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How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on Android, IOS

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world, irrespective of whether their phone is Android or iOS. Whatsapp is used for private messaging, business, and now even for payments. To use this app, all you need is a phone number, and the SIM need not even be on the same device. Typing messages is one thing, but sending messages without having to move your fingers at all is another, and it is possible.

You must have heard of Mobile assistants. If you are an Android user, there is google assistant. If you use iOS, then it’ll be Siri for you, or Cortana for MS users. These assistants are nothing but an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can perform a lot of functions for you with just a verbal command. You can even use it for sending messages.

Just say the activation words and tell the assistant to type the message for you, and mention who you want to send it to, and it will be done. A detailed description is given ahead. It is very simple to use this feature, but is not very commonly used due to hesitancy with regards to efficiency. Anyhow, these assistants can even be used for reading out messages, for which, you will need to give certain permissions.

For instance, for the Google assistant to be able to read out your messages, it will ask for permission to access the notifications. Grant it and it will be done. Also, you can change these permissions anytime through the Phone’s settings.

What if I don’t want to use any mobile assistants due to any reason? Can I still be able to send messages without typing? The answer is Yes, you can indeed do that with the help of a smart keyboard.

A keyboard? Why will I use a keyboard when I don’t want to type? If  this is your next question, then do not worry, Bharat keyboard’s Marathi keyboard app or other regional typing keyboards (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi) will help you send messages effortlessly without typing. Read ahead to know more.

Marathi Keyboard App

The best regional typing solutions for mobile phones, Bharat keyboard have introduced the Marathi keyboard app. The way you can send messages without typing is very simple. Use the Speech-to-text feature from the keyboard. The way it works is, you need to select an output language, for instance Marathi, English or any language from the list. Start speaking and you will get real time output in the chat box. Once you finish speaking your message, simply click on the send button.

Try it a few times to get a clear idea of how it works. This keyboard reduces need for any assistant, is secure of your privacy and makes your texting experience beautiful in more ways than you can imagine. Aiding the speech-to-text feature is a powerful auto-correct and word-suggestion feature that automatically corrects any mistakes and makes flawless messages.

The Marathi keyboard is fun to use, with hundreds of ready-made sticker packs that can be downloaded and used. This way you won’t even need any third-party apps for stickers. That is not all, you can even make your own stickers like Avatars and GIFs. Convert words to stickers in the form of Pop-texts and large emojis in the form of Bigmojis.

There are a lot more features that you can access through this app. But sticking to the topic, send messages without typing and without any errors. Download the Marathi keyboard now!

WhatsApp: How to send messages without typing on Android

Step 1: Download the Google assistant app on your Android device, open the app and configure it. It will store your voice in its memory so that it responds to you perfectly later.

Step 2: To activate your assistant whenever you want, just say “Ok Google” and it will pop up. You can command it now to do anything you want. Do not say the command without first calling the Google assistant, it won’t respond or work.

Step 3: Once the assistant responds to you, command it to send a Whatsapp message to a particular person. You will have to name that person from your contact list.

Step 4: Once it identifies the contact, it will ask you about what should be mentioned in the message.

Step 5: The AI-assistant will type the message and ask for your confirmation. Tell it to send it and the message will be sent.

WhatsApp: How to send messages without typing on IOS.

Step 1: In Apple devices, no special app is required to activate the Assistant-Siri. Open phone settings for configuration.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap WhatsApp. Enable Use with Ask Siri to integrate Siri with Whatsapp.

Step 3: Whenever you want to send a message, say “Hey Siri! Send a WhatsApp message to…” followed by the name of the person or contact you want to message.

Step 4: Siri will ask you what you want to send. Speak out the message to Siri.

Step 5: Similar to Google Assistant, Siri will read the message out for you. If everything is fine, ask it to send it and it will do so.

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