3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Computer

A dead battery, a blue screen of death, or glacial processing speeds — there are a lot of reasons why you need a new computer. But does it have to be brand-new, never been used? The short answer is no. You’ll find three longer reasons why a used computer is a good idea below. 

1. You Don’t Have an Enormous Budget

Replacing an old or broken computer is hard when you’re short on funds. Even a basic Chromebook can cost around $200 brand new, and that’s likely not a great fit if you need a PC for gaming or work.

For a workhouse, you could spend between $1,000 and $6,000. 

Should you take out an online personal loan for this kind of replacement? While there are many different types of personal loans you can get online, most financial institutions, online direct lenders, and financial advisors would agree loans aren’t the answer.

The only exception might be if you need your PC for work, and without it, you’d lose wages. In an emergency like this, you can research personal loans online and their terms. Just make sure it’s something you can afford.

Buying a used computer can help you skip over the need for a personal loan. Or, at the very least, reduce what you have to borrow in an emergency. That’s because used computers are 30–50 percent less than a newer model.

2. Supply Chain Issues Are Still a Problem 

The supply chain issues that began with the first lockdown are still a reality in 2022. 

Experts say the semiconductor industry won’t recover fully from the pandemic for another year. This means you’ll notice a shortage of certain PCs for a while longer. 

There’s also the issue of a major labor shortage that’s making it harder to ship goods around the world. 

A backlog of shipping containers has created bottlenecks at major ports, including California and Georgia. There aren’t enough workers to unload these containers fast enough. Some containers have been waiting months to be unloaded and distributed to warehouses. 

Buying used means you’ll neatly sidestep these global supply chain problems. You can shop from existing local inventories and not have to worry about stock getting stuck at ports

3. Used Tech is Good as New as Long as it’s Certified Refurbished

There are a ton of horror stories out there where people think they’re buying a like-new laptop only to realize it’s a hunk of junk. You heard it from a friend of a friend of yours, so it has to be true. 

While there is a chance you buy a lemon, you’re protected against this devastating problem when you stick to certified refurbished tech. 

Certified refurbished means two things:

  1. Refurbished: A refurbished computer means it had a previous owner before it was returned to the manufacturer or retailer. Before it’s resold, the manufacturer repairs and tests the computer to ensure it performs to factory settings.
  1. Certified: Certification is an extra layer of protection. It means your manufacturer or retailer stands by their tech. There’s a good chance it will also come with a warranty in case it doesn’t perform as good as new. 

Bottom Line

When used together, a certified refurbished promises to perform as if you were the first and only person to use it. But it won’t cost like it does. These are reasons enough to stick with used over new.

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