Boosting the Sales Rate as a Designer

In any business, everyone faces the problem of the inability to sell. We should know how to finalize the sale by updating the products or services. Here we will introduce some valid techniques that will help to convince the buyers. 

Defining problem:

First, you have to work on defining the main problem. The defining problem means to deal with your customers’ problems, fears, feelings, tensions, by creating content that makes them happy or sad. Designers write a basic issue instead business goals. In this situation, you must ask relevant questions to your customers or your teammates.

 E.g. design team working with the pill pack gave the solutions to users’ problems. They organized prescriptions as well as focus on selling pills. 


Create an active session with your teammates to explore solutions. Here the word arises, Ideate which means to think in various ways. Get ideas in new directions with not a single restriction. Teammates work on every idea and pick the worth one. While sketching an idea you can also do a skit. 

 E.g. success of Airbnb, they work to produce good qualities of photos. 


Repeat the process of getting feedback about your creative ideas. From landing, pages to print ads you can prototype your marketing content. Prototype deal with the production of multiple versions to clarify your ideas until there is a satisfying solution for your client.

 E.g. GGRC is an organization that financially supports people with developmental disabilities.

3 practical methods:

Now, we are going to introduce the basic techniques that will help you in expanding your business. In case of any query, get in touch with qualified web designers in Pakistan.  

The contrast technique:

When a customer leaves the product page without buying, keep trying to convince the client through a remarketing campaign. When a customer refuses, he may be in search of something cheaper. Offer him a discount or displays the same products in less price. 

E.g. when a client stays more than 1 minute on a page and doesn’t buy anything, you can pop up a message to offer him. 

  1. Mimicry:

Show customers that their fellows have already visited your page and bought from you. This is a power pack persuasion technique. It will enhance the chances to sell them the same product. 

E.g. Facebook, amazon’s app tells you how many people interact with your site or liked an article. 

  1. The push technique:

This is the best option to improve the sale rate simply showing a less price of a product won’t bring many clients. You should display how much time is left in this promotion. Many stores use this technique on black Fridays, Independence Day. Such a discount offering days push customers to buy a product right now as they would not have the chance on the next day. Make sure how many products are also remaining until the promotion ends.

  1. Sales strategy

In boosting sales you will need step-by-step strategies, highlights, and formulas. These sets of actions will promote the sale of your service. 

Digitize in a sensible way

For technical offers, you can get help with modern technologies; 

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Messages
  • Advertisements

Key elements of sales strategy:

  • Product: 

Evaluate all details of your product including service, store, brands, production cost, etc. 

  • Price:

Adjust the price according to your competitors. Analyze and continue reading, how to fix the price of your products if you want to stay competitive. 

  • Place: 

View the best site for your business and locate the position where you have distributed your products. 

  • Promotion:

Plan a strategy how to boost your sale by offering a discount. Promotion will attract customers to buy your products. 

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