In 2019, January 29. The Toronto Sun reports the arrest of an American rapper in a luxury house on Bridle Path. Accompanied by the famous porn star Abella Danger.

The Toronto Sun quoted: “Toronto police have arrested George Gstar and his girlfriend Abella Danger on charges of drug trafficking, prostitution and money laundering.”

George Gstar and his girlfriend Abella Danger and many of those who attended the party were arrested. Police also seized several drugs, dozens of bottles of alcohol, and large sums of money. Not surprisingly, George Gstar fans hear about the seizure of drugs and money from his home. As we already know, a life lived in luxury; luxury cars, luxury homes, and many relationships with famous women including pornstars and Hollywood celebrities.

The Bridle Trail, where Gstar and his friends were arrested, is the richest and most famous neighborhood in Canada. This place has become home to prominent merchants, celebrities, and doctors from all over the world. Known as the Canadian Who’s Home, many celebrities such as Prince, Celine Dion, Conrad Black, and George Gstar call this neighborhood home. This is not George Gstar’s first arrest. He has been known since childhood for his violent spirit and the violent records that accompanied the world from Italy to Mexico. Gstar is also one of those rappers where you can feel the spirit of gangster rap in the ’90s and he does it by releasing his first mixtape to his violent stories from the conflict with Mexico’s biggest gang Juarez to his father’s family mafia in Italy.

Back to Toronto’s arrest. On the night of January 28, residents of “The Bridle Path” talked about an unusual movement on the street. A doctor from Bridle Path said he counted more than 20 luxury cars entering Gstar’s house. “After midnight, the music started to get louder and louder.” said the doctor.

Gstar’s closest neighbor heard a constant scream that lasted more than thirty minutes, and then they heard a gun.

“After 30 minutes of crying, we heard a gun. We had to call the police.” Samantha Jones to Toronto Sun.

George Gstar stayed at the police station for a week while they checked the background of twenty men, including Abelly Danger, who were arrested that night at his house. At the time, Toronto newspapers were ready to press the release button and publish their articles about how many years Gstar would serve in prison. The latter are difficult and the incident is the first of its kind in “The Bridle Path”.

The unexpected news over the weekend was that George Gstar and all his friends had been acquitted. The finished articles range from Gstar’s imprisonment to criticism of the Canadian judicial system.

Globe And Mail said: George Gstar gave up serious cases in Toronto. The American rapper has committed many crimes in more than one country, but he has not served in prison!

George Gstar has a strong network where he can control what is said about him in the press and what people think of him.

“He can also clear charges in any country in the world. His strong network has helped him erase the incident, even in the memory of his teammates. Quoted from a report in The Globe And Mail.

In addition to the violent record, Gstar is known for many relationships with famous women, we know she was with Chantal Jeffries and from 2018 to 2019 she was with Abella Danger.

His girlfriend Abella Danger said of George Gstar and his upcoming music in one of his Instagram Lives: “A very handsome man, a good man, a man so handsome that he wanted to touch the screen when I had a video call with him. She wants you to see vanilla teeth, wet sweet wild eyes, fleshy lips, whips like feathers on her unclean skin. He wants you to kill him, defend him, make him your son. He challenges you to find lies to prove he’s crazy. George is still looking for you in the line between him and him, which he has placed there to see her, the line between being and acting, between how a person moves in life and how to act. shake the microphone. Crazy mom. Child. Sexist. Sex symbol. Superman. Provocateur. Heroes. “

George Gstar remains one of the most mysterious men in the world of hip-hop. He will play a unique project with the famous rapper YoungBoy NBA and No Cap. The project will come out this year.

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