Best gaming keyboards under 1000

Gaming keyboards are trendy in the present, and what used to be considered a luxury, is now accessible to all at a low cost.

We all know that in this competitive marketplace where goods become obsolete in just a few days, you’re probably finding it difficult to select the best gaming keyboard for you.

No matter if you’re a pro gamer or beginner we’ve compiled 12 of the top gaming keyboards that are that are less than $1000 in India for you to invest your hard-earned dollars on.

Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started!

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2

Zebronics is an Indian company that is known for its inexpensive electronic devices as well as computer-related peripherals. Zebronics is a supplier of a range of electronic devices such as headphones, power banks security cameras, numerous other items.

We’ve looked at a couple the products of this company in our reviews.

The Zeb-Transformer K2 is a new gaming keyboard made by Zebronics designed for those who are on a budget and is priced at Rs.1000 for India. Indian market.

Build and Design

Zebronics’ Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 is the successor to the Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K gaming keyboard.

This gaming keyboard has undergone an entirely new direction in design and quality of construction. It is not like its predecessor. One of the obvious changes is the fact that the aluminium upper plate is replaced by an all-plastic body.

It is the Transformer K2 is a full-sized gaming keyboard that has a number pad that is dedicated. This gaming keyboard features the totality of 104 keys, and the characters of each key are laser-etched to stop the keys from disappearing.

In addition, Zebronics has added a small wrist rest on the keyboard in order to provide assistance during typing for a prolonged period.

Zebronics includes multi-LED lighting on its gaming keyboard, too. The multi-LED lighting provides this keyboard with an appealing gaming look. There are three levels of brightness for the backlight, which can be changed.

On the rear of the keyboard the keyboard has rubber padding to grip as well as legs that fold in raising the keyboard on an angle to provide better comfort when typing.

Zebronics has made sure that the cables of this keyboard comes from top quality. It’s a braided cord with Gold-plated USB connector.


It is a Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 cannot be as powerful as a professional gaming keyboard, but the performance it provides for the price is a plus.

Although it is an electronic keyboard with a membrane, it’s nonetheless very comfortable and is compatible with all PC games.

The gaming keyboard is budget-friendly and comes with integrated media keys, which could be helpful for doing things like changing the volume or stopping music.

You can disable the Windows button for the Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 while gaming. This can help protect the keyboard from accidentally pressing press.

Zebronics claims their keyboards are rated to last up to 50 million strokes. This gives you an description of the life span for the keyboard.


Zebronics’ Zebronics Zeb-Transformer K2 does a job well as the successor to The Transformer K and budget gamers will be delighted using this model of keyboard. But, it has some drawbacks too.

If you’re in search of the best gaming keyboard on the price of Rs.1000 This is among the most suitable options.

Amkette EvoFox Fireblade

EvoFox is a brand geared towards gaming created by Amkette that is aiming to make top-quality computer peripherals that gamers can use throughout the world.

The Fireblade is a gaming keyboard produced in the United States by Amkette as part of the EvoFox brand. This Evofox Fireblade keyboard is available in India at a cost of Rs.999.

Build and Design

At Rs.999 at the time of writing, the EvoFox Fireblade is a keyboard that is sturdy and well-built.

On first sight, it’s easy to be tempted by the appearance of this keyboard, as it resembles an actual mechanical keyboard however, it is a membrane keyboard trying to imitate an actual mechanical keyboard.

The Fireblade is an 87 with TKL (Tenkeyless) keypad, which means it doesn’t have a separate number pad, which you normally encounter on many keyboards.

The keys of the keyboard are made of plastic. They provide a long key travel distance to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

The lower part of the keyboard there are two legs that can be folded to allow you to adjust the keyboard to a comfortable angle. The legs don’t have rubber for grip, so if you’re in a slippery area the keyboard may not be as sturdy.

EvoFox has chosen to use a rainbow LED-backlit on their Fireblade Gaming keyboard. There aren’t a lot of options to customize for LEDs. You get three lighting effects as well as two different lighting settings.

The USB cable that is included on the EvoFox Fireblade is braided. It also comes with an elongated magnetic ring which will improve signal transmission and has little loss.


The Fireblade keyboard comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys that are supported. This means that if you play certain games that require multiple key presses simultaneously All keys are correctly registered.

Cosmic Byte Titan

If you’re a player who has a limited budget and you have searched the internet for gaming equipment, one of the brands that you’ll see frequently is Cosmic Byte.

They are a gaming-related peripheral manufacturer with its headquarters in India which offers low-cost gaming-related products, such as gaming keyboards, game controllers mice, and so on.

The Cosmic Byte Titan is a budget gaming keyboard that is perfect for gamers who have a tight budget. The keyboard is available at a cost of Rs.999.

Build and Design

Its design is similar to other keyboards. Cosmic Byte Titan has a couple of similarities to similar Cosmic Byte keyboards when it regards its design.

The build the quality and build of this keyboard are decent. It comes with an aluminium top plate and the body is constructed of polycarbonate.

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