California Electrical Contractor Licensing and Exam Prep

It is common practice for states to have specific requirements to be met by contractors before they get issued with licenses. The state of California is not exempted from this practice when. Every contractor must meet the pre-licensing training stipulated and prove to have the minimum experience. At RocketCert, we are masters of assisting you to get your California contractors license within a short period.

Electrical licenses in California are issued by the labor commissioner’s office. Also, one must pass exams in business and law before they are granted their license. Contact RocketCert today and you will have an amazing time getting your training and exam prep packages.

Exam prep for an electrical contractor

Once a contract gets 4years of relevant experience, getting a license can begin. We offer the best training where contractors can access our materials through a self-paced format. Our materials ensure you pass the exam by the first attempt and we offer a no pass no pay offer.

Scope of work with this license

When a contractor gets this kind of license, they can engage in projects dealing with electrical wires, raceways, solar photovoltaic cells, conduits, and other appliances.

License requirements

Pass exams in business and law

4 years experience in relevant electrical projects

Meet the specific insurance, bond, and other requirements stipulated by CSLB for licensure

How to get the license

Having met are the requirements stipulated, a contractor contacts the California contractors licensing board via 800-321-2752. RocketCert offers exceptional training materials to ensure our customers are ready to sit for their exams and pass in their first attempt. When contractors complete their training, they can print their certificate while we contact the state board on the next business day.

Necessary exams to take

When contractors are done with their training, they can select a suitable time to sit for the tests approved by the board. However, they must meet other pre-approval requirements.

Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Topics covered

  • Workplace safety
  • Wiring techniques
  • Trimming and finishing wiring
  • Rough wiring
  • Troubleshooting, startup, and maintenance
  • Business law exam
  • License requirements
  • Business finance
  • Business organization

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Contract execution and requirements

Liens, insurance, and bonds

Public works

How to pass the exams

The state offers the tests in a closed book format. Our exam prep packages offer the best training equipping our contractors to pass their tests. The following items are included in our exam prep package.

1-year unlimited access to our materials with the option of extending for $69

Resourceful lecturers in video formats made by the best experts

Collection of test exams available both in online and printed formats

Exam manuals covering CAL regulations, estimation, basic maths principles, and other specific tops coved in the main exam.

Why you should work with RocketCert

The key reason you should work with us is that we are reliable and resourceful. We have a customer care team ready to respond to all your questions timely. Besides, our packages are backed by the no pass no pay rule. Finally, our pricing module is the best in the industry and if you get a better offer, we are ready to slash our pricing by a further 20%.

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