3 of The Most Popular Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Some would prefer adopting a large dog, while others are keen on getting something called a ‘teacup’ dog, which is a very small pocket-sized mongrel. Not sure what they are? This link can tell you more. However, our focus in this article is on medium dogs. They don’t get enough exposure and were here to help. For those who already have or would like one, the advice below will help you figure out which ones are the best ones to adopt, as well as how to look after them.

3 Different Types of Medium-Sized Dogs

We think the perfect pet is not a large one, and neither is it a tiny one, but those that are right in the middle. This category holds some of the cutest canines you will ever have the pleasure of homing. The majority of them are playful, gentle and cuddlier in comparison to most large breeds.

Typically, these guys will weigh anywhere between 40-70 pounds but sometimes can get slightly bigger. Their temperament may vary, as will their activity levels, type of coat and how easily you can train them, or not. We’ve selected a few below for you to choose from.

Basset Hound

If you want a pooch that’s one of the most easy-going and laid back of them all, the Basset Hound should be your first choice. They can however be slightly stubborn and as such may be difficult to train. These are not the most intelligent dogs but they do have a soft nature that makes up for this.

They can weigh anywhere between 40-60 pounds, and have long floppy ears with short legs and a long body. Between the male and the female, the females grow to about a maximum height of 14 inches, while the males can reach 15 inches. Some can get as heavy as 80 pounds if you are careful with their diet and activity levels.

Their facial features look sad, but that’s just how they appear as they have droopy eyes and a sunken face. They are good sniffers and were originally bred to hunt, back in the 1800s in England. Their slow gait and sharp nose help with this and was a popular breed amongst hunters. The sport still does continue to this day, especially in the UK and France.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer or often called GSPs, love to run. Their slender bodies can get them from one place to the other within seconds, and they love it. If a medium-sized highly active dog is what you are looking for, then they will fit the criteria. Their high energy, intelligence and hunting ability makes them a very popular canine for many, especially those who live in the countryside.

As the name suggests, they originally hail from Germany and helped hunters back in the day with their sport. They are great for both land and water and can adapt to any environment within no time. More on this can be found on this Wikipedia link:

They are great companion dogs as they love being around people. One of the most good-looking dogs, the GSP comes in various colours and is a short-haired breed. They range from Lemon and white to brown, black and white, plain black and plain white, as just some of the varieties.

Siberian Husky

There is so much to say about these guys, besides the fact that they are the most beautiful canines you will ever see. Not just because they have an attractive thick and soft coat which comes in several colours, plus they look like a friendly wolf, but also because their eyes come in an array of bright hues of blues, and browns and sometimes they even have two different eye colours, which have been certified as normal by many veterinarian associations.

They have all the traits of a great pet. They are happy, intelligent and fully responsive, plus they are easily trained and try to speak to their owners as well. A possible indication that they understand what you’re saying and try to have a conversation with you in return. Sometimes they can be stubborn but not in a condescending way. It is no surprise that they love to spend time outdoors.

Although it is a good reminder to anyone considering adopting them, that they don’t do small apartment living, but prefer large homes, or at least ones with a back yard or a garden. They are also not the best for those who have never had a dog and does not like being left alone. As per their historical reference, they don’t mind the cold as according to historical data they were first found to be living with the ‘Chukchi’ tribes which are nomads in Alaska.

As part of the medium dog breeds category, they do not have a very high need for food and can survive on a low caloric intake, however, to keep them strong and their coats healthy, it is good to introduce other supplements to their diet to make up for the lack of nutrients in foods they are not interested in eating.

Something that can help towards this is to add a few drops of CBD oil for dogs in their food, and treats, as well as their water, and according to the CBD dosage chart or packaging instructions, for medium-sized pooches. This will depend on their weight. There are many options of food with CBD in them which can be on well-known online pet stores or at your local pet store.

Besides that, all three of these above-mentioned dog breeds need some good activity, regardless of whether they are active by nature or not, and a proper diet with plenty of fresh water to keep them happy and healthy.

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