Complete Guide: Effective Preparation Tips for Class 10th IMO

International Mathematics Olympiad ( IMO) is an olympiad which is conducted by the agency Science Olympiad Foundation. The olympiad aims to encourage students to develop strong concepts in the subject of Maths. The questions in Olympiad challenge the critical thinking and analytical abilities of students. The exam helps students to take the competition in a good spirit and put their best foot forward. It is best to be sure whether one has to undertake the Olympiad or not and then study accordingly. For class 10 IMO it is also best to ensure that there is interest in the subject and Olympiad will not create any undue pressure on the student

If you are looking to score well IMO, make sure that your preparation for the board examination is not hindered. This is so because staying focused is important for both exams. IMO is an excellent exam if one wants to know how well he or she is concerning the other students. The SPR student performance report generated in the Olympiad result is beneficial concerning setting career objectives for individual self. Hence, IMO is an important exam but make sure you can give it sufficient time and dedication.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you to score good marks in IMO

  1. Know about all the details of the exam

It is important to know all the details of the exam without which it will be impossible for the student to prepare well. The timetable and daily study goals should align with how you want to crack the exam. There are levels in the IMO exam and this is also why it is important to understand each level. One can only crack all the levels if the right strategies are formulated for it. It is best to consult your school teachers or visit the official website of the Science Olympiad Foundation. You can note down important points relating to the exam, then sit and analyse that what needs to be done and at what time to make your preparations the best 

  1. Go through previous year papers

What is better than previous year papers? The best way to understand an exam is by thoroughly examining the pattern of the exam as well as the type of questions that are being asked in the exam. It is best to make sure that you prepare for the exam following how the exam is generally set. You can check out  Class 10 IMO Question Paper 2016. To know what topics and subtopics are important. This way it will be easier for you to highlight the important topics and make them your priority. You can practice the questions that are most asked in the exam. This trick is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam as you will not be missing out on any important topic or question. 

  1. Mark the different types of questions

It can be really helpful if you start by knowing the different types of questions asked on every topic or subtopic. Make a separate notebook that contains a list of all types of questions. You can mark these types as types 1, 2, 3 etc. Also, try to put the solved solutions for these types so it is easier for you to revise. It is highly possible that in exams you will come across similar types of questions and so scoring them will become easier 

if you have adopted this type of trick. With these types of tricks, it will be easier for you to understand your weak areas and the areas that need improvement. Overall, practising according to the types is highly beneficial for the IMO exam so do give it a try

  1. Practice a lot 

Practising is a sure shot way to success. What you must do is make sure that you prepare and practise for every type of question at least 3-4 times. Fix a time in a day that you would want to sit and practice. The other important tip that can help you to prepare well is that one can end the day with a practice session and revisions. Whatever you have studied in a day, just revise it in the end. This will ensure that there is a stronghold over your preparations. It is also essential to dedicate a major part of your time to revisions as it can help you to go a long way. Whatever you prepare for the exam make sure you are highly proficient in it. Rather than spending a lot of time on less important topics, make sure you are giving more time to revisions and important topics 

  1. Don’t compare your preparations with friends

IMO is one competitive exam where you will know a lot of your competitors as many of your school friends would be appearing for the exam. In such cases, a lot of discussions may take place around the exam. Make sure you don’t end up comparing your preparations with that of your friends. Every student has a unique way of preparing and may use different techniques and methods. It may be possible that a student is a slow learner but is good at retaining things for a higher time. Every student has unique sets of strengths and weaknesses and comparisons will not only make it unfair but will also put the students under stress. Try to stay away from it and only try to make your strengths stronger. With good preparations, you will be able to also overcome your weaknesses.  


Overall, preparing for the IMO exam is a good step for a career and for developing the right competitive spirit. Since the 10th standard is a crucial stage and standard of time it is best to keep oneself busy with productive work like preparing for the exam.  It is best to devote a good time to studies. Try to also focus on all the other subjects as it is also the time of your board examination. Wishing you all the best for IMO & board exams.

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