Eco-Friendly Baby Products: Caring for Your Baby and the World Altogether

As rewarding and special caring for a newborn can be, it is equally daunting. It is no secret that babies have to be cared for with utmost care and gentleness, as fragile and sensitive. This includes everything from how they are carried, to what they eat, what they wear etc. However, there is no shortage of options for baby products in today’s world, and whether it’s a variety of colours, themes, and patterns, one can find it all in Australia. 

This is why research and proper knowledge are so important when it comes to baby products. Be it food, powders and creams, toys or even clothing, one needs to know what is in the product and whether it is baby-friendly. 

From wooden/ bamboo toys to finding organic baby clothing in Australia, there are numerous ways to care for both your child and the environment together. To add on, the current birth rate of Australia is 13.1 births in a population of 1000, so it is necessary to care about the health of the newborn infants. 

Bowls, Cutlery and Teethers Made From a Natural Material 

Teething is a significant phase in an infant’s development. Many-a-times, parents discourage chewing on things when a child’s chew on anything they can get their hands on. From markers and shoes to cell phones and chalk, teethers made from wood and cotton are things parents can encourage their children to chew. 

Not only are they completely non-toxic (plastic teethers often contain phthalates and even lead), they are also healthier for the environment. It is no secret that plastics are incredibly harmful as they don’t decompose and remain in the soil for centuries, thus polluting it for that long. Option for more eco-conscious options will reduce demand for these plastic alternatives, which can ultimately discourage supply. 

Wooden cutlery and bowls are also safer to consume food in, and not just for babies! They are products that are safer for both humans and the environment. 

Eco-Friendly Toys 

Again, toys are often made from plastic and very rarely do they include a wide range of identities. Representation from a young age can play a major role in how a child perceives societies and races and their acceptance of different people. Opting to buy toys from smaller businesses that are more diverse in their appearance (specifically talking about dolls) is beneficial to both parties. 

Playthings are also made from other materials, such as wood, bamboo, jute etc., that cuts down on the plastic and is safer for your child.

“Slow” Fashion – Clothing Made From Organic Materials 

Baby skin is extremely sensitive, requiring gentle and soft clothing that will not irritate their skin. Clothing made from polyester, nylon etc., is not ideal for infants even though they are usually much cheaper than other alternatives. However, maybe spending a little extra on good quality, organic baby clothing in Australia will not be a decision you will regret. 

Organic clothes are free of chemicals and pesticides, making them safe for children. They are breathable and have high durability as well. What makes organic clothing unique is that they are suited for a spectrum of common weather habitats, so buying different clothes for different seasons is unnecessary. 

With the sustainability aspect, organic cotton farming cuts down carbon footprints and reduces the stress on the environment. Cotton is believed to be the best fabric for infants, in whichever form of apparel – clothing, swaddles or accessories like hats and mittens. 

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