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A Pocket-Friendly Tool that Fits your Budget

Ever thought about why companies need social media managers?

Here’s why …

According to recent statistics, around 3.96 billion people use social media every day.

That’s around FOUR BILLION potential customers that can potentially purchase from a business. 

So, whether it is promoting your brand or posting day-to-day content for social media marketing for small businesses, staying active on social media platforms is pretty challenging. 

A business can have multiple accounts on all major social media platforms. As you can imagine, logging into each profile to resolve customer queries and post promotional content could take almost all your day. That’s why businesses need a social media manager to handle social media presence effectively. 

Social media managers have to spend hours sitting in front of the screen and coming up with creative post ideas. What if these managers could have a tool to take care of all the tedious tasks and free up their time? No more juggling with the tabs, just one centralized dashboard where they can edit and draft posts, schedule your content, and reply to customers

Cue drum rolls – here comes Social Champ, an all-in-one social media management tool designed to manage your social media presence. It is the best way to drive up the traffic, boost engagements, and save time when simultaneously managing multiple social media profiles.

It allows the users to create, publish and analyze posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Instagram, and Pinterest. The idea is to get more done in less time and stay ahead of the posting schedule. 

And the best part? With Social Champ, you can Auto post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Instagram.  

Social Champ At a Glance!

Social Champ is designed to be an effective social media management tool for organizing, scheduling, and publishing to multiple social media networks and profiles. For businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and marketers, the platform offers a simple solution for reaching out to their audience and growing the brand’s reputation. 

With Social Champ, you can create, analyze and repeat posts multiple times in just a few clicks. The tool empowers social media enthusiasts and helps them level up their marketing game without investing much in features that they might not use frequently. 

The tool allows the users to manage and monitor all their social media accounts through a single dashboard. Known as Workspace, this is a single location that groups all relevant accounts and users so that campaigns are executed without any problems. This feature is perfect for agencies that handle several social media accounts on behalf of multiple clients.

You can connect up to 100 profiles to a Social Champ account. 

Once you have created the posts, you can easily schedule the posts in advance, saving significant time. You can have an overview of the scheduled posts, edit or reschedule the posts through the Social Media Calendar. This calendar offers a grid view of all the past, upcoming, and failed posts. As you can imagine, organizing the planned, live, and published content on a giant grid is a simple matter of dragging and dropping a post to the right box. 

You can group your top favorite similar social media profiles and users to simplify workflows and account management. This is particularly useful for agencies that manage social media accounts for multiple clients. 

Thanks to the platform integration, you can edit your content right away using your Canva, Crello, and Wave video accounts. This allows you to showcase your favorite moments by adding filters or stickers through the Social Champs’ Image editor

Evergreen posts never change. You can repeat posts to get more views. To get an idea of how your content is performing, Social Champ offers detailed analytics for all supported social networks. This allows you to compare performance and monitor social media platforms’ analytics, including likes, clicks, shares, re-shares or retweets, and the overall engagement. 

Using a CSV file, you can use the bulk upload feature to schedule, repeat or repost countless posts with just one click. Set a Queue and keep filling it up. 

The Team Management feature allows you to have precise control over what the team members do on the platform. You can allocate roles to users so that they can have permission to manage them. As team members, the users can post tons of content with bulk upload, analyze rich statistics, respond or react rapidly to the comments and messages. 

Finally, there’s the Google Chrome Extension that simplifies the process of sharing any post or picture to your social media profiles while surfing the Internet. 

Here is a rundown of some fantastic features of Social Champ.

  • Publish 
  • Schedule 
  • Analytics 
  • Social Media Calendar 
  • Canva, Crello and Wave Video Integration
  • WordPress Plugin


With Social Champ, you can publish your content to social media platforms. While drafting, you can add emojis, images, and trending hashtags to get your posts featured at the top of the trends.


Experience stress-free social media management with Social Champ. Create, schedule, and analyze your posts from one place. Save time by queuing posts and edit the go-live time for individual posts.


Check the analytics of your posts and get an overview of the posts, tweets, retweets, likes, and clicks in easy-to-understand graphs. Compare your analytics from week to week and month to month to keep an eye on the performance of your social media strategy. You can export the reports in white-labeled PDF reports for later analysis and briefing your clients. 

Social Media Calendar

The social media calendar is one of the best features of the platform. You can also view all scheduled posts in the all-in-one calendar. If you wish to reschedule, just drag and drop posts to the new location. 

Canva, Crello and Wave Video Integration

Social Champ allows you to edit and publish videos and images with Crello, Canva, Wave Video integration. Simply connect your account and use your preferred tool right from within the composer tab.

Social Champ WordPress Plugin

WordPress is THE CMS of choice for business websites. If you post regularly to your WordPress website (mainly in the form of blog posts), you can set up the Social Champ’s WordPress plugin to post directly to your social media profiles. While creating the drafts, you can use relevant information (title, content, and images) from the posts. 


Social Champ offers four exciting plans

  • Champ Plan: $10/month 
  • Pro Plan: $29/month  
  • Agency: $99/month
  • Business: $199/month

Final Verdict!

All in all, Social Champ can act as a Pinterest scheduler, a Twitter scheduling tool, and for all other social media channels! 

You need to try if you want to get robust engagement and maintain your social media presence without any fuss. Give this tool a try, and you will end up loving it. Bring all your social accounts together and start creating productive content.

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