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4 Ways Miami SEO Services Can Improve Your eCommerce Shop

For businesses located in the Miami area, formulating an effective digital marketing strategy is absolutely essential. How you approach your marketing may determine how successful your business will be, especially over the long run.

Miami SEO Services can potentially improve your business by helping to get you more traffic and by boosting your brand awareness as well. In fact, a properly managed search engine optimization campaign can have a dramatic impact on several key areas of your online store that you should be aware of. For Miami businesses wanting to make an impact and stand out from everyone else, the following points are definitely something you should take into consideration.

More Visibility in Your Area

The first major benefit of Miami SEO is that you will become more visible in your local market. While this might not be a big deal in some areas of the country, Miami is a different story. This is one of the biggest eCommerce markets in the country, with thousands of businesses all vying for the same crop of customers.

In such a space, visibility is everything. If no one notices your business or can see you appear in search results online, you might as well be invisible. This can be a huge problem for online stores, that only a well-thought-out marketing campaign can typically rectify.

Consistent Traffic

Another one of the great benefits that come with an eCommerce SEO campaign is the consistent traffic that comes with it. As your visibility increases, your traffic numbers are naturally going to go up as well, and this is one of the keys to succeeding in any online space.

Think of your website visitors or traffic numbers as the foot traffic you would be striving to get as a brick-and-mortar store. A steady stream of traffic means a greater chance of people actually buying products. On the whole, you want to strive for highly targeted, locally generated traffic that is specifically interested in the products that you offer. This can best be achieved through a calculated Miami SEO strategy implemented by a skilled marketing agency.

Increased Brand Awareness

In a crowded market, your brand holds a lot of weight. It’s your brand image that customers are going to connect with and remember.

An effective marketing campaign should help to improve brand awareness, as your business will be appearing in more local listings, map results, and search terms in your area. Whenever someone searches for “Miami” and your products, you want your brand name or business to come up. That’s the goal of a local SEO campaign.

Up Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Finally, you can’t talk about digital marketing or SEO without sales. Eventually, through an ongoing Miami SEO strategy that has been carefully laid out and managed correctly, your business should see an increase in organic conversions.

Getting more conversions is of course one of the most important goals of an eCommerce store, and SEO is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. If your Miami business is struggling in any of these areas or if you simply want to sell more products in your niche, a smart marketing campaign is the best solution.

If you want your SEO handled properly, you need a marketing agency that understands the Miami area and that has experience with this market specifically. Not only that, the agency should also have an extensive background in eCommerce digital marketing that covers everything from PPC to social media marketing as well. If this is what you want for your business, 1Digital® is the right SEO company for you. Give their experts a call at 888-982-8269.

Grocery Receipt Scanning Apps That Make You Earn Little Money

Grocery is one of the significant variable expenses. Even if you are trying to be on a tight budget, it is not easy to cut back on groceries. Of course, you need it to feed yourself, and you will have to pay for what you have been asked for.

Much as you remove some of the items from your grocery list, it will still cost you a fortune. Thankfully, there are ways to offset the cost. Various grocery receipt apps allow you to get money back into your pocket. It is essential to choose a scanning app carefully because not all may be suitable for your goal.

Of course, you need bread, butter, milk-like items, and you cannot remove them completely. This is when grocery receipts scanning apps come in handy. With these apps, you can get cash rewards on certain food items. Here are some grocery receipt scanning apps that can help you get some rewards and cashback.

How do receipts scanning apps work?

You may think that these grocery receipt scanning apps are a scam, but that is not so. These apps will allow you to scan grocery receipts and earn some cash back. You will search for offers by your favourite brands and upload the receipts to prove them you have bought those items.

Within a period of two days, you will get the cashback. However, note that the cashback can be in the form of either cash or a gift card. It depends on the type of app you are using.

Some apps can allow you to buy from only a couple of retailers, while the others can offer you only points that you can redeem anytime. Make sure that you have understood how a particular app works.

Grocery receipt scanning apps

Now you have got to know how grocery receipt scanning apps work. Here is a list of the best apps you can use.

  • Fetch Rewards

This is the most popular grocery receipt scanning app. It has a five-star rating. Collated data has revealed that over 600 million receipts have been scanned for rewards.

The app guarantees that you will score points every time you upload a receipt. Unlike other scanning apps, you can earn rewards and cashback on any purchased item with Fetch. This is what gives Fetch an edge on the competition.

Points you score after uploading the receipt can be redeemed at any store. All you need to do is to snap a receipt. You can earn special offers ranging from gift cards to cashback.

Apart from grocery stores, you can earn points at restaurants and gas stations. If you have a digital receipt, you will have to link your email account to earn points. This app has a feature of joint programme loyalty that allows you to earn exclusive offers.

  • Ibotta

Whether it is groceries, apparel, online shopping or travel, you can get cashback on anything if you use the Ibotta app. You can even earn $20 as your welcome bonus.

If you are not interested in getting rewards in points and coupons, this app is perfect for you because you will get only cash. All you need to do is to download the app and sign up for the account.

You can earn cash on any products bought from your favourite retailers. You will get cashback immediately as the order is confirmed.

The best part of this app is that you do not just get benefits on groceries but on anything, whether you are planning a trip or looking to upgrade your wardrobe.

  • Shopkick

Like Ibotta, you can get rewards in-store and online. You can get a free gift card in just one week. Getting rewards on in-store shopping is very convenient with this app.

You need to simply visit a store, scan the product barcodes you want to buy, offer the benefit, and get rewarded.

Likewise, if you love online shopping, you can also learn about new products through the app. Shopkick is the best app to allow you to gain rewards for both in-store and online shopping.

  • Checkout 51

This app can allow you to earn cash back on gas and grocery receipts. You can save a lot of money at over 5,000 gas stations participating in these benefit programmes. However, this feature is yet to be released for Canadians.

It is not just gas and groceries because apart from that, you can add everyday items and save money through great offers and deals. You can go to the store anytime and buy things listed in the offer.

Once you have made a purchase, you need to upload your receipt to earn a significant amount of cash. You are free to buy products from any stores, including P&G, Unilever, Nestle, CVS Health, and the like.

  • com

The best part of this app is that there is no sort of thing like minimum payout. Whenever you shop, you can get your money even if it is too little.

Other receipt scanning apps allow you to upload receipts after the purchase to claim your cashback, but this app also provides you with an additional feature, and that is, you can link your store loyalty cards.

This is the best way to get cashback if you do not want to manage receipts. If you are using receipts, make sure that it is legible and mention the retailer name. Make sure that the item listed in your receipt has the offer activated before your purchase.

The final word

Grocery receipt scanning apps are a great way to help you get cashback. Many of you living on a tight budget can save money in it. It is expensive to buy groceries, and most of you end up taking out installment loans for bad credit to fund it.

You do not have to rely on loans to fund groceries when you are on a tight budget because the apps mentioned above can help you save a lot of money in rewards.

How to Print a Perfect Business Card?

A business card is a printed, credit card-sized paper holding business information such as name, address, brand logo, and contact details. In printing services, business card printing is a part of their services. It identifies a person’s relation with the business given to a potential customer or client and serves the purpose of business marketing.

Business cards are always necessary in the professional world and can bring new opportunities for you. There are different types of business cards, and each style has its advantages in accordance with your needs.

  • Standard business card
  • Premium business card
  • Wild format business card
  • Exclusive business card
  • Social business card

Importance of Business Card Printing

Here are some reasons why a business card is still important and has a place in this digital world.

1. Marketing and promotional tool

Business cards are crucial marketing tools that win many new customers when utilized in the right way. They can be an effective form of marketing your product and service and improves the company’s legitimacy if the card stands out.

2. First impression of your brand

A business card’s design should be unique and impactful so potential clients will remember you and your product. Right placement of the company’s logo, paper quality, and good use of fonts and colors in business card printing will determine your ability to create a great first impression on the customers.

3. Portable and cost-effective

Business cards are portable as you can keep them in your pockets at all times wherever you go. They are relatively inexpensive that makes them an effective promotional tool for small businesses on a tight budget.

4. Builds your brand

Business card printing helps you in establishing your brand to make your company easily identifiable. For instance, you can reinforce your brand with the viewers of cards by adding the company’s logo and advertising slogan on the card. The company’s logo displays your brand’s personality, and the fonts, texture, color, and paper stock also conveys a message about the type of company represented.

5. Distinguishes you from competition

It is almost given that customers get various business cards from your competitors. A perfectly designed business card helps your company in standing out among the crowd. A concise, direct and, a visual card showing your company’s identity is often an effective way to differentiate you from the competitors. Investing in marketing is also essential to make your company stand out.

7 tips for designing a business card

In networking, nothing is more necessary than a well-maintained business card. A business card printing is crucial for introducing yourself to potential clients, whether you have a local business or work involving meeting new people. The first impression is based on your business card, so your design should be wow. Once, having a good idea of the logo, brand color scheme, and what you want your card to say about you, you can follow the five steps given below.

1. Know the fundamentals of design

Before applying your knowledge of design fundamentals, ensure you have all the contact details that your customers need for their business cards.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • More Ways to stay in touch

When all the principles and design elements are concerned, you need to balance all the given information. The visual and text hierarch has a vital role in creating a successful business card.

2. Choose card material

Think about the card material you are designing on. Along with shape and form, the thickness of the card is essential to feature your design. By focusing on the physical attributes of the card, you can make your brand stronger. During the design stage, consider colors, paper choice, and optional extras like gold leafing or embossing. Hence, the more you customize the materials (texture, size, etc.), the more expensive your production will be.

3. Add a striking logo image

Logos are a great way to show off your brand’s personality, product, and service. An image or logo is the core of your business card that differentiates you from other competitors. It is a visual communication tool and portrays a positive, stable, reliable, and professional business. You can use strong visual imagery to seize client’s attention and make your business remarkable.

4. Don’t forget typography

Typography expresses you and elaborates your brand personality. For example, fonts help your brand appear masculine, feminine, and other design concepts. In a business card, the font should be harmonious with your brand image. To make a business card professional and easily readable, keep your font type very basic. Ensure that your typeface is legible and the font is large enough to understand for people. You can use a clear and simple serif or sans serif typeface.

5. Print your business card design

After placing all the elements accurately, reevaluate your design to ensure everything works. You can always optimize the visual flows by changing the size and location of the elements. During business card printing, don’t forget to print it with bleed. Bleed printing goes beyond the edge of design. Printing is never 100% perfect; that is why bleed is important for creating business cards.

How to choose the best plasma cutter?

Choosing the best plasma cutter :

If you are a metal cutting worker or metal cutting hobbyist then you should know the value of a Plasma cutter. So there are many plasma cutters available but you need to purchase the Best plasma cutter for your work or for yourself so that you can make the best plasma cutting works successfully, even you are a hobbyist then also you need to purchase the best one so that you can make your metal art smoothly thus we created this list of ten best plasma cutters available in the market with detailed review and buyers guide so that you can get the best plasma cutting tool for yourself.

Even if you are a fresher, means if you are planning to go for a plasma cutter and want to start any metal arts or want to start working as full-time plasma cutter then also this guide is going to help you on how to purchase the best one.

Now let’s look on the point to look before you are going to purchase a great Plasma cutter for yourself

Cutting speed performance :

One must check the cutting speed of plasma cutter before purchasing one, the fast the cutting speed is the more thick quality material. now there are many quality written on the specs of a plasma cutter they are i.e, rated cut, quality cut and sever cut.

rated cut will cut out mild to medium, thickness material smoothly with maximum cutting speed. So while you cut mild thick metals then this would be perfect cutting for you.

Quality cut, now this cut quality will cut thick metals in a much longer period time, and will also give good quality cut. But the speed will slow it will take longer time.

Sever cut, on the other hand cut very thick metals smoothly with a very slow cutting speed. This cutting will also give you not so good quality cut. You would required to clean up after the cutting is done.

Compressor :

Now, compressor in the integral part of a plasma cutter. There generally comes two types of compressor one is nitrogen compressor and another is normal air compressor.

For cutting thicker materials you need to have Nitrogen compressor, the main disadvantage of this compressor is that you need to also carry a seprate compressor with you.

Whereas air compressor is integrated with plasma cutter thus does not required separate compressor to carry around. Which is more portable.

Control Panel :

This point is specially important for novice or first time users, while you are purchasing your first plasma cutting tool in 2021 then you should go by checking the plasma cutter tool tha have easy to read and understand guide so that you can easily operate the plasma cutter.

Now for advanced user as you already know much, you don’t required such guidance.

Power Supply :

All plasma cutters requires some kind of power supply, and there is always option for connecting power supply to the plasma cutting unit. but few plasma cutters comes with built in inverter.,

now the main facility being built in inverter is that you don’t need to always connect power supply separately and while you are working in remote area where power supply cannot be possible there comes this types of unit very handy.

The major advantage of this type of plasma cutters is that they are very costly though if your works required this type of plasma cutter, then you need to buy this thus we are letting you know that this type of plasma cutters are also available.

Portability :

Portability, this point is also not for the majority of plasma cutting tool users, Because not everyone requires to move it around. If you have a welding shop or you are a hobbyist then a standalone plasma cutter can do your job. But if you need to always move around with your plasma cutter then you need to choose plasma cutters that are portable.

By the way, in today’s era, there are a bunch of manufacturers offering portable plasma cutters so you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily find anywhere, yes obviously it is available online.

Wrapping up :

These are the few points while you are going to purchase a new plasma cutter that you should look at before. For novice or first time users, you need to take special care on price and on usability, and the control panel.

Now there is nothing that only high priced plasma cutters have the power to be good or else the plasma cutter tool will not be good.

Yes, there is only one thing that if you purchase a high priced plasma cutter then they will offer you much more longevity which you would not get from a cheaper plasma cutter. though as a first time user if you want to save your pocket then you can definitely go for a lesser priced one as you just need to set your hand first time.

For a more detailed review of the ten best plasma cutters, you need to visit here you can find a detailed, researched in-depth review of many products which you required for your daily work life even if you are hobbyist.

How do I accomplish my assignment? | How to Make a Good Assignment

In the event that you are perusing this post, you have no doubt experienced a great deal of difficulty composing your assignment. It is safe to say that we are right? Besides, you ought to know that college composing varies essentially from that of secondary schools. As you progress through your examinations, the circumstances get more unpredictable, and the assignments become more troublesome. The anxiety of the unforeseen is the fundamental explanation that few understudies discover tasks troublesome. On the off chance that you give your psyche awful sentiments about tasks, the task will mirror those sentiments in the paper. Like, Online Business Assignment Help is a serious discussion on the web. They will help you with Java analysis. You should trust in yourself to compose a fantastic task, and you should peruse this blog to gain proficiency with the best tips about how to do a task rapidly.

Attributes Of A Good Assignment

Elegantly composed errands ought not arise anyplace; they need the support of a task composing administration. We’ll go through the means of task composing and some accommodating task composing tips that you can use with your own work.

The motivation behind the task is precisely deciphered in a fruitful task.

Maybe than simply recreating realities from the topic, presents a thoroughly examined legitimization and line of rationale.

Thinks about the subject in sufficient detail, upheld by proof of broad investigation.

Shows cognizance of center thoughts, theories, and ideas by incorporating them into the discussion.

Keeps up accentuation while staying relevant to the issue.

Obviously pass on thoughts; forestall off base or awkward phrasing, just as elocution, articulation, and punctuation botches.

Gives unique source data in the fundamental referring to organize.

Keeps the word check inside the word cap without going excessively far above or under.

Shows interest in and enthusiasm for the subject.

To compose a task that satisfies all the above standards, you should carry out the accompanying task composing tips.

Tips To Write An Assignment

Any sort of task ought to be composed with the full concentration and earnestness you can. Any understudy can do this; the lone thing they need amazing direction. Underneath we have given a couple of steps that each understudy should continue to compose an astounding task and furthermore Essay Writing Help.

Deal with your time appropriately:

The principal thing you can do is plan the time you’ll have to finish your task. This period ought to be without any remaining errands, like chatting on the web, resting, or accomplishing something that you like. Sports, TV shows, and informal communication stages are a couple of instances of likely interruptions. In the event that you put off doing the work as late as possible and, invested your energy watching YouTube, the shots at delivering top notch work are low. You’ll be more worried about fulfilling the time constraint than with creating a quality undertaking. Our specialized procedure will help you plan your time.

Comprehend the inquiry:

Before you start composing your task, you should initially fathom the inquiry you should reply. You can just compose an effective task after you have a nitty gritty information on the point. Peruse the subject of the task in exactly the same words. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the importance of an articulation, find it in the Oxford Dictionary or some other definition word reference you need. Likewise, local English speakers, also unfamiliar understudies who have as of late started contemplating English, will profit with this technique for explanation. On the off chance that you can’t sort things out all alone, ask your companions, schoolmates, or the educator for help. Accept that you’re allocated the undertaking of composing a basic investigation of an insightful report. Search for terms like “examine the intricacy of the issue,” “think about the legitimacy of the content,” “judge the cases,” and comparable expressions. Give close consideration to all that adds to the task’s particularity.

See how checks are given:

Most understudies don’t consider how they’ll be reviewed as they compose a task. The paper appraisal guide is utilized by acceptable understudies to sort out the thing the educator is looking for prior to reviewing the task. This permits understudies to focus on the spaces that would get them the most focuses. Look at the standard paper evaluation structure and spotlight on the parts of your papers that are fragmented.

Discover solid data:

Begin looking for subtleties that can uphold you with your task after you’ve gotten a handle regarding the matter of how grades are given. You can discover solid material in books or on the Internet. Do you like to do anything on the web? You don’t have the opportunity to go to the school library? This is incredible! On the off chance that you follow the means underneath, you ought to have the option to look for some valuable realities.

Draft a blueprint:

Making a harsh blueprint for your task shows how genuine you are tied in with composing your task. This design shows that you are on the correct way to composing your task. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to draft a framework, check the pertinent diagram test.

Epson WF 3720 Printer

How to Setup Epson WF 3720 Printer Scanner

Epson scanners are designed in a way to serve multi-purpose tasks in a variety of workspaces. Epson WF 3720 Printer is the best for both the home office and work office, and they are the most reliable, low-maintenance brand on the market. We all have a great confusion an Epson printer in error state windows 10 but there are many ways to solve this problem. There are many benefits available in the Epson scanner. It is the leader in advanced technology, and they have the best design to work. Convenience plays a significant role in this printer.

How to Setup my Epson WF 3720 Printer

All the first-time users of the Epson 3720 printers will fund the installation as a challenging or perplexing task. Most of the process will include the cabling and executing of a few procedural setups.

  • Unbox the Epson printer and keep the accessories apart.
  • Now you should plug the cable into the power outlet and the other end into the printer’s rear.
  • After this, you should select the language, country, and time zone present on the printer’s screen. 
  • In the printer, insert the tray and touch fine on the monitor.
  • Control the printer with your computer.

How to set up Epson Printer wireless

  • In the process of Epson WF 3720 Printer Scanner, you have to make sure that your router is connected to the wireless network and your computer is connected in wireless form.
  • Unbox your Epson WF 3720 Scanner and remove all the packing materials.
  • Open the glass that is present in the scanner and remove all the packing material left inside.
  • The next step is to remove the yellow tape present in the cartridges and insert the cartridges into the cartridge holder according to the specified colour. 
  • Close the glass that is present in the scanner. 
  • Now you should connect the power card and next you have to switch on the scanner. 
  • Leave the Epson 3720 Scanner to install the ink and get ready to print. 
  • You should install the printer software on the computer by inserting the CD that is provided with the computer. 
  • Otherwise, you should install and download the Epson 3720 Scanner setup software on your computer. 
  • You should follow all the onscreen instructions to install the software.
  • You should select the wireless connection from the connection window.
  • Next, you should choose a setup printer for the first time and then click Next.
  • Next, click on the auto Wi-Fi connection and click the next option.
  • Your Epson 3720 Scanner will automatically connect to your computer through the wireless connection network when you follow the provided onscreen instructions.
  • If it is not connected, you should click on the opening screen and click next on it.
  • Next, you should fill in the entire SSID and network password and click next.
  • Go to Wi-Fi setup and in Wi-Fi setup wizard, give your SSID and your password and click ok.
  • If you completed all this, you should follow the onscreen instruction to complete the process.

How to solve Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10:

Epson printers are known for its class features, and it is widely used around the globe. You can get great options on this printer from small business to large it covers all. There are some instances that will lead to lots of errors, like the Epson printer in error state windows 10

Read further to fix the problem with a proper solution. Some common reasons cause the printer to be in an error stateand if you know the exact reason for your problem, you can fix it with the right solution. 

  • An issue is with the software.
  • The problem is hardware.
  • The device is not getting the power supply.
  • Stuck of paper.
  • Fixing wrong ink cartridges. 
  • Wrong drivers or corrupt. 
  • Drives of outdated version.

To fix all the above errors, you can follow some of the solutions mentioned below.

  • Check all your connections.
  • Reinstall the drive.
  • Update the drive.
  • Windows troubleshooter.
  • If all the above does not work, you can call customer service to seek help. 

All the Epson WF 3720 Printerscanners will go into a low-power standby mode when not in use. All these benefits will help you to pick an Epson scanner. The above mentions are some of the possible reasons to make the Epson printer in error state windows 10. 

mobile covers


When it comes to mobiles, India is one of the biggest markets for smartphones. Smartphones are filled with a plethora of features. You can clearly observe the latest and greatest smartphone launches from big companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Realme, and many more. These brands from time to time launch a tsunami of features whether it be the specifications, features, or price.  

The latest mobile phones have evolved and embarked their way into the revolution of the market. There are tons of smartphones launching, therefore many times it becomes difficult to have a track of a good smartphone with a superb feature that too at an affordable price. 

There are some mobile phones that are not only budget-friendly but also their model comes with an array of exciting features and technological upgrades.  

If you are considering buying the latest mobile phone that can cover all the latest specifications but still fit your budgetary requirements. Then you are on the right path. We have concise some latest mobile phones that you can choose based on reviews and ratings.  

Let’s have a look at some of the pocket-friendly latest mobiles. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10:  It has an impressive screen size of 6.43 inches (16.33 cm) bezel-less display with a punch-hole in it. The display is Super AMOLED type and offers a screen resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels along with a pixel density of 409ppi that ensures the high definition display.  

For more information about Gadgets visit here – List of Online Stores Providing High Quality PC Products online in UK at Best Prices

The camera setup for this mobile has a Quad setup with a 48MP f/1.79 primary camera. 

Performance and battery: If you monitor the performance of the device that is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 chipset, rests over an Octa-core (2.2GHz, Dual-core, Kryo 460 + 1.7GHz, Hexa-Core, Kryo 460) processor. Apart from that phone gets 4 GB RAM and an Adreno 612 GPU to ensure premium performance and ensures a seamless user experience. 

Storage and Connectivity: The XIAOMI smartphone gets an internal storage capacity of 64GB that is capable of further extension of up to 512GB. It operates on the Android v11 operating system customed with MIUI.

Under a price range of 12,499. This mobile is a great steal. You can easily find the latest Xiaomi phones on Flipkart. And, to save more money on the latest deals with mobiles, you can use the Flipkart coupon code that you can get from Couponscurry. 

Realme 8 Pro: This smartphone comes under a range of 17,499. It is a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display phone with an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. Realme8 Pro smartphone gets a bezel-less punch-hole display loaded with a pixel density of 411PPI. The mobile features a quad camera on the backside comprising a 108 MP Primary Camera, an 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, a 2MP Macro Lens, and a 2MP, depth camera along the side of LED flash. 

Performance and Battery: Realme 8 Pro comes with 6GB RAM along with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset. The Octa-core processor comprising Kryo 470 Dual-core and Hexa Core functions at the speed of about 2.2GHz and 1.8GHz is amazing. The smartphone is equipped with a 4500mAh Li-ion-type battery that charges up the phone. There is a non-replaceable cell that is compatible with 65 W super dart charging technology. 

Storage and Connectivity: Realme 8 Pro comprises 128GB internal storage that can expand up to 256GB. This device has various connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB charging, A-GPS, Bluetooth v5.0, Mobile Hotspot, USB Type-C apart from 4G VoLTE. 

One Plus 9R: It comes with a 6.65-inch AMOLED type display that carries a refresh rate of 90Hz and an aspect ratio of 20:9 with itself. One plus is known for its camera, that is why it has a 48 MP Primary Camera supported by a 16MP Camera, an 8MP Camera, and another 2MP Camera gets placed on the backside. The camera can autofocus and has LED Flash, Exposure compensation, HDR mode, Continuous Shooting, Auto Flash, Face detection-like features. The front camera is 32MP and is perfect for clicking stunning selfies. 

Performance and Battery: This smartphone derives its operating energy from a 4,500mAh Li-Polymer battery. The design by Oneplus is compatible with a 33W fast charging technology and non-replaceable by nature. 

This smartphone sells under a range of 39,999 INR, but you can get a huge discount if you buy this smartphone via TataCliq promotional codes

Storage and Connectivity: The one plus 9R is provided with a 128GB internal storage that is non-expandable and if you look at the connectivity aspect then the smartphone has various features like Mobile Hotspot, 5G and 4 G VoLTE network, Type-C USB charging, Bluetooth v5.1, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, etc.

Rakhi Myths & Legends

The Associated Myths & Legends of Rakhi

Rakhi Thali

About Rakhi Festival

Rakhi is an ancient Indian festival that is being celebrated since the time immemorial. There are many myths and legends associated with Rakhi. We look forward to it as it is a time when the entire family gets down to have a fun filled day. The day is comprises of rituals which we follow in order to keep us up to the day with traditions.

Rakhi is time when the brothers and sisters have a nice day. The sisters tie rakhi around the wrist of their brothers and brothers showers them with gifts. If you are away from your dear brother, then you can now send rakhi to India. And if it is your sister who is awaiting you on the auspicious occasion of rakhi, then you can send rakhi gifts to India and make your presence felt, even you are miles away. Distances are no longer a thing of concern when your loved ones are happy and they remember you on the important occasion.

Myths & Legends around the festival of Rakhi

There are various myths and legends associated with Rakhi. I will show you the different myths associated with this festival

Myth about Sea God Varuna

According to one such concept, Rakhi is the means to worship the sea-god Varuna. Hence, we offer coconut to Varuna during this time in the western part of India. Here, the festival of Rakhi is becomes “Nariyal Poornima“. In other parts of India, we also call it “Rakhi Poornima” as we celebrate it on the day of the full moon of the Shravan month of the Hindu calender.

Rakhi Myth surrounding Yama

There is also another myth regarding this beautiful festival. According to another popular folklore, Yamuna observed Rakhi and its rituals for her brother Yama. This tradition is alive even in the 21st century when loved ones are far apart from each other by letting brothers and sisters send rakhi gifts to India on the special occasion of Rakhi.

Rakhi Myth surrounding Lord Indra

In the mythology, Guru Brihaspati suggested Lord Indra to wear a Rakhi on the the auspicious day of Shravan poornima to achieve success against the demons. Lord Indra eventually succeeded. Thus, rakhi also signifies the triumph of the good over the evil.

Legend of Rakhi in Mahabharata

Even in the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata, we find Krishna saving Draupadi’s honour against Kauravas like a brother as she treated him like her own. India’s rich cultural heritage played a significant role in shaping the traditions and Rakhi signifies that only.


Shishupal is Lord Krishna’s first cousin. Insolence is one of his characteristic. His energy was diametrically opposite to that of Krishna’s divine ways. The day after Yudhistara is crowned as the King of Indraprastha, it is decided that for the ensuing ceremonies Lord Krishna will be the chief guest.

Shishupala, who together with some of the greatest Kings of the time was also in court, challenged this. He was incensed with the idea of Krishna being the Chief Guest. Enraged he began character assassinating Krishna. He hurled expletives at Krishna and tried to demean him by calling him the cowherd who was not fit to be a Chief Guest. He arrogantly questioned the choice of Krishna as the Chief Guest when some of the greatest Kings of the land were in Court. Hearing this Bheema the second Pandav brother was furious. Younger brother Arjuna is similarly enraged. Bheeshma – the grand sire of the Pandav house, was aghast.

How Lord Krishna Warned Shishupal

But Krishna forbade them to intervene. He calmly let Shishupala know that he was counting his transgressions as he had promised Shishupala’s mother (Krishna’s Aunt) that he would forgive a hundred of the former’s wrong doings. But as soon as that number was crossed Shishupala would be punished. Accordingly when he crossed a hundred misdeeds Krishna unleashed his discus (the Sudarshan Chakra) at him which severed his head.

As the discus returned to Lord Krishna it cut his finger. While everyone in court was stupefied, Darupadi the Pandav Queen instantly rushed up to Lord Krishna, tore a strip from her sari and tied it around Krishna’s bleeding finger. 
Krishna looked at her with utmost divine love promising her that he would honour each thread of her sari strip.

In time to come, when Draupadi’s shameful disrobing was attempted by her in-laws and she turned her entire attention to Krishna, it was He who made her robe unending. The Rakshabandhan that Draupadi tied became her divine armour. Grace became her divine protection. 

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How to Check Hard Drive Space on Windows 7 PC?

  • Microsoft has historically recommended that you leave at least 100 MB of free space on any drive where Windows is installed to avoid problems. However, since we see problems at levels higher than 100MB, we always recommend 10% free space.

Are you still using Windows 7? Do you want to know how to check hard drive space Windows 7? When your PC slows down, you may wonder whether the problem is caused by low disk space and then you want to check hard drive space.

Actually, we should pay attention to hard drive space usage indeed when using PCs, because insufficient hard drive space will cause many PC issues like system crashes, slow system, program crashes, etc. Then, how to check hard drive space Windows 7? You can refer to the following methods.

Check Hard Drive Space Windows 7 via Windows Explorer

  • Click Windows Explorer icon on the Taskbar or click My Computer icon on the desktop.
  • Highlight Computer and then you can see the total size of each drive and how much space is left in each drive.
  • If you want to see more detailed information about the usage of a drive, you can then right-click on the drive and choose Properties. Then, you will get a window showing you not only the size of used space, the size of free space, and the total capacity, but also the file system and a pie graph about used vs free space on the drive.

Check Hard Drive Space Windows 7 via Disk Management

This method will not tell you the used space and free space. It only gives you a disk partition layout. Through this layout, you can see whether there is unallocated space or a partition without drive letter.

Usually, these spaces will not appear on PC and therefore you can’t use them. To some extent, these spaces are free spaces. If your PC lacks free space, you can use them by creating a partition on the unallocated space or assigning drive letter to the partition.

  • Click the Start icon and type “computer management” in the search box.
  • From the result list, click Computer Management program to open it.
  • In the tool, go to Storage > Disk Management. You will see whether there is unallocated space and partition that have no drive letter.

If there is unallocated space, you can right-click on it and choose New Simple Volume to create a new partition. Of course, if there is a partition before the unallocated space, you can right-click the partition and choose Extend Volume to merge the unallocated space into the partition.

If there is a partition without drive letter, you can right-click on it and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths > click Add button to assign a drive letter to it.

Check Hard Drive Space Windows 7 via Commands

Like the first method, this method only displays the total size and free space of a partition that haves a drive letter. It doesn’t display those hidden partitions or space. Here is the guide:

  • Press “Windows + R” keys simultaneously to open Run box.
  • In the Run box, type “cmd” and press Enter to open Command Prompt window.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type command “wmic logicaldisk get size,freespace,caption” and press Enter. You will get an output showing each drive’s free space size and total capacity size.

How to Add More Space to Hard Drive

If you find your hard drive doesn’t have enough space, you can use the following methods to get more space.

1. Add a second hard drive or upgrade to a larger hard drive.

This method is the most effective way to get more space. If you have an idle hard drive bay, you can add a second hard drive to your PC. If you have only one hard drive bay, you can buy a larger hard drive and use it to replace the old one.

2. Free up disk space.

If you don’t want to spend money to buy a new hard drive, you can try this method. To free up disk space, you can do as follows:

If you don’t know how to perform the above methods, you can refer to the original text: Check Hard Drive Space and Free up Space Windows 7. In addition, this post will offer more method to you.

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Windows 10

How to resolve Disk Management is not opening in Windows 10

Disk Management not opening error occurs when some of its files get corrupted. These files get damaged due to malware infection or runtime error. The disk management shows an error when some of the apps are taking lots of time and your disk is not working correctly. When the disk management is not opening on your device; check for the possible reasons and solutions. 

Restart the device and try again

When the disk management is not opening; try restarting the device. When a runtime error appears, some of the functions stop working. You can try restarting the device as it will fix the runtime issues. Whenever the windows error appears, you should try restarting the device. Close the running apps and hit the restart. Again try to open Disk management.

  1. Open Windows search bar and type Computer Management
  2. Hit on the Computer Management option
  3. Click on the Run as Admin option
  4. Go to Computer Management 
  5. Tap on Storage and hit on Disk Management
  6. If the disk management is still not opening then try other solutions for troubleshooting disk error.

Initialize a new disk 

You can face a disk error when it doesn’t have a valid signature. This occurs when it has not formatted or initialized. You can troubleshoot the error by initializing a new disk. Go to the Disk Management and check the Status. If it shows offline then hit on the Online button. When you see the partition system then try to edit the name of the drive  manually. If you don’t see the partition then choose the Format option. It will delete all existing data from your disk. Some users face this error on an external disk. Eject the disk and then reconnect it. Now choose the action button and select the Rescan disks option. Also, check the cable you are using for connecting the disk and system. Use a good cable for connecting the disk.

Scan the disk

The error while opening the disk management or checking the dynamic disk’s status appears due to any hardware failure or I/O error. You can face these issues when some system files get damaged. Go to your device and scan the device for corrupted files. If you know which file is corrupted then open it and repair it manually. You can use the system file checker program for scanning the corrupted files on the system. Open the device and now you run the sfc/scannow command. If the device has any corrupted files then it will get repaired. Now check the disk status of the system.

Try to add a disk to your system

You can get the foreign status error if you transfer the dynamic disk to the local system. Some users get the error 0xc00000e9 when the data on the dynamic disk gets lost. When you see the foreign status; try adding the disk to your system and import the foreign disk. You can inspect all data in the import folder.

Run the malware scan

The disk management error can occur due to malware infection. When you click on the file, viruses interrupt the functions and disk management will not open. You can fix the disk management error on the device by running a malware scan. You can use free antivirus but they can’t remove all viruses from the system. Go for a premium antivirus that can remove all the viruses. You should run the full scan and then try to open the disk management.

Try to change the status

While running the device, if you are getting offline status on a dynamic disk then try to fix the error by switching the status. You will get the Offline status and the disk name will be missing. The user has to repair the disk and check for any cable problems. You can also run the reactivate command for keeping the disk online. 

Clean the junk from the system

Several junk files can also interrupt disk management. When your disk is not opening on a Windows device then check all the junk on the system. Firstly, delete all the Windows temp files. Now, open the command screen and run the cleanmgr. When you get the list, choose all files and tap on the OK button. Restart the PC and now run the disk management.