Caleb Kennedy Will Be Eliminated From American Idol on Sunday’s Episode

Caleb Kennedy advanced to the Top 5 on American Idol last season. But he was booted off after a controversial video surfaced. Kennedy was filmed with a friend wearing a hood reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan. Those involved were shocked when they saw the video, which went viral. Caleb was later found to be jokingly denying his involvement in the incident. On Sunday’s episode of American Idol, the Top 4 will be announced, and one of those contestants will be eliminated.

Former American Idol contestant

A former American Idol contestant, Caleb Kennedy was one of the top five finalists in season 19 of the show. His elimination was due to a controversy over a video that he posted to social media. He was sitting next to someone wearing a Klu Klux Klan hood, and the producers decided to remove all traces of him from the show’s website. Later, Kennedy recorded a song called “Raised on Dirt” and it was an instant hit.

The video surfaced online on January 23, revealing that the singer had used marijuana during his performance. Although it was not a fatal overdose, the video did make it to the world’s media and prompted Kennedy to leave the show. Although Kennedy had no intention of participating in the show again, he was forced to apologize in a Facebook post. The singer was arrested on Monday, and he is expected to face up to 25 years in prison if found guilty of DUI-related offenses.

Former football player

Despite his humble upbringing, former football player Caleb Kennedy is a natural athlete with great potential. He played multiple positions at the University of Sioux Falls, but was ultimately transferred to another school. Due to a COVID-19 violation, he missed the entire season. Even in spite of this setback, Kennedy was able to succeed and earn a scholarship from USF. The young athlete has embraced the challenge and is committed to becoming a better player.

After his elimination from American Idol last season, Kennedy has been busy performing at local shows in South Carolina. He is currently a junior at Dorman High School. The show’s producers are still investigating the cause of the crash, but they are aware of the controversy. The top four will be revealed on Sunday’s episode. One of the contestants will be eliminated. The show will be canceled if any contestant does not reach the final five.


In an effort to find the cause of this tragic accident, authorities in South Carolina are searching for the person who drove the vehicle. The driver was charged with DUI and Operating After Suspension. Authorities say the car had several signs of drug use, including a tan. The driver, who is 17 years old, is currently in prison awaiting toxicology test results. He faces up to 25 years in prison. His defense attorneys have pleaded for his release, hoping he’ll be sent to an alcohol and drug treatment center.

The hearing solicitor revealed that drug tests showed that marijuana and Prozac were found in Caleb Kennedy’s system, and that the court should delay the decision on bond until the toxicology results are returned. This was good news for Caleb Kennedy, because his doctor recently increased his Prozac dosage. However, the amount of marijuana found in his system was only a trace amount. The hearing solicitor noted that he would be required to appear in court for bond decision.

Mental health

The mental state of Caleb Kennedy has come under the spotlight again after he was arrested for killing his friend, Larry Parris, on Feb. 8. The accused driver appeared in court for the first time on Feb. 9 and did not receive bond. During his first hearing, he tested positive for marijuana and Prozac. Later, when he appeared in Circuit Court for a second time, he was denied bond. A motion to get his medical records was filed and the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation within 45 days.

The hearing solicitor said Caleb’s doctor had increased his Prozac dose after being discovered in the KKK video. The judge denied bond but ordered the former Idol to undergo inpatient treatment and follow-up outpatient treatment. The judge denied bond and placed the ex-Idol on suicide watch. The case continues to develop. As of now, the judge has not decided if he will replace Caleb with another contestant.

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