Questions to Ask Influencers before You Start Working Together

Questions to Ask Influencers before You Start Working Together

Questions to Ask Influencers before You Start Working Together

You are all set to try your hands in influencer marketing, but searching for the right influencer is the biggest heck. When shortlisting, you enlist multiple influencers, but which one can fit your needs?

Researching before influencer shortlisting is always recommended to avoid post-agreement issues. The best way to find an ideal influencer for your business promotion is by asking a few questions. Below are some common questions you should ask an influencer before working with them.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Every influencer works in a specific niche and hence has successfully gathered a specific audience. You should always ask the influencer about audience type before you dive into further research. If the influencer can clearly describe their audience, you can assure that they know the audience well and have a strong command of their content. E.g., Emilie Haney is a Professional Content Writer, photographer, and graphic designer.

What type of content do you produce?

Before you finalize any influencer, you should ask them about the type of content they create. You should always choose an influencer that works for a specific niche, E.g., if a blog is dedicated to fashion, it’s good to work for fashion or apparel-related promotions. Likewise, if you are looking for a restaurant promotion, a Food Vlogger or Blogger can serve you best.

What procedure do you follow for content creation?

The competition for quality among influencers has increased in the last few years. Hence they focus more on generating quality instead of writing/uploading content too frequently. You should hence ask the influencer what steps they follow for content creation. You should understand their workflow and ensure it fits your business needs.

How do you measure the ROI?

Influencers put their hard efforts in generating the content, and in return, they get clicks, comments, shares, etc. However, what’s the right way they calculate the ROI? It’s essential to ask this question and determine how the influences calculate ROI for different goals. This will help you make a transparent agreement with them and expect good results.

How do you find content topics?

Content is king, but it’s more important to find quality and trending content that you can use for promotion. Influencers always focus on creating the latest and trending content for their audience. You should ask how these influencers find the relevant and trending topic for their platform.

How can you help us with SEO?

Most influencers don’t even know that Influencer Marketing and SEO are paired to some extent. It means influencer marketing can help you improve SEO results.

You should ask this question to find how knowledgeable the content creator is. This will give you a better insight about the skills and knowledge of the influencer.

So, these are some crucial questions that you should ask the influencer before shortlisting them for your influencer marketing campaign. Thorough research will always help you avoid future troubles with the influencer. Moreover, making a written agreement will further safeguard you from unpredicted fraud. -
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