Common technical problems of CCIE exam

What are the common technical problems in the CCIE exam? For example, the main function of the stub area, under what circumstances can it be configured? For example, under what circumstances will a loop occur? First, let’s do an answer to the stub area. Several types of LSAs are not allowed to pass through. The main function of the STUB area is to reduce the number of routing entries in the area. If the area is an area with ASBR, AREA0 cannot be configured as a stub area, and the stub area is not allowed TYPE-4TYEP-5TYPE-7 type LSA. Regarding loops, OSPF can ensure that there is no loop inside the AS. If OSPF wants to generate loops, it can only cause loops when they are introduced into each other. There is a bug in Cisco routers, and loops will occur in a special case. Related You can find cases in this regard on the Internet. Ospf is acyclic within as, but routes from other ass may cause loops.

There are many common technical problems in the CCIE exam.we will not repeat them here. Next, we will give you some suggestions on the CCIE exam process.

1. Make sure to arrive at the test site 15 to 20 minutes early. Arrive at the exam room 15 to 20 minutes early. You can use this time to stabilize and relax your mind, and you can also find the location of the bathroom.

2. Listen carefully to the examiner’s introduction to the exam and the test room environment. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the examiner clearly.

3. No matter which technical direction you take the exam, the first important thing to do before you start answering the question is: carefully read the “exam description” or “exam introduction”, which includes very important information, and can’t be ignored, must be careful read.

4. If you find that the console connection to a device is unsuccessful during the exam, please check carefully whether a connection to the device already exists, and be sure to understand the difference between the system console port and the VTY port. This can also be said to be a common technical problem in the CCIE exam.

5. In addition, you must keep in mind that some system functions need to be “disableandenable” for the corresponding service after the configuration is completed, for example, many CUCM functions in the voice test.

6. Learn to use the extended ping command. Cisco provides a wealth of ping command parameters. Whether it is in actual work or in exams, proficient use of various ping parameters is a necessary skill for a network engineer.

7. The requirements of the test questions are like the needs of our customers in our actual work. You must read them carefully. If you are asked to use the “specified” names and numbers in the questions, you must follow them and do not configure them at will.

The above are the common technical problems in the CCIE exam and the suggestions in the CCIE exam process. Items 4, 5, and 6 in the recommendations are also common technical problems in the CCIE exam. Candidates must pay attention to them. If you need to know more details, you can contact the teacher of SPOTO!

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