Cisco certification

How many Cisco certifications are there?

If you are thinking to make your career in Cisco, then there are five levels of network certifications. These are architect, expert, professional, associate, and entry. The highest level of certification within the Cisco Career Certification program is CCNA. If you want to get more information, then you need to click for more. It is a reliable platform that provides easy to get information.

Exam Description

The 200-301 Cisco exam is a certification that is associated with the CCNA Industrial. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes and it contains 65 to 75 questions. It is designed to check the technology and the concepts related to the automated manufacturing environment. This is the certification of underlying support network infrastructure design to maximize efficiency within Industrial Ethernet and ProfiNET industrial protocols as well as Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). It can be prepared by taking the IMINS2 Course online. It is the best and most authentic way to enhance the skills in the Exam topics.

Exam topics

  1. Troubleshooting                                                                      20%
  2. Wireless                                                                                     10%
  3. Security                                                                                      12%
  4. Profinet Knowledge and Configuration                                  19%
  5. Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Knowledge and Configuration            19%
  6. IP Networking                                                                                                      20%

The Cisco Video Network Devices Exam contains 55-65 questions for solving in 75 minutes. It is designed for checking the knowledge of the candidates in the particular fields of the video networking devices for implementing several Cisco video endpoints in converged Cisco video infrastructures. It tests the ability for troubleshooting and implementing the Digital Media, TelePresence, and Cisco Unified Collaboration and Communication in different video architecture and solutions. The assessment is associated with the CCNA Collaboration qualification programs. This certification is held in English and associated with the CCNA Collaboration and Cisco Video Network Specialist.

Exam Topics of the Cisco

  1. Conferencing Concepts                                                               10%
  2. Troubleshooting and Support                                                     31%
  3. Endpoint Configuration                                                                32%

Video Concepts                     

How to prepare Exam?

 The majority of the students find this exam difficult because no outside references can be used here as well. It needs a minimum of 50% to clear the test. Taking online help for improving the skills of the candidates is beneficial for them. Here you can get the all exams resources in one place. It will help them to raise their skills and scores in the exams. The best aspect of online help for the preparation of the exams is that it can be availed everywhere and anytime according to your convenience. You can avail the question-answer module to prepare for the exam. It will help you in answering the question in the given time.

Follow the instructions

You can access SPOTO for brain dumps. Get Free ccna 200-301 exam questions from SPOTO. If you want to reap the full benefits of these brain dumps, then you need not put your mind to strains. Make sure you follow the instructions and everything will be fine. If you have some special preparation methods, then you need to consult with the faculty on the website. No doubt, this is 100% guaranteed study material.

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