Differences in Popular T-Shirt Fabrics used by Vlone

When it comes to choosing a T-Shirt fabric, cotton, and polyester aren’t the only two options, but they are the two dominant fabrics in this field. They are the Cola and Pepsi of the t-shirt world. Like the constant debate over soda, many wonder and debate what is the superior fabric. When buying a new Vlone shirt, is it cheaper to have a cotton or polyester t-shirt? Like everything in this world, everything depends on the tastes of who buys it.

The Cotton Craze 

Today, cotton T-shirts are among the highest quality T-shirts. They are comfortable, easy to transport and breathe better than other fabrics. Because of soft fabric, Vlone cotton shirt has these advantages. They have some drawbacks. Cotton shirts have a shelf life.

They are known to shrink when you first wash them, which means you could get stuck in a smaller shirt if you didn’t factor in the shrinkage factor when you originally purchased the shirt. Cotton fades more easily than other fabrics, so the shirt may appear old and worn after several washes. Many find that these disadvantages deserve the comfort of a 100% cotton shirt.

Polyester`s Pros 

Polyester does not shrink when first washed. A polyester Vlone shirt will stay the same size forever unless it is physically altered in some way. Polyester shirts don’t fade that fast, they last much longer.

  • They become much more washable before they show their age due to the number of wash cycles they can take.
  • One of the best things about polyester is that it doesn’t wrinkle. Wear a 100% polyester t-shirt and there is no need to iron it as it won’t wrinkle when removed from the dryer.
  • Polyester has its drawbacks. It has less comfort than cotton.
  • It doesn’t breathe like cotton, which means sweat and body heat can’t escape as easily, making it a warmer t-shirt.

50/50, a compromise 

When a debate has two sides, there is almost always a compromise. The same goes for cotton and polyester, a 50/50 mix of the two was soon invented to appease both sides of the debate. These 50/50 blends have many advantages and very few disadvantages. They bring the best of both worlds in one Vlone shirt.

  • You have the comfort and breathability of cotton with the durability of polyester.
  • They won’t shrink as much and they won’t wrinkle as much.
  • Of course, a 50/50 blend is not as comfortable as a 100% cotton shirt, but it is also not as warm as a 100% polyester shirt.

What is the choice? 

50/50 mixes are becoming incredibly popular, it is quite common to find 50/50 mixes at Vlone. Unless you have a particular preference for how you like your shirts, 50/50 is likely the choice. It is the shirt of a new generation. A synthetic organic t-shirt. Yes, the 50/50 mix can do whatever it takes.

 Of course, the type of Vlone shirt is up to you. You have three main options; it will be hard to go wrong. Read More Articles At microtechfiltration.

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