Best 3 Ways To Convert MPEG TO MP4

Since keeping everything in your smartphone is much more convenient today, most people want to have sufficient storage space in their smart devices. This way, they can have a huge form of digital data every time to themselves.

MPEG is one of the old formats used for online video streaming. However, as time passes, technology has advanced, and most modern devices don’t support this format. But we know that you don’t want to lose all those precious moments you have captured or the events or information covered in those videos. 

Hence, many converters have been introduced to convert MPEG to MP4 and allow you to run those video files and keep them saved. Some other technical issues reported against MPEG format are that these videos don’t have compatibility with computers anymore. Also, if you want to open or run MPEG files on your smart devices, you would need to install some particular software, and then you can watch the videos.

Many service providers have brought their converters to your service, noticing all these concerns. With their help, you can convert your video files from MPEG to MP4 and continue to enjoy watching them. 

3 Best Tools To Convert MPEG To MP4

Here we are suggesting you the top 3 names from a broad list of tools with which you can do that conversion of video file formats. Remember that all 3 of them are for desktop users. 


At, they don’t bother you to undergo a complicated conversion process. They have kept it very simple, so everyone can easily get the job done. Moreover, the quality of output files is outstanding, and they provide you with 100 percent results without reducing the video quality.

Without installing an app, you can access this tool’s services. It has compatibility with multiple operating systems and can convert MPEG files into different other formats as well. 

Follow these steps for conversion:

  • Drag and drop the MPEG file you are intended to convert or select from Google drive on your desktop.
  • Click on “to MP4” and proceed towards the conversion.
  • Once it’s completed, you will receive your modified MP4 file. Click to download the app. 

2. EaseUS Video Converter

This software comes with an additional feature that makes it the first choice of many users. That is, EaseUS Video Converter gives you the liberty to change the formats of several files at once. This is called batch conversion, which saves you time and space on your computer. It runs 30 times faster than any other ordinary converter available online. Also, it can be used for both audio and video files conversion with quality and accuracy. 

The process is pretty much similar to the above tool except for the interface, which slightly varies.

3. WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter is one of our favorite tools because it’s a 2-in-1 software with dual functions. Besides converting videos from MPEG to MP4, it also lets you trim your videos which render great help. Furthermore, the conversion process is almost similar except that you can add the duration of the video that how long you want it. Both Windows and Mac users can use this software to convert MPEG to MP4. 

Final Words

How to convert MPEG to MP4 is the biggest concern that we have tried to answer you from different aspects. We have also named the three best tools that we have tried ourselves, and you can also count on them. We hope this information will also help you in a significant manner. 

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