Best XMR to BTC converter in 2022

Online trading through cryptocurrencies is getting more and more popular these days as they have many advantages over traditional transaction platforms. XMR and BTC are two famous cryptocurrencies of digital money that are widely used these days. The BTC platform operates through a user’s computer, so hackers have fewer chances to break the system. On the other hand, XMR gives an excellent level of security as it uses an opaque system that makes it impossible to know the private details of the investors. So, we can say that XMR offers a higher level of protection than the BTC platform! However, if you own a couple of Monero coins and want to convert your XMR to BTC, you’re recommended to follow these steps!

Step 1: 

As you’re going to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, so you can do this process without additional registration and verification. Moreover, before converting XMR to BTC, you can check the exchange rates like cro coin price on any exchange website and request a transaction there. Further, you must consider whether this exchange is safe or either you can invest your funds in it. You must also check that the website should be SSL-protected and consumer support should be available. Also, remember to ensure that the exchange can support the needed coins as well. 

Step 2:

Now select a platform for XMR to BTC exchange and open a BitCoin wallet. After that, mention the correct amount of XMR you want to exchange, which will automatically direct to the conversion process. Here, the platform will ask you for your BitCoin address, on which you’ll receive your BTC once the exchange has been completed. 

Step 3:

After entering the BitCoin address, click on ”Confirm”, and you’ll be shown the details of your conversion, such as fees, BTC address, and time for conversion. Now verify the information on the page before going forward for the actual exchange. Once you’ve checked all the details, hit the ”start” icon, and you’ll see a screen asking you to send the XMR to a given address. Here, you need to provide the accurate currency first, after which you get the other currency. Now take out your XMR wallet and put the given address to send your XMR coins on it.


You’ll get 24 hours to send funds; otherwise, the transaction process will be canceled automatically, so we suggest you send it as soon as possible. 

Step 4:

After you send your BTC cash to the given address, you’ll start seeing the screen showing “transaction is being confirmed”. It means your transaction process is on its way and will be confirmed by the Monero soon. After some time, the process of XMR to BTC exchange is completed, and your screen will show you all the details of the transaction. 

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Step 5:

Now here is the time to trade! After completion of the transaction process, you can either keep your coins or use them for trading. You can find a reliable exchange that gives you an easy-to-use interface. Here you can select a currency and choose the number of coins for trading. Remember to check your wallet balance to make sure everything has gone fine! Moreover, you can check your transaction information from the respective blockchain also. 

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