Getting Started with Microsoft Intune: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a helpful tool for managing mobile devices and apps on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. It is based on the cloud saving organizations money by avoiding on-premises infrastructure. With Microsoft Intune, you can manage devices remotely and flexibly.

It is important to take Intune training to understand its features, performance, and integration with Microsoft 365. Microsoft Intune helps manage your devices and applications to protect your data and resources from misuse or loss. This means you have to set up rules and policies, separate personal data from organizational data, and manage who has access to what resources. For instance, with Microsoft Intune, you can stop people from emailing outside your company. 

Why use Microsoft Intune?

The following points outline the reasons for using Microsoft Intune:

  • Microsoft Intune caters to a diverse range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS.
  • Your organizational data will be safe and under control on any device, like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

  • You can remotely deploy applications to devices and control who accesses them.
  • Microsoft Intune enables the creation of policies and rules to regulate the handling of data on devices.
  • You can ensure your devices and apps follow your organization’s security guidelines.

Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune manages personal and company-owned devices. By enrolling your devices, you can protect them by setting up VPN connections, PINs, passwords, and threat protection. However, users may not want Microsoft Intune to control their mobile devices fully. To address this concern, Microsoft Intune provides users with separate access to resources based on their personal and professional credentials. It guarantees that access to applications and data is conducted securely.

In what way does Microsoft Intune MDM protect data and devices? 

Configuration Policies: These policies enable you to adjust your devices’ profiles and settings. This means you can use them to configure device protection, update settings, set up authentication certificates, and more. In short, these policies allow easy device configuration.

Device Compliance Policies: These policies allow you to create device requirements for various platforms, considering factors like operating system versions and encrypted disks. You can also manage security settings like OS updates, VPNs, and device baseline security.

Mobile Application Management with Microsoft Intune

MAM safeguards custom and stores apps’ data, whether on personal or company-owned devices. It allows admins to assign apps to user and device groups and even specific groups. MAM also allows app settings and updates configuration. Additionally, it enables tracking user access to applications through reports.

In what way does Microsoft Intune MAM protect apps?

Microsoft Intune uses App Protection policies to secure apps by controlling access to them. Enroll devices offer additional protection under these policies. Users granted access to their devices by their organization will have access to the organization’s resources. However, if they sign in with their credentials, organizational resources will not be accessible.

Microsoft Intune has a feature called Microsoft Intune Managed Apps. This includes apps integrated with the App SDK or Microsoft Intune App Wrapping Tool. Microsoft Intune app protection policies control these apps and allow access to only corporate data. This helps prevent the leakage of data and ensures data security within the organization. It is important to note that Managed Apps don’t affect user data or open-source certification, as they only handle organizational data.

The advantages of Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune provides many open source training advantages, ranging from device inventory to data-wiping capabilities. Here are some of them:

  • With Microsoft Intune, you can keep track of all mobile devices enrolled in the program. You can also manage access to data and resources on those devices.
  • You can easily install and remove devices.
  • You can erase data and prevent unauthorized access to lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices can receive updates no matter what platform they’re on.
  • You can set up devices to meet specific security requirements.
  • You can secure access to Wi-Fi, VPN networks, and emails by pushing certificates to devices, ensuring their security.
  • You can gather reports on device and user compliance.
  • Microsoft Intune can monitor and manage devices from a single location.


Microsoft Intune is a powerful tool for managing IT resources, making it a great choice for organizations of all sizes. It simplifies IT environment management, making it easier to control. Microsoft Intune training will enable individuals to work efficiently with the tool and maintain resource security. It is an effective tool to extend work beyond office premises, allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime, while keeping everything secure.

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