7 Sexual Harassment that may unknowingly offend others

when we are together with others in society. There is racial, linguistic, and gender diversity, so the expression And verbal communication should respect each other. Although they may come from foreign countries and languages. But it’s important to maintain basic manners when interacting with each other. before being seen “Sexual harassment” unconsciously. Sexual harassment refers to bad behavior. of the same sex or opposite sex with sexual objectives included Both visual expressions, words, and practices affect the mind. or the other person’s body until they feel anxious, uncomfortable, and unable to live a normal life This can lead to future sexual harassment offenses as well.

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Sexual harassment behavior

Sexual harassment problem often happens in educational institutions. and workplace because it is a place where diverse people live together. And when there is a problem of sexual harassment it’s wrong and it is a penalty that can be prosecuted. For example, the following 7 behaviors:

1. Whistling

Whistling is bad manners. It represents a kind of sexual parody. means to tease who cannot know what the other party thinks but often refers to the dress, appearance of the other party

2. Two-way talk

The term “two-sided talk” is sexually implied whether it is volatility or words that make you think sexually It’s a word that creates a bad atmosphere at work. or in a group of friends It is verbal harassment that embarrasses the recipient. If the behavior is caused by the supervisor at work can complain.

3. Staring at different parts of the other person’s body

staring at the other side’s body is inappropriate behavior Considered a visual threat to encounter this event often causing the other party to feel uncomfortable and disgusted

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4. Touch the other person’s body.

caressing, touching, and touching the body of the other person It is considered sexual harassment behavior that can lead to sexual harassment in the future. If you are being treated often, you should resist and inform the agency about the behavior of the person who behaves like that. to prevent creating problems for others

5. Sending sex messages or pictures

In addition to visual and verbal threats sending a message or sending inappropriate images that lead to sexual expression, can also be considered criminal online harassment. due to causing annoyance to the recipient

6. Blackmail

Blackmailing usually occurs when sexual harassment has already been committed. by intimidating the other party with reason to injure the body or discredit would scare the other party may lead to other claims So this cycle should be stopped. Prevent the other party to use it as a bargaining machine for personal gain.

7. Show jealousy, deprive each other

in the workplace When you have to walk through various points. Then there are colleagues who often put their bodies in the way. for you to stop talking or teasing you to freeze If this happens often is often annoying Some people find that coworkers are acting jealous. Go tell everyone that you’re a fan, even though they don’t have a relationship. Incidents like this can be notified to the HR department to deal with. It’s not a trivial matter. to prevent further threats later sexual harassment may lead to sexual harassment Which carries a maximum prison sentence of 1 month, a fine of not more than 10,000 baht, or both. But if an incident occurs in an educational institution or place of work Should collect evidence to inform the agency to blame in order to stop the behavior of the offender in order not to continue causing trouble and annoyance to others

How To Solve Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

To solve problem of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is necessary that the company shall provide sexual harassment training. This will provide knowledge to all employees on what to do in case they are harassed as well as they can also avoid being possible victims of the sexual perpetrators in the workplace.

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