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5 Top Benefits of Video Marketing you Need to Know in 2022

5 Amazing Benefits of Video Marketing you Need to Know

Video marketing has become more necessary in this digital world than ever before. It explains why it is embraced by many companies to market products or services. 

As a matter of fact, according to Wyzowl, there are many ways brands are winning with video marketing. And 87% of marketers reveal how it has helped them to promote their businesses.

So if you have not yet welcomed it to your brand, then this is the right time to do so.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of video marketing in 2022 you need to know.

  1. 1. Boosts Your Conversion Rates

Marketing videos play a golden role in boosting your conversion rates because many customers love them. Potential customers need to know more about your business before buying. And you can easily provide them with the needed information with video content that builds trust.

A lot of customers today have embraced marketing videos with open hands. In fact, according to Business Insider, by 2020, the number of people in the United States watching digital videos had reached 244.4 million. So video content boosts your conversion rates because most of your viewers are qualified leads. 

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  1. 2. Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

The more time an internet user spends on your website the better for your SEO rankings. This is because it sends signals to Google that your site has what users are looking for. The best strategy for boosting the time users spend on your site is by embracing marketing videos.

They make the user stay longer by watching your content. But you need to ensure you have quality information in the videos. Because if your content is poor, people stop watching it and abandon your website.

  1. 3. Increases Your Business Revenue

On top of boosting your conversion rates, your business revenue is also increased in the long run. The more customers you attract to your company and buy your product or services. The higher sales you make that boost your overall revenue.

In fact, video marketing is said to increase your business earnings by 49%. It happens because over 64% of consumers buy a given product after watching brand videos online. All you have to do is to create the right video content for your leads throughout the sales funnel until the buying stage. This prevents leakages which boosts your sales and profits.

  1. 4. Gives You A Higher Competitive Edge

Some businesses in many industries have not yet considered adding videos to their marketing campaigns. So if your business uses the strategy, it stands out above others in your industry.

Moreover, you can create excellent videos in high-quality graphics that are way better than those of your competitors. Not only that, you can optimize your videos for mobile viewing. This is because many internet users today carry out searches on their handheld devices more than on the desktop. And if you provide them with seamless experiences on mobile, then you win them over.

  1. 5. Videos Are Easily Shared

Video content gets more likes and shares than written content. Users can easily share it on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This boosts your business’s visibility on the market with little effort.

Furthermore, research by WordStream found that video content gets 1200% more social shares than images and text combined. It means video marketing works wonders when it comes to boosting your brand’s popularity out there. To learn more, there are some tips on how to make your Facebook videos go viral that you can embrace.

But your videos must be unique. They need to have quality content that your audience feels is useful to share with others.

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