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10 Common HVAC Problems And How To Fix Them

Just like most mechanical products do, your HVAC system may develop some complications with time. Some of these complications can be avoided and solved with simple tips, while others may be more severe and require a total revamp.

Whichever the case may be, this article highlights some common HVAC problems and suggests some simple solutions and tips on fixing them. Also, get the best HVAC services from the leading HVAC professionals around Nashville here.

Water leaks

As is typical with most air conditioners and furnaces, condensation is unavoidable. With intense usage, your HVAC system may develop faults leading to water leakage. To keep your system drainage clear, you can flush a reasonable amount of bleach down the drain.

If you do that and the source of the leakage is still not known, you might want to call in a technician to have it checked and fixed.

Dirty filters

Your systems’ filters help to keep it working. However, if you don’t clean and maintain your HVAC system, your systems’ filters can accumulate dirt, blocking airflow and restricting it from functioning correctly.

Ignition problems

With age and excessive use, your HVAC system may develop ignition issues, with crucial mechanical parts refusing to start up. This may be because gas has run out or because the pilot is dirty. This isn’t something you can do yourself. You should call a professional to check it and have it fixed. Also, regular maintenance can go a long way in preventing issues like this from happening.

Thermostat malfunction

Most of the time, the problem with your furnace is the thermostat. If the thermostat goes bad or begins to malfunction, it probably just needs to be reset or restarted. To be sure on how to go about resetting it, you should probably refer to the users’ manual. Some thermostats can be programmed, while some cannot. Be sure which type yours is so you don’t do further damage.

Weird furnace sounds

Your HVAC system may start making strange furnace noises, and this is a common problem. Do not panic, though; it may just be a warning sign or an indicator that another part of the system is threatened or damaged.

To fix this issue, you might have to replace the motor responsible for emitting sounds. If you are handy, you can definitely find some instructions on how to do this online. Or you can call in a professional to take care of it.

Dirty evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are the flame that keeps your HVAC system running. However, with time they can get dirty and function slowly. A simple fix is to open the system up and have the coils cleaned or changed.

Slow running blower

Age or general wear and tear could cause your HVAC systems’ blower to run slowly. It may also be running slowly due to accumulated dirt or damaged parts. An easy fix for this problem is to open the system up and have it cleaned.

Cleaning it may also point you to parts of the system in need of change or repair.

Machine wear and tear

General mechanical wear and tear in HVAC systems is a common problem that can be prevented through frequent maintenance and fixed by replacing the affected system parts.

Tripped breakers

Tripped breakers are another problem common to HVAC systems. The breakers can go bad because of overuse or general wear and tear. However, it can be fixed by a replacement or by repairing the damaged breaker.

Little to no maintenance

A lot of HVAC problems can be avoided by systematic and straightforward maintenance processes. As long as you can maintain your HVAC, other issues can be minimized.

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