6 Best Books to Level up Your Career

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”

This is probably one of my favorite lines that I have read. It was from “Little Women” by Louis May Alcott. You read a lot of books comprising thousands of lines but there is often that one line that gets stuck to your mind which helps you in different situations/circumstances. As long as I’m concerned, this quote keeps me motivated and keeps reminding me never to give up. 

Books play an essential role in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even realize how books shape and prepare us for the future. Children with greater asses to the books score statistically higher grades than the ones who don’t (Neuman, 2011). I am such a big bookworm that I can keep reading books day and night. I even pay for University Assignment services so that they can write an assignment for me and I can finish reading my book. So; you can guess now that I am the right person to guide you about the six best books that will level up your career.

Building a career:

Finding a job is not as difficult as it is retaining a particular job. It is good that you are ambitious and trying to build a stable career for yourself. However; it requires certain elements that need to be followed for a stable career. The most important element is the dedication and consistency. We are not telling you to keep yourself embedded in your work all the time but read books, watch documentaries, and do other informative things that can help you in building a brighter career. 

6 best books to level up your career:

Writers have the power to change the world with their words (Usessaywriter, 2021). As we have discussed that it is important to read books and keep yourself well-informed to level up your career; so we will also recommend you the six of the best books that will help you in the procedure. 

  1. Designing your life:

It is one of the most famous career books and for all the right reasons. It is written by Bill Burnette and Dave Evans. This book perfectly guides how to build a well-loved plus a joyful life in which you have a desired career plus a peaceful life.  This step-by-step guide helps you in choosing your career based on your personality type. You will see how different circumstances mentioned in the book will help you in choosing your career path. 

Unfortunately; I read this book after I got enrolled in the business management program so I didn’t really get to choose.  Still, I enjoyed reading it so much that I often pay for The Dissertation to me so that I can read the book again & again. 

  1. Maximize your potential:

If you want to stay in the game and keep leveling yourself up in terms of your career then this is the right book for you. It is edited by Jocelyn K. Glei and published by Scott Belsky. This book is all about how to grow one’s expertise, take risks and build a career. It helps you in growing such a mindset that will stay completive. It helps you by taking you out of your comfort zone to build better & creative habits. In addition to that; it assists you in realizing your sweet spot so that you can use it for the growth of your career. 

  1. So good they can’t ignore you:

You must have been familiar with this statement where we are often told to be so good at our work that they can’t ignore us. Well! It is not just a statement but rather a whole book that boosts you to keep going and keep making the efforts. It is written by Cal Newport and he says that it is not necessary to match your passion with your job as long as you are hard-working. Once you have reached a certain level with your hard work then it will automatically become your passion.

So; the people who have not read the book “Designing our life” before choosing their career can read this one and can flourish in whichever career they are.

  1. Build your dream network:

Some people are ambitious, hard-working as well as intelligent still; they don’t get the position that they deserve. The reason for this is their inability to build networks. If you are working in any company and want your career to flourish then building networks is so important.  This book is written by Kelly Hoey and is about how small adjustments in your daily life can bring big changes in it. She thinks that introverts are actually better at networking than extroverts; they just need a little reshaping. 

  1. Crucial conversations:

How can we miss this one! It is written by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler, and Ron McMillan. Nobody wants to upset the next person, especially when the person standing next to you is your boss or any colleague. However; there are times when we unintentionally say or do something that might harm our reputation. This book helps you in such situations by recommending the ways to avoid conflict and come to positive results. It is about the tools for talking when stakes are high.

  1. Presence:

This book is truly a masterpiece written by Amy Cuddy. It is the practical guidance of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it. This book helps the individual in growing his or her confidence that shows how posture, mindset, and body language affect your communication skills. It gives the empowerment to put your point across confidently. 


We have recommended some of the best books that can help you in leveling up your career. Don’t only read the books but also try to implicate them in your life and see how it brings changes in your career. 


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