6 of the Best Green Spaces in Los Angeles

With the majority of restaurants providing vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic cuisine options, Los Angeles is renowned for being particularly health-conscious. There are many local markets, including farmer’s markets and specialty stores, where you may buy almost everything you want to prepare. To meet your fitness needs, there is no shortage of gyms, studios, or bike trails. Los Angeles apartments for rent are sought-after, and because the cost of living is so expensive, you will need to earn enough money to support yourself. The average cost of basic essentials is greater in LA due to the city’s high cost of living. Even when you’re eagerly visiting a huge city, you occasionally need to escape the bustle and noise of the throng and go somewhere you can unwind and get some fresh air. Unbelievable as it may seem, there are locations in Los Angeles where you may do just that. Here are our top six local parks and green areas in Los Angeles.

  1. Grand Park

12 acres make up Grand Park, where you may customize your visit. Spend some quiet time by yourself in nature or with the ones you cherish. Grand Park is available every day for informal activities including picnics, splash pad play dates, lunch breaks, exercise, meditation, and more, and it offers year-round free and inexpensive programs.

  1. Griffith Park

Some of the best treks in Los Angeles may be found in Griffith Park, one of the biggest municipal parks in the entire nation. The distance on foot from the street parking location in Griffith Park to the Observatory is around 20 minutes. You could see the ocean, exceptionally clear that day.

  1. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

There are many animals, stunning sunsets, and views of downtown Los Angeles. To capture downtown Los Angeles with the San Gabriel Mountains in the background, many seasoned photographers travel to Kenneth Hahn Park. The Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area bears the name of the local politician and civil rights activist. After his altercation with the police dogs and water hoses in Birmingham, Kenneth Hahn only gave Martin Luther King Jr. a warm welcome when he arrived in Los Angeles. 

  1. Runyon Canyon Park

Locals favor it for its permissive off-leash dog laws, while tourists prefer it since so many local celebrities frequent it. You should bring your camera to this park since you’ll want to capture the view from Indian Rock (but not to take pictures of the stars! ).

  1. Amir’s Garden

The majority of Los Angelenos are familiar with Griffith Park, but much fewer have heard of Amir’s Garden. A ridge that appears almost unnaturally forested in comparison to the desert-like surroundings may have caught some people’s attention. The oasis was created as a result of the efforts of the late Amir Dialameh, a local wine merchant and hiker who set out to revive a patch of ground that had been burned in a fire in 1970. Today, volunteers continue the work of the late Amir by caring for the five beautiful acres of lush greenery that is home to jacaranda, pine, yucca, oleander, and rose bushes. Amir’s Garden is a great place to stop for a cool break while enjoying the scenery while hiking.

  1. The Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens are precisely what their name implies; they are located on the outskirts of Van Nuys, across from the Sepulveda Basin. It’s challenging to find a stroll through a green area in LA that is more calming than here. To get to a central pond, take walkways that meander among cherry blossom trees, across stone bridges, and past conventional tea establishments. A little industrial chic is also appropriate because it’s Los Angeles.

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