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Boost your POS system with AnyPOSConnector

Online ordering is changing the manner in which people order food. Modern solutions has helped customers order food with their phones on food ordering apps. While restaurant owners are exploiting the digital system, we have been thinking a stride ahead and developing things further. And AnyPOSConnector is the result. With the AnyPOSConnector it doesn’t matter if you’re a small restaurant, a regional chain of café, or a global company – your online ordering is easy, efficient and profitable. You can accept online orders in a matter of seconds and manage all of your in-house and online sales and operations with one cloud centric all-in-one system!

Independent POS Systems 

Since the beginning of the digital age and popular online food ordering app, the POS had been the foundation of every restaurant. It not only empowered a business to stay aware of the sales but overseeing menus, inventories, client information, receipts and considerably more. Food ordering apps are definitely a boon for restaurant owners, and it compares much better when put against an independent POS system. Online ordering is the future and incorporating the ultimate POS system enhancer with online ordering capabilities makes perfect sense. 

Then again, you will also find it great that you can tie up all your software backend needs under one roof with a quick click and go integration! Not only will the AnyPOSConnector save you work in compartmentalizing orders based on time of taking order, it will save you time and energy that you can focus in another profit making side. In this case, making sure that your clients are happy and satisfied. But how does the AnyPOSConnector do all this?   

Benefits of AnyPOSConnector 

Better Offering 

Independent POS frameworks are already worked up with every in-store sales that barely has time to do other things. So, to keep up to date with the new innovation, it is vital to coordinate all your work in a system that can handle it – helping your clients get their food faster and hotter, and you their satisfaction. 

Online ordering space

Did you know the utilization of food ordering apps to order food from any place you like is reshaping the manner in which buyers buy and eat food and an independent POS system just will not cut it. They don’t make custom iPhone and Android applications for restaurants that are enhanced for transformation. Clients can’t follow their orders continuously and neither get advised with regards to their order through email and pop-up messages. We call that a botched chance. On the other hand, a consistent online ordering system such as AnyPOSConnector for cafes and restaurants can even help you recognise patterns in order locations and exploit that information – so, why won’t you shift to it? It’s an extraordinary way to create new income without making a ton of changes to your business. 

Incredible Customer Relationship Management 

Probably the most ideal approach to get hold of clients and support growth is through discounts and awesome offers. But the old POS system don’t give any sort of help in this situation. Loyalty programs can reward customers, and special codes can be applied straightforwardly at checkout all that can be done on the AnyPOSConnector. It automatically coordinates with the food ordering app and your cloud memory to make clients very, very HAPPY. For restaurant such as YOURS, this perfectly consistent coordination between your POS frameworks and the AnyPOSConnector brings about a brilliant client relationship management system. 

Dependable Merchant Experience 

When running a café, the last thing you need to do is stress over missing online ordering requests that come through third party apps. Independent eatery POS frameworks don’t give every minute of every day to service customers coming through food ordering apps. Something needs to crosscheck menus for perfect communication. What will convey indicated request pick up and drop time to clients? POS incorporated with AnyPOSConnector takes care of menu synchronization and time of delivery! This basically guarantees an added level of unwavering quality, full control, and absolute productivity for you. 


How shall we help Kaka Ji’s Chicken with maintaining their across all business channels? 

KJC is confronting a ton of issues with their café activities. They have an incredible café idea, great progression of clients, yet using food ordering and increasing their revenue there has not helped yet. This is significantly affecting net revenues. People at the restaurant invest an excessive amount of energy and time to take requests on the telephone, and frequently with blunders. Their definitely need help soon with another arrangement, one that coordinates straightforwardly with his present Point-of-Sale system. Can you imagine AnyPOSConnector can help them with taking care of this concern notwithstanding on the off chance that they have one or ten more restaurants – it all runs seamlessly. 

Over the long haul, online food order systems will save a lot of time by putting orders straightforwardly into the current retail location, helping in-house activities to go on smoothy and online order food to run seamlessly. AnyPOSConnector is the sharpest systems that can create seamless coordination with your current POS framework to help you increase your revenues.

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