How Can a Real Estate Agent Make Lot of Money in Their First Year?

Becoming a real estate agent is not a very tough job as people are considering it. The business of property dealing is a nightmare for some people who don’t know the art of adjusting themselves in the frame of business society. However, we are here concerned with the earnings of a real estate agent. Being real estate agents, what should they do to make a lot of money in their first year?

There are many procedures for you or any other agent to follow and make a high profit even at the beginning of the career.

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Who is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a special person or group of persons dealing in selling and of properties. They take their commission from either side. However, the agent on the buyer side charges commission on the buyer, and the agent from the seller side charges commission. Sometimes the agents provide their services to both parties. In that case, they take a commission from both sides. The rate of commission varies from state to state and country to country. In Pakistan, in most cities, the commission rate ranges from 1% to 2% of the total prices of the aimed property.

How to make money in my first year as an agent?

First of all, you should make yourself emerged as a real estate agent. However, it is not very easy to engage clients in huge numbers in the first year of your career, but not very difficult. Therefore, even before starting your career, start telling your friend that you are becoming an agent. By this, you would have a lot of clients when getting a real estate agent.

 So, this is also a way to make money in the first few months of your career. Other ways to generate more funds are here. After becoming an agent, you can earn a handsome amount if you deal in park view city.

Increase your clients

You cannot increase your clients while sitting in your apartment. Building up the clients in your first year requires exceptional efforts from you. Fasten your seatbelt and look for potential clients and tighten your chain of communication. For better understanding, you should develop your communication skills to attract them to your proposals. In the first year, you may face many hurdles in increasing your clients because many people don’t know about your status. 

The more you work hard, the sweeter the fruit will be. Therefore, making a connection with clients is very much necessary.

Choose the right broker

When starting your career, take more time to find the right real estate broker. Some people take more interest in choosing a broker with a higher payment. However, they earn money but could not get the exact training and experience necessary for future challenges in real estate. So, we should avoid the same mistake. Don’t wait for a ready morsel to bite. Instead, choose the right broker who will not give you a higher commission but can polish your skills. If you find a broker who can train you and furnish your talent, it will benefit your career and earnings.

Join a team

At the initial stage of your agent career, you should not work solely. Joining a team of experts will show you the right way to becoming a successful agent. In addition, while working in a group, you come across new ideas daily.


After all these, I suggest selecting the best housing societies to make more money in your first year. There are many renowned housing societies like Lahore smart city, Blue world city, Capital smart city, Rudn enclave, Nova city, and Taj Residencia. In the first year of your career as a real estate agent, you can generate more money by dealing with these societies. However, ‘sigma properties’ is here to help in leading you to these projects. 

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