Mould growth on carpets can wreak havoc in your home or office; they don’t just cause carpet decay but also lead to skin allergies, asthma, infection, and other illnesses by releasing spores in the air. Health issues associated with it are the major grounds because no carpet owner wishes to have mould development on the carpet. What’s worse is that it can go unnoticed since not visible initially; so before you even come up with a solution, the mould would have already ruined the fabric of the carpet and spread chronic health diseases amongst inhabitants. While availing carpet cleaning Brisbane for mould remediation is an ideal approach, carpet owners should make sure they prevent mould growth with the help of these 5 tips:

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  1. Ensure proper air ventilation in rooms

Indoor air plays a pivotal role in carpet maintenance, free flow of air keeps moisture levels balanced thus preventing mould or microbe development on upholstery items particularly after carpet cleaning Canberra. Humidity is the main cause of mould development so open the windows, keep high, moisture areas like bathrooms well-ventilated, and keep the air duct clean to prevent mould growth. Another reason why your carpeted room should be well ventilated is that carpets absorb pollutants in the air and if their absorption capacity saturates they release the same pollutants in the air which can be detrimental to your family’s health. So the air in rooms should be free-flowing.

  1. Tend to spills and humidity immediately

As said before humidity is the major source of microbe development, it not only emits foul odour but also creates a favourable environment for mould to develop. That is why carpet owners should tend to spills & flooding without delay. Letting moisture seep into carpets & remain untreated for a long time will not only enable the growth of microorganisms but also eventually lead to dry rots & permanent degradation of carpets fabric. The best way to deal with stains and spills is by blotting the affected portion with paper towels. Once cleaned allow the carpets to dry properly before you use them. You can either seek professional stain or cleaning treatment or always be ready with the necessary resources to treat spills for optimal upkeep of your carpets.

  1. Timely and appropriate vacuuming

Carpet owners must vacuum carpets regularly, make it a habit. Vacuuming will prevent germs, dirt, and dust on the surface from infiltrating into carpets thus hindering mould development. Vacuuming should be done every alternate day or twice a week to extract impurities so carpets remain germ-free & durable. Similarly, vacuuming should be done using the right tools, if your carpet is wet or has moisture you must utilize wet vac which is designed to extract humidity or moisture from upholstery. Your regular vacuums fail to suck up moisture entirely & you may even end up damaging their motor with humidity if you use them to extract water from carpets.

  1. Invest in quality carpet padding

A good quality carpet padding can do wonders to your carpet; it provides insulation, reduces noises, and is proven to extend the life of your carpet. Some carpets also contain water barrier padding which prevents moisture from seeping and locking into the fabric of the carpet. Ideally, the thickness of the padding should not be more than ½ inch. A good carpet padding makes carpet cleaning Canberra easier. 

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  1. Seek professional cleaning services

If you aspire to keep mould away from your precious carpets make sure you avail professional carpet cleaning Brisbane treatment at least twice or thrice a year. The hot water steam, experts employ effectively cleans and sanitizes carpet killing existing microbes and preventing new ones from developing. The cleaner the carpet the less it is at risk of mould. Experts’ treatment doesn’t just extract the head of mould spores but eradicates it from the very foundation thus preventing it from growing further. 

How can you dry a wet carpet?

Wet carpets are a breeding ground for mould, while you must prevent water from seeping into carpets in the first place, accidents do happen. And in case your carpet is already wet due to some mishap you must dry it without any delay. Other than seeking professional help or using professional tools like dehumidifiers you can:

Use a wet vac to extract moisture from the fabric

Create airflow & place carpets in mild sunlight to dry or

Simply replace the padding.

Preventing mould growth on carpets is directly associated with your family’s entire well-being. Carpets don’t just cover a huge portion of your floor but also leave a significant impact on your lifestyle. How your carpets appear says a lot about you so you must practice these expert tips to keep mould from growing on your upholstery.

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