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Do you want to boost your Instagram followers?

When we question our clients about their social media goals, we frequently hear the same thing: “This year, I really want to boost the number of my Instagram followers!”

It’s evident that many of you want to increase your Instagram followers, whether it’s by 200, 2,000, or 200,000.

We comprehend your situation! One of our aims for our clients is to increase the number of subscribers!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it has been shown to aid in the achievement of corporate objectives.

Consider the following two figures:

Instagram has a ten-fold higher engagement rate than Facebook.

60% of Instagram users say they use the app to learn more about a company, brand, or product.

We can deduce two key points: people are active on Instagram and want to connect with brands there.

We all know that Instagram is a fantastic platform that may be quite beneficial to your company.

Plan a hashtag strategy.

You should use hashes because they are an integral feature of Instagram. One of the simplest ways to gain new Instagram followers free is to use hash tags. You can use up to 30 hashtags each post, however the quality of your hashtag is more essential than the quantity.

The quickest approach to locate hashtags that match your brand is to use Instagram’s search feature. Begin by typing in a hashtag that is relevant to your industry. We deal with freelancers at Boots & Cats Lab, so we started with this hashtag and then looked through the related hashtags to locate others that would be relevant to our audience.

When you search for a hashtag on Instagram, the corresponding hashtags appear, and you can scroll through them to find ones that match your brand. You can use them to create a hashtag list for your posts so that other free Instagram followers can find you.

By looking at the analytics on your posts, you can see if you’re utilizing the proper hashtags. They’ll let you know if your hashtags are assisting you in reaching out to new folks. Using hashtags, you can check how many people have found your content. This function can be used to test hashtag groups or specific hashtags to see which ones perform better.

Of course, slapping a bunch of hashtags on every post isn’t enough. To increase engagement and free Instagram likes, it’s also a good idea to develop a hashtag strategy.

Begin by following hashtags related to your industry. Instagram added the option to track hashtags in 2022. When you follow a hashtag, you can now see fresh people’s posts in your feed. The username will be the hashtag’s name, and the photo will have a # sign next to it, so you’ll know it’s from a hashtag.

To get a nice mix of profiles, we recommend following a mix of “little hashtags” with a few thousand posts and “large hashtags” with hundreds of thousands of posts. It’s time to use your hashtags once you’ve found them.

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