a person to do extensive exercise later without harming muscles, vocal warm-up prevents the chords of artists from damage.

As such, vocal warms are almost a mandate to deliver professional voice recordings. Below are few vocal warm-ups which you can practice to maintain a healthy voice.

1. Physical Stretching 

Side stretching helps to build the strength of the ribs. It removes stiffness of the neck, relieves the brain nerves, and fills the lung with air. Just stand straight and balance your weight on your heels when you side stretch and not on your toes. 

It is the starting point of vocal warm-ups. Vocal warm-up cannot be isolated from physical warm-up exercises. Like cardio-muscular exercise strengthens your lungs. If your lungs are healthy, you will have the capability of breath control.

2. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are no doubt the best ones when we talk about speech and breathlessness. Breathing exercises strengthen your lungs and give breath-holding control. It helps in fluently recording the long script. 

Remember the Indi Pop album Breathless by Shankar Mahadevan. Do you think he could have sung the entire song in a breath without practicing breathing exercises? 

The best way to practice breathing exercise is deep breathing and holds the air in your lung before you exhale. Try to increase this time gradually with practice.

3. Tongue Twisters

Some may find it a joke that tongue twisters can be a form of a warm-up exercise, but yes, it is. Back in childhood, grannies used to ask mothers to give spicy food to the kids. Chili helps in twisting of tongue and eases clear speech development for kids.  

Tongue twisters do the same to elders. It helps to enhance speech clarity. If you have not tried tongue twisters in childhood, try them now. Being a voice artist, try finding new twisters for practice weekly. You may find many around you. Let us share with you some examples of tongue twisters. Try to keep repeating them without breaks. You may find it difficult initially.

  • “She sells seashells by the seashore.”
  • “Betty bought a bit of butter, but the butter was bitter, so she bought another bit of butter to make the bitter butter better.”
  • “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

4. Taking Steam or a Steam Bath

We know this well, how wonderful steam works for sore throat, and continuously speaking can have persistent soreness. Steaming heals the strained muscles and clears mucus. Mucus or dryness in the throat or nasal passage can cause disturbance in the breathing and subsequently in our speech. To overcome this problem, keep yourself hydrated and consume lukewarm water and take good amount of steam regularly.

5. Sleeping Pattern

Maintaining a good sleeping pattern is very necessary to keep your brain and vocal cords relaxed. Disturbing the biological cycle adversely affects your speech clarity. Waking up till late hours can cause dryness in the throat and itchiness.

Always attempt to take good 8 hours of sleep and take it at the right time. Avoid fatigue in the body with a healthy lifestyle and voice while recording.

6. Exercise your jaw

Have you noticed your quiet days when you don’t speak much and stay silent within yourself, there is stiffness in your jaw? 

Each body part is designed by God to be utilized and every muscle to be moved to keep it working well. Our jawbones are no different. When you yawn in full strength opening your mouth wide open, you will realize the release of the stiffness in the jawbones. It is a natural jaw exercise. Practice it regularly to strengthen your jawline.

These all above vocal warm-ups are mandatory for any voice actor to keep the strength of vocal cord, speech clarity, and breathe control to maintain voice quality in the long run. Now do your vocal warms, sign up as a voice actor, upload your voice samples on Voyzapp – the biggest platform for voice artists to get the best voiceover projects. 

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Reno 4 Pro 5g

Reno4 Pro 5G with 7.6mm Ultra Slim Body

It’s a smart world we live in, and everyone wants to have the whole world on the palm of their hands. Android phones can help you get all your daily tasks done with great ease. A mobile phone can be so much more than just a phone. It acts as a workstation, an entertainment hub, a personal secretary, and an organizer. The best thing about a mobile phone is that it gives you the perfect feel of portability. You can keep yourself productive all day long even while you are on the go. But what is the thing which matters the most in Android phones? The size and shape of the phone is probably the most important thing after the key specs. If you are looking for ultra slim body phones, then you have come to the right place. We are going to review a great OPPO phone with 7.6mm ultra slim body, so let us get right to it.  

Reno 4 Pro 5G 

Reno4 Pro 5G is arguably the slimmest OPPO smartphone, you will ever find on the face of this planet. It has all the powerful specs and features packed inside a slim and sleek body. It will surely turn some heads around when taken out in public. 

Slim and Sleek 

With the slim body of just 7.6mm, Reno 4 Pro 5G is as slim as a phone can get. It feels really comfortable to hold. This majestic phone fits in your pocket perfectly, and also leaves a lot of space for other stuff as well. Plus, the shiny metallic and glossy finish on the back is just icing on the cake. The slim and stylish design gives it simple yet bold look. 


In addition to being super-slim, it is also pretty light weight. It weighs in at just 172g, which makes it feel like a feather when you are holding it. It is quite easy to hold and even easier to carry around with you. If you are a mobile gamer, then you won’t get sore hands by playing all day on it.  

Reliable and Durable 

Reno4 Pro 5G is not only slim, but also quite durable as well. It can certainly take on a good amount of beating. It can endure bumps, minor falls, and even pressure changes. It has gone through many quality tests, that provide you the good quality product, on which you can rely in a carefree manner. 

Reno4 Pro 5G Key Specs 

Let us talk a little about the key specs of this phone too. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM765G chipset, along with an octa core processor. You get the memory of 12GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB. It gives you the smooth operating system of ColorOS 7.2 based on Android 10. These specs are enough to keep you one step ahead of the world. The phone never slows down, even while you are performing the most demanding high-res tasks.  

The display of this phone is also something to talk about. It is equipped with a 6.5 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 2400×1080 pixels. The screen to body ratio of 92.1%, feels amazing when you are streaming your favourite movies on it. The refresh rate of 90Hz lets you enjoy smooth as silk visuals, whether you are gaming or streaming. Speaking of gaming, it also has a great touch-sampling rate of 180Hz, which can let you play your competitive shooting games with precision.  

Reno4 Pro 5G has an ultra-wide triple 48MP camera, which can let you take stunning pictures and shoot marvellous videos. There is also a 32MP front camera, which can make your already beautiful selfies more beautiful. 

Ultra Night Wide-angle Video:Light up Your Night

  • Sony IMX708 sensor​​
  • 12MP video camera
  • Customised 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1.4μm pixel size
  • 120° ultra-wide angle1
  • Ultra night video algorithm

Get The best Forget the Rest! 

If we put it simply, then Reno4 Pro 5G is the slimmest OPPO smartphone, which can give you so much more than just a slim body. It has all the powerful specs and features, which you always wanted. If you are a fan of slim and sleek Android phones, then you should definitely go for it. So, makes sure to visit OPPO store and buy this phone, or choose from a wide collection of OPPO Reno series phones.  World smartest and best OPPO 5g smartphones ever