Top 5 Series To Be Watched In 2021

Netflix is one of the perfect streaming platforms that provide people with a good set of entertainment. These days most people are picking out the subscriptions for Netflix. Do you know the reason behind this? The only reason behind people having the Netflix subscription is that there are many popular shows and series that can be watched for entertainment. All the series available on this streaming platform will be loved by you but some of them are much more interesting and perfect.

So, if you are interested to know the top 5 Netflix series, then read this article. Dive deep to know.

1.    Black Lightning.

From the updates of The Next Hint, we have found that Black Lightning Season 4 has recently come up in 2021. This is considered to be one of the best series because it is a superhero series. The story has a lead African-American cast, rather than African-American actors in supporting roles. This is the series where the lead role is a metahuman who can easily control the electromagnetic field around his body. He can also use many other powers and abilities he has. Therefore, these powers and abilities are the only things that make this series the best.

2.     Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai is a series that everyone must have heard about. It is unbelievable but The Net Hint has recently reported that this is the show that debuted on YouTube Premium and is now on Netflix. So, this clearly means that the show is interesting as well as great. The story of this series stays rooted in the original concept and characters. It all begins with Johnny Lawrence opening up the dojo of Cobra Kai as a way to try and right his erring ways. The interesting fact is that Season 3 of the series was so good that the makers are already looking forward to Season 4.

To watch the series, go and have Netflix subscription today only. However, to know more about updates of Cobra Kai, refer to other websites.

3.     Dark.

The last series that you can enjoy on Netflix in 2021 is Dark. Reports claim that this is a puzzling drama that rewards close watching. This series is complete now but is highly recommended to the people who are addicted to the Netflix series. The story focuses on two children that go missing in a small German town known as Winden. So, to make your boring day interesting watch out Dark now.

4.   Ginny and Georgia.

As per the reports, we come to know that Ginny and Georgia is one of the best series available on Netflix. You can watch this series in 2021 because this is a story about young parents leading to dramatic lives. However, Georgia Miller is the one who ends up having a nomadic lifestyle only to find more chaos. In this story, her daughter Ginny is not able to escape her mother’s past. The plot of this series is so very good. One of the most interesting things people should do is that the second season of this series was more popular and was also there in the list of top shows on Netflix. Watch out today, if interested.

5.     Lucifer.

Many of you might have heard the name lucifer. This is the best series available on Netflix in 2021. In this series, the devil becomes his own advocate because he needs a break from hell. Tom Ellis’ is here playing the role of Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer not only opens a nightclub in the city but starts doing consultant work for the LAPD and there is the place he hits off with detective Chloe Decker.

According to reports, Season 6 of Lucifer is coming soon. So, if you are interested in this series, go and watch it on Netflix today.

In conclusion, there are other series also that you can watch on Netflix but these are the most interesting ones. So, go and enjoy them now with your friends.

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