Bingo in Today’s Time and Top Sites to Play

Bingo has entertained and engaged people for years. The game originated from the Italian lottery in Italy and quickly spread throughout France. The French aristocracy called it Le Lotto. Then, the game migrated to Great Britain and spread to different parts of Europe. The game was first played in the USA at a carnival near Atlanta in Georgia. It was here that the game was named bingo by Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy salesman. 

Since then, the game’s popularity has fluctuated, but it has never diminished. Several bingo halls opened across the UK and USA due to its craze. Players flocked in great numbers to try their hand at winning. However, while the bingo halls flourished for over a decade, the rise of technology forced bingo to transform. Also, the pandemic played its part in closing down most bingo halls. Therefore, people quickly shifted to online platforms to continue enjoying bingo. 

Online bingo games are much more convenient than making one’s way to the bingo halls. Players can now play bingo game online on their mobile devices while sitting at home or commuting to work. Players can connect with several real-life online players to enjoy a 1V1 intense match with a daub timer making the game much more challenging. There’s nobody manually calling out the numbers on the bingo halls, and the entire process is automated. Instead, players see the numbers appearing on their screen and a daub timer. Therefore, they need to quickly daub the numbers on their bingo virtual tickets to score higher than the opponents. There are several bonuses points up for grabs if players can daub the numbers as soon as they appear on their screen. 

Also, bingo in today’s time comes in several varieties. For example, if you are bored of playing 75 ball bingo, you can switch to playing 90 ball bingo or even 30 ball bingo. There are also variants of Slingo and themed bingos to keep gamers interested and occupied. 

If this has piqued your interest, here are some of the top sites where you can play bingo or download the app to your mobile device. 

MPL Bingo 

Mobile Premier League, or MPL, is one of the leading online platforms for bingo lovers. The platform allows you to download the game as an app on your mobile phone to play bingo game online whenever and wherever. 

You can enjoy 75 ball bingo in 1V1 and 1VN game formats on this platform. If you decide to participate in tournaments, ensure to play a few practice matches first to hone your skills. The tournaments typically offer cash prizes and rewards, but you can only win it if your name is on top of the leaderboard. In these multiplayer tournaments, the competition is quite challenging. 

The game features a daub timer, and players have to try to daub the numbers to get bonus points instantly. The numbers are not called out manually, and the platform has fair play practices that provide gamers complete peace of mind. So, when you are playing bingo on MPL, you do not have to worry about fraudsters or scammers. You can wholly concentrate on your game and focus on having a good time. The platform even offers several wallet options for your convenience. Moreover, the platform offers tempting promotions and bonuses. It would be best if you kept coming back to use these offers. 

Additionally, the customer support team is highly active and always willing to offer a helping hand. Whenever you find yourself stuck or have questions, reach out to them, and they will help you. 

Gala Bingo 

Gala Bingo made its mark back in 2015, and it offers a safe platform for bingo lovers to enjoy playing the game they love so much. The platform provides a wide range of games to keep the attention of gamers hooked. So whenever you are bored, you can visit this website and start playing the game of your choice. 

The platform has a thriving community, and you can look forward to making several bingo friends. Thanks to the colorful designs and user-friendly interface, the website attracts a lot of beginners and novices. It is easy to browse the website and find the games you wish to play. There is also a range of slot machines and lucrative promotions. 

When you are not home and wish to play bingo, the website provides iOS and Android application compatibility. So, you can download it and enjoy playing it wherever you want. 

Sun Bingo 

Sun Bingo is another popular platform for playing bingo. It comes with a wide range of games and exciting prizes. You will find several competitions throughout the day to keep you entertained. 

You have to make a minimum deposit to access the games on the website. There are also separate luxury rooms for players who do not want to pay any deposit to play bingo. In these rooms, you can play the games for free. Moreover, the platform is secure and guarantees to keep the gamers’ personal information safe from third parties. You do not have to worry about getting scammed when on this platform. 

The Bottom Line

Bingo is a great game to pass the time, and you can even earn money by participating in tournaments. So, flex your bingo skills on the platforms mentioned above and have a gala time.

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