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Some of the most popular anime memes have been based on webtoons. For instance, the popular webtoon All of Us Are Dead features characters in promotional photos, revealing their deaths in the process. For fans of the show, these memes can be very humorous. Another popular anime series is shonen, which usually consists of three fighters. These fighters are sometimes called ‘gendos’, because they often have a ‘T’ pose and ‘Hugg-Pose’.

Gendo Pose

Many anime fans have re-created the Gendo Pose by Photoshopping a picture of a thing or person with a photo of Gendo on it. These images have become widely popular on image-sharing anime forums. There are a variety of funny variations of this meme. The following are some examples of Gendo pose anime memes. Here’s how to make one of your own:

The Gendo Pose anime memes are mostly centered on the iconic scene from the manga and anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Originally used to make Gendo Ikari appear threatening, the Gendo pose quickly gained popularity online. Later, the Gendo pose became a common reference among web users, and a page on TV Tropes was created explaining the trend. Another fan site, EvaGeeks, has a page dedicated to collecting the Gendo Pose from other anime series.

The Gendo pose is also referred to as the Ambassador Pose. Other Gendo lookalikes may also be included at the editors’ discretion. This page is a great place to find Gendo memes. They are also an excellent source of cheap laughs and can be found on various online forums and social media sites. There are a number of other Gendo pose anime memes, so be sure to check out all of them and see which one is your favorite!

The Gendo Pose has become an iconic anime meme. The characters often strike these poses in the show’s opening or closing credits. Despite the impracticality of their poses, these photos are so endearing that the poses are becoming part of the public’s consciousness. Even non-fans can easily enjoy these wacky videos. A few of the best Gendo Pose anime memes are included below.


The T-Pose anime meme originated from video games, where characters randomly snap into a T-position due to a glitch. The meme first started circulating in 2010 and spread quickly, especially as deep-fried images with glowing eyes and emoji were added. Later, it evolved into an internet subreddit. Despite its origin, the T-Pose has become a coveted power stance for Generation Z. While it once meant powerlessness, inertia, or incapability, it has evolved into a symbol of strength.

The T-Pose meme has become a popular viral internet meme in recent years, despite its origin in an old shitposting tradition. During the last decade, it has evolved into an absurdist meme, circulating as a deep-fried image. Despite its enduring popularity, T-Poses have only been used in video games in rare cases, like glitches or in-game animation.

As an alternative, some people have made their own versions of this pose. While the original T-Pose image has been faked and spread via Reddit, the meme is now a part of anime and video games. Despite its controversial nature, the meme has a healthy subreddit dedicated to its popularity and spread. It has helped spread the meme’s reach worldwide. Its original incarnation is a fake–but it works!

Fortnite has become the main source of T-Pose mania. In October 2018, the game Fortnite finally made the T-Pose emote available for purchase. Although the emote isn’t yet available in the game, a leaker account on the Fortnite forums posted a video of it in action. He also confirmed that it is infinite, meaning it will continue to be animated until action breaks the pose.

Saitama’s lifeless, uninterested demeanor

The lifeless, uninterested demeaner of Saitama is one of the most widely-used characters in anime memes. The character was originally placed in a bush before being released to the public. However, after his release, he is shown in a series of more dramatic scenes. One such scene features Saitama, who is in the middle of a tense situation, and simply says, “Ok.”

Dio’s mission to destroy Johnathan’s life

The character of Dio Brando is one of the most iconic characters from the Anime franchise, and his mission to take over Jonathan’s life has become an unstoppable meme. The character swore to destroy Jonathan’s life, and kissed Jonathan’s girlfriend Erina and declared that she would always be his first love. However, despite his ruthless plans to destroy Johnathan’s life, he never managed to do so.

The character’s attire is largely similar to that of other characters in the series. His jacket features a tight tank top underneath, and his pants feature an exposed crotch and a heart-shaped circlet on his head. Dio’s outfit in the anime series has been used as a symbol of his uncanny ability to control human emotions, and anime memes have taken note of this.

The plot of the anime focuses on Jonathan’s mother’s death. Jonathan’s mother, Erina, is very pregnant with his unborn child, and she places DIO and Lisa-Lisa in a casket with him. Jonathan’s mother died from a disease that Dio had contracted, and so Jonathan and Erina are left with the responsibility of getting rid of Dio and his family.

After Jonathan was captured by the Joestars, Dio tormented him to break his spirit and win his father’s favor. Jonathan was finally able to escape, but not before being punished. As a result, Dio was forced to kiss Erina Pendleton, who denied any relationship between her and Jonathan. The two boys then fought each other. Dio retaliated by trapping his dog Danny in the incinerator.

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