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Different Celebrities’ Approach To Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how celebrities can stay in shape? They certainly have access to more weight loss methods than the average Joe, but that doesn’t mean that they all approach weight loss the same way. Here is an overview of the various methods that celebrities have used to lose weight in the past.

The Basics: How Everyone Loses Weight

You’d think that the rapper with a net worth estimated to be around 12 million US dollars would resort to easier methods for weight loss, especially given his history of drug abuse. But, how did Gucci Mane lose weight? The natural way—by exercising and following a healthy diet. This is the basic advice that we’ve all known and heard countless times. Indeed, he had changed his entire lifestyle once he got out of prison in 2019. This wasn’t his first time behind bars, but this time he decided it was time for a complete overhaul of his old lifestyle. 

Weird Diets: The Sirtfood Diet

The young artist Adele is known for her beautiful voice, but she has always been criticized for her weight. While some praised her for staying overweight despite the increasing pressure to comfort to the standards of the industry, it seems that the pressure was too much to handle. Regarding her recent weight loss, she claims she started because she needed to keep up with her energy-taxing lifestyle as a singer. She claims to have lost weight using a new type of diet known as a sirtfood diet, that claims certain foods change your genes and make you more prone to being skinny. The results we’re awesome, so maybe there’s something to it?

When Traditional Methods Aren’t Enough: Body Sculpting

As we’ve previously mentioned, celebrities have access to weight loss methods that aren’t so easily accessible to the general public. Body sculpting is a weight loss enhancement method that helps melt down fats in target areas. Essentially, this is a way to spot treat problem areas of the body and get the figure you desire, but it is certainly expensive. The Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, and even Jennifer Aniston have admitted to paying for this procedure to keep their perfect figures. Because it is non-invasive (no surgery), this procedure is easy to do. However, keep in mind that body sculpting is limited in the amount of weight loss it can cause. You can’t expect results similar to liposuction or a lifestyle change. 

Surgical Methods: Liposuction

We’re all familiar with this cosmetic surgery, wherein a surgeon inserts a tube under the skin and sucks out the fat. So many celebrities have reportedly had some liposuction that it is practically normalized in Hollywood. Even athletic figures like Jane Fona and Dwayne Johnson have admitted to having some liposuction done to enhance their figure. This is an expensive procedure that comes with its own risks, and keep in mind that it doesn’t last forever. If it isn’t couples with a lifestyle change, most people gain weight again. 

Now that you know how celebrities lose weight, are you going to change your approach? 

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