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Best Highest Paying Freelance Skills


The concept of working as a freelancer is quite old yet it took people a lot of time to understand its importance. Thanks to the current scenario and recent lockdown that made people realize working as a freelancer is more convenient than a 9 to 5 job. To your knowledge, there are approximately 1.2 billion freelancers in the whole wide world which is equal to 1/3 of the total global workforce. With that, there are 59 million Americans who have reported working as a freelancer in 2020 which is equal to 36% of the overall American workforce. This proves that people indeed are shifting towards working as a freelancer.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best highest paying freelance skills that can help you start a career as a freelancer.

United States-The biggest freelance country:

Currently the United States of America has found out to be the biggest freelance country having 558,965 freelancers.

Highest freelancer growth countries:

Following are the names of the countries to have highest freelancer growth in.

  • Philippines: 208%
  • India: 160%
  • Japan: 87%
  • Australia: 86%
  • Hong Kong: 79%
  • Mexico: 72%
  • Canada: 71%
  • Pakistan: 69%
  • Argentina: 66%
  • Spain: 66%

Highest paying freelance skills:

Now comes the main part of our discussion that is, list of highest paying freelance skills that you need to possess.

Video editing skills

Interesting fact, individuals tend to spend 2.6 more times on different websites that have embedded videos than those that don’t. This shows that video is without any doubt on top of the list content marketing. Since more and more businesses started to realize the value of video content in driving sales, the need of freelancers who can edit and create videos has also increased. Thus this is such a skill that is very important to posses as a freelancer.

Web designing skills

As e-commerce has taken over the internet by storm, it has become very important for every business to build a strong online presence. In simpler words, having a website has become very important for almost every business now. Internet has managed to provide numerous opportunities for businesses to grow and that is why there is a high demand for freelance web and mobile developers. Mobile app design and development, web designing, and other programming jobs are known to be the highest-paid freelancing jobs. Thus you need to develop this skill to earn well.

Content writing skills

There are hundreds and millions of website on the internet that people look at every day. But all these websites also have content in it that people read right? This increases the demand of content writers which can be ultimately fulfilled by freelance writers. This is a very convenient skill in demand. You can find many best courses online to develop these skills. You wouldn’t have to go anywhere and can work at your ease and pace. But one thing should be kept in mind that is, you need to have good writing skills and high fluency in English as content writing is not that easy.

Graphic designing skills

Graphic designing is considered to be such a skill-set that opens a wide range of projects to take on. If you have high creativity and great attention to detail then this can open huge opportunities for you as a freelancer. So if you want to get started as a freelance graphic designer then you have to create a great portfolio to grab potential clients.

Social video marketing

Now this is a new skill in the freelance domain that is also quite important to posses. In the Upwork’s Q2 2019 fastest-growing freelance skill list, this skill was ranked top 3. It is because if videos are being made for the purpose of generating sales, then there has to be a reliable way to promote them to a huge target population. And this is what a freelancer who has this skill can do.


Among these above mentioned skills, there are many more that you can develop and start working as a freelancer. But if you truly wish to earn well then the above best highest paying freelance skills can help you in earning good money. So take a look at what these skills are and how it can help you become an in-demand freelancer and never stop learning.

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