Choosing a Baltimore Sign Company to accomplish a finished look

For office buildings and businesses that look incomplete without signage with their business names, you can now have some of the best-designed signages with any Baltimore sign company. Primarily used in lobbies or waiting rooms of office buildings, these signs are often made of wood, metal, or acrylic. These signages not only inform customers and on-site visitors about your business and what you offer, but it is also an excellent way to cover up bland and blank walls with useful information.

Using futile artworks to cover up blank walls not only takes away the professionalism of your company but is also often distracting. Instead of using artwork that does not reflect your business, you can now install professional-looking signages. 

Baltimore Sign Company mostly uses acrylic as the base material to prepare signage in your building lobby, reception area, or way finding signs. It is because acrylic looks like glass and gives a clean look to the signs. Using CNC and laser cutting technology also makes it easier to write letters or create acrylic signs. In addition, it gives the sign designers to cut with precision. 

How having a sign could be beneficial to your business?

As a business owner, you might wonder why your interior designer insists on having an acrylic sign in your lobby or reception area. Here are the reasons a Baltimore sign company could insist on installing a sign that could be beneficial to your business:

 Welcoming to the visitors: If the office building has multiple businesses, your first-time visitors might be confused about being in the right place. Having an acrylic lobby or reception sign would be both welcoming and confirming your business. Having signage instead of barren walls also makes them feel comfortable and makes your business look approachable.

 Displaying business motto: One of the most popular and easiest ways to display your business’s motto is by getting it designed on a display sign. You can also display your business logo, slogans, and mission so that it fits the signage. 

 Providing direction: If a building has multiple businesses spread across its different floors, acrylic wayfinding signage is a great way to display which business is located on what floor. The visitors would not be confused that way, and they will not get lost searching for their destination.

 Visual representation: With the right font, the right design, and suitable color, signage also provides a great visual to visitors and office guests. You can also choose to visually represent the cities/towns you serve, the types of services you provide (if you are a multi-faceted business), and all other necessary details. 

 Credibility: If you have won any accolades or awards, take this opportunity to display all the recognitions on your signage. This is a great way to claim your credibility and experience in a certain field without talking about hours on end. 

Why are acrylic signs becoming more popular?

Many interior designers often push businesses to use acrylic signs in the lobbies and reception areas. However, looking at its benefits, many new businesses are choosing acrylic as their medium to install signage, and other businesses with other mediums are transitioning to acrylic signage. 

The main reason acrylic signs are becoming popular are:

 Versatility: An acrylic sign is not limited to one or two types of business. Whether you are in a retail business, food service, restaurant, or showroom, you can customize your acrylic sign to suit your need. It provides you with a unique yet professional look for your business.

 3-D effect: With acrylic signs, you can easily give it a unique 3-D effect with a solid background behind it. Add some pastel LED lights behind it, and your sign looks comforting and eye-pleasing.

Matte-finish: If you want your sign not to reflect light from your office lighting, you can choose it to make it a matte finishing. It also makes your sign extremely well-put and easier to read the message/motto displayed. 

 Custom color: Do you want bold, bright, soft, or strong neutral colors? Whatever your requirements are, you can choose anything in the acrylic signs. It is also easy to create visual effects in acrylics using a mix and match of custom colors. 

Lightweight: Acrylic signs are lightweight compared to other materials of signs. Therefore, installing and uninstalling these signs whenever necessary is hassle-free. 

If you do not already have a sign for your business, choosing one is the right time. Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays is a veteran-owned leading Baltimore Sign company that deals in custom signs, providing exquisite and long-lasting business/office signs. 

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