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I: Preparation Time

To put IT simply, the spoto net CISA examincludes two parts: audit practice and information system. If you have a certain understanding of both parts, the recommended preparation time is 3 weeks. If you do not have a good understanding of IT, the recommended preparation time is at least 4 weeks. Master the audit knowledge required for the exam in 1-2 weeks. The above assumption requires 3-4 hours per day, with exceptions for special talents.

Tips: Longer preparation time, such as 2 months or more, is not recommended, with the exception of the amazing memory.

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II: Content Examination Preparation

This is related to the knowledge already mastered. If you do not have audit and it knowledge, the probability of passing by brushing questions is very small. It is recommended to read through the official teaching materials and supplement the examination knowledge points. The recommended teaching materials:

CISA Certification Study Guide (4th Edition) certified information system auditor, published by Tsinghua University Press.

Tips: the textbook suggests reading through rather than intensive reading. The main purpose is to understand the test content. It is to understand rather than remember. Of course, it is better to remember.

After knowing the test content, the next step is to brush the questions. There are many question banks open online. If you have enough time, it is recommended to brush more questions, but those without answers are not recommended to brush! If there is an English version, it is recommended to brush the English question bank first! The Chinese translation of some CISA topics is not very good, but most of them can be understood.

It is suggested to review all wrong questions before the exam.

III: Examination Skills

In the process of question brushing / examination, two options are generally excluded within 5 seconds, and the remaining two options hover between 40 ~ 60%. The following skills are assumed to be used under the condition of deception:

1) The use of words such as “often”, “common” or “rarely” introduces subjectivity. If any option is subjective, it is generally not the correct answer.

2) If two of these options are almost the same in language description, then one of them is likely to be the correct answer.

3) If you think two of these options are basically correct, you should choose a more comprehensive / global option.

4) When the answer is similar to “through appropriate XX control”, it is likely to be the correct answer, because there is no more accurate than appropriate.

5) When the keyword “all” appears in the answer, it is generally not the correct answer, because there are exceptions to everything.

IV: Other References

1) The specific examination time is not completely fixed. It is not a problem to arrive at the examination room in advance or late. If you arrive in advance, you can enter the examination in advance.

2) I haven’t heard of the case that the examination time is not enough. It is generally considered that it is normal to complete the examination within 2-3 hours, and the examination time is about 1 hour.

3) Because the test content is related to my usual work, I chose to brush questions instead of reading. The total number of questions is about 3-4k, and the final total score is 546.

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