Most Important Benefits of Choosing Server Colocation

Server Colocation is a practice of renting space for servers at a third-party provider’s data center. Generally, colocation services include physical security, redundant power, redundant cooling components, networking that can support the storage, and servers provided by the customer. Server colocation allows companies to eliminate capital expenditures of building and maintaining their own facility. After opting for colocation servers, you simply move your existing equipment into the pre-build racks and they can start using server colocation. Companies that are using in-house servers have to always upfront hardware costs on their shoulders, and this also involves travel costs for engineers to the data center for accessing the equipment because a normal company contains large amounts of data, not every file can be stored in a single server and rack. That’s why companies have to bear the different costs of maintaining in-house servers.

It is very important to understand the costs that are involved in server colocation. The commercial goal of colocation is to avoid building your own facilities. This is done by following the OPEX model of paying the colocation provider for the hosting space and services you need. Go4hosting provides very flexible colocation offers. We allow companies to rent a space from small to many racks and also giving them the facility of locking cages.

The main point of talking cost is, you only pay for what capacity you use. Billing is monthly and you don’t need to commit a large number of contract terms. In the future, as your needs grow, you can scale your requirement accordingly. You can save financial expense by using server colocation and you can use that expense in other parts of your business.

Now you’ve understood the cost that is involved in server colocation. We will also tell some of the main advantages that are very useful after opting for server colocation.

Main Advantages for Server Colocation:-

  • All of the infrastructures are provided: After opting for server colocation, third-party data centers provide cooling system generators, power feeds, CCTV cameras, maintenance engineers, and backup servers.
  • Free IT resources: IT engineers are responsible for maintaining servers. After opting for server colocation, the third part becomes fully responsible for maintaining and fulfilling the IT requirement.
  • Reliability: Power outages and loss of network are the major issues in IT operations, and when you choose server colocation, make sure to check for power backup facility and sudden interruptions solutions.

We have told you the common advantages of server colocation. Apart from advantages, there are a lot of things that should be well known before choosing server colocation. There are different types of data centers that are built to provide different kinds of services.

Type of Data Centers: –

Just as there are different office buildings, there are also different data centers. Some of these data centers are designed to complete more operational tasks. Typically, colocation data centers provide an SLA guarantee with a specific amount of availability. However, data center guarantees on a specific amount of time such as – five-nines of uptime – data centers uptime is commonly declared in terms of following four tiers: –

  • Tier 1 – Non-redundant power, network connectivity, and cooling.
  • Tier 2 – Some redundancy for power and cooling.
  • Tier 3 – Able to stand 72-hour power outage.
  • Tier 4 – Able to stand 96-hour power outage.

When you’re planning to migrate to server colocation, keep in mind that:

  • Shared Facility – Server colocation providers offer shared costs of cooling, communication, power, and data center floor space with other tenants because of sharing, they cost cheaper than setting up a new data center.
  • Complete Control – Server colocation gives full root access and control over the equipment. With complete control, you can install and configure the server as per your requirements.
  • High Bandwidth – It provides a higher level of bandwidth; server colocation centers give their customers access to use a higher level of bandwidth at a lower cost as compared to a normal office room.
  • Security – Companies always fear data theft, and colocation companies like – Go4hostng understand the importance of data very well that’s why we have added a regular backup facility in place and we have also provided low-latency networking options.
  • Physical Protection – Colocation centers apply strict policies for securing their customer’s data by implementing CCTV monitoring, mantraps, fire detection, private suites, and suppression systems.

Conclusion: –

Thus, server colocation is in high demand, startups and mid-level companies with different nature of work don’t have a budget to add inhouse servers that’s why they prefer to go for server colocation. With a rise in high demand, Go4hosting has implemented a server colocation facility for their customers. Connect with one of our experts to know more about server colocation.

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