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As you can see on Instagram who was on your profile

Which functions are there and which are not

You can see who likes your post on Instagram. You can also tell the app that is following you. And you can buy cheap Instagram Likes UK from us.

It only sounds logical that you can also see your Instagram profile visitors, doesn’t it?

Can Instagram profile visitors be seen?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see who has visited your Instagram profile. Just like with Facebook, there is no feature that lets you see who has viewed your page. It does not matter whether you are an Android or iPhone user or whether you open the pictures app on your computer instead of your smart phone.

So the fact is: You cannot use the Instagram app to know which users have visited your Instagram profile.We answer that below.

Why you want to see your visitors

Many users want to know who viewed their site. So a lot can be seen: Are the majority of the site visitors lost as potential subscribers? Or do a relatively large number of people subscribe to your profile after they have looked at it?

With an answer to this question, your own Instagram profile could be optimized even more. No wonder there are always apps that promise this information. But is that really possible?

These apps can be used to display visitors

Yes, there are apps that connect to Instagram via an API interface. As a rule, you have to log in with your email address and password. And that’s the first thing that should piss you off.

Be careful when asking for a password

On the one hand, Facebook and Instagram do not allow third-party apps to be connected to the Instagram app via an API interface, as this is a hack. Second, ask yourself what is happening to your profile. Even if your Instagram profile is private, another app could abuse your profile – especially if you reveal your email address and password.

Warning, rip off!

And then there still remains the question of whether these apps can really show who has visited your Instagram profile. That these apps can provide an answer to your questions is usually an empty promise that could also cost you subscription fees.

How can you spot unwanted visitors?

But what if you have a reason other than the one described above? Maybe you want to see a certain Instagram profile visitor looking at your pictures and stories – and you don’t want to.

Switch the account to private

Whether you are an ex-boyfriend, a competitor or a potential employer: Sometimes it is better to set your own profile to private in order to protect yourself from stalkers and other unwanted visitors. Because the fact is: As long as you do not set your profile to private, other users can view your photos and videos.

So the question is whether you want to activate your account only for your followers. The disadvantage is already clear: the hurdle for new users to subscribe to is greater than before. Eventually you will no longer be able to see what you are sharing on your profile. Is there another alternative?

Block individual users

The answer is: yes! If you have any idea which acquaintance keeps visiting your profile, you can simply block the user. All you have to do is go to the user’s profile and select the option “Block this user” on the PC or “Block user” on the smart phone.

He or she will then be unable to see your page or your posts. You can also no longer be found using the Instagram search and even photos on which you are marked will not be displayed to the blocked user.

Incidentally, this works for both followers and users who have not yet followed you. In this way you can make your account accessible to everyone, but at the same time protect yourself against unwanted looks.

Which is more important than an answer?

It may be tempting to track down profile visitors to your own Instagram account and know how often someone is looking at your Instagram story. Who are these people interested in your channel? And why don’t you become a subscriber?

Ultimately, however, this question should not mislead you into falling for dubious providers. If you have to pay money or provide private details, you will get no closer to the answer to your question. Better to have a little bit of uncertainty, right?

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