Document Discussions: How Do I Sign a Document on My Macbook?

The new normal has pushed almost everything to digital. From schoolwork, ordering food, and even significant business transactions, online is the way to go. However, to mark a successful closing of a deal, contracts are always needed.

So, the question “where do I sign?” is now replaced with “how do I even sign a document?” Depending on what devices and OS you’re using, it may not be as complicated as you think it is. If you’re looking for ways on how to do this on your MacBook, then you’re in the right place.

Here are some fool-proof methods on how to sign a document from your device.

How To Sign a PDF Document

PDFs are some of the most common ways to share digital documents. They’re easy to secure from most forms of tampering, but there’s a catch. It’s inevitable that when filling out PDF forms or documents on your Mac, you will need to sign things.

Now you could print out the PDF, sign it by hand, and scan it back to your computer as another PDF. However, that takes time, equipment and may not be acceptable depending on context. The internet is full of sites like, which extol the virtues of digitally signing your PDFs.

Most sensitive PDFs have security features attached to them. This can stop you from editing them or even printing them in the first place. Digital IDs are like a certificate of authority which a lot of PDFs have as well. Creating a new PDF with your signature won’t have the original certificate, which could get rejected.

So you’re better off learning how to add your signature to the existing PDF. First thing’s first, use Preview to edit and sign the PDF. You’re on a Mac, so you should use the best tools for the job.

Once you’ve opened the Preview app and opened your PDF, find the “sign” button. It will look like a small, scrawled signature. If you can’t find it anywhere, you’ll need to find and press “Show Markup Toolbar” first.

Once you’ve pressed the signature button, you’ll see a window with instructions pop up. It’s never been easier to sign a document.

Preview Gives You a Variety of Options

Mac Preview lets you create and add your signature in 3 main ways – through your trackpad, camera, or iPhone/iPad. The trackpad tends to be the most intuitive option with the least amount of work.

Follow the instructions, use your finger to draw your signature on the pad, and press any key to continue. After you’ve clicked done, you’ll see what it looks like, and if you don’t like it, hit clear and redo it. Your Macbook’s camera also offers another way to attach your signature.

It’s great for those with a signature too complex or difficult to replicate on the trackpad. Start by writing your signature on a physical piece of white paper. Hold the paper up to the camera, making sure your signature lines up with the blue line on the prompt.

Give it a second to pop up in the window and hit done. You’ll have a perfect replica of your real-world signature. The final way is using your iPhone or iPad.

Choose the device you want if you have more than one, and use your finger or the Apple Pencil to sign your signature. Many find it easier to sign on their touch screen device than the trackpad. Whichever option you choose, pressing done will save your signature on Preview.

Click sign again and select your new signature. You can change the size and move it wherever you need. Thanks to iCloud, you can access your saved signatures on your other Mac devices.

How to Sign A Word Document

If you’ve ever had to work with word documents on Mac, you’ll know how painful it is. Signing a word document, in particular, is a nightmare, with most methods involving way too many steps. It shouldn’t be this difficult, and luckily, it isn’t.

The easiest way to sign a word document is to use Preview and your screenshot command to cheat the system. Start by finding a blank white space on your document, then press Command+Shift+4. This will allow you to draw a box over a section you want, taking a screenshot of what’s in the box when you let go.

If you open the blank screenshot with Preview, you’ll be able to use the signature button precisely like with a PDF. Choose which option you like from the prompt window – trackpad, camera, or iPhone/iPad – and add it to the blank image. Save the image with your signature, and then drag the file onto the word document.

Presto! Resize it a bit once it’s added, and you have yourself a signed word document in under a minute.

How to Sign a Document on iPhone

Sometimes life is busy, and you don’t always have access to your Macbook on the go. Wouldn’t it be easy if you could sign an important emailed document right from your iPhone? Well, you can, and it’s easier than you think.

Your iPhone comes with a built-in Mail app. If you’re running iOS9 or newer, you can use it with Markup preview to sign PDFs and other documents. Start by opening the attached document as a preview in the Mail app, then press the toolbox icon.

You’ll see the signature button pop up. Tap it and sign the document with your finger. Press “done” and drag it to the size and position you want – it’s that easy.

If you hit reply, the Mail app will even send your signed version automatically.

It’s Easy to Sign A Document on Mac

While compatibility issues still appear, the days of Mac frustration are disappearing. Preview makes it simple to sign a document, even on Windows products like Word. It’s even possible to create and add signatures straight to your iPhone and email.

For those looking for even more info on how to utilize their Mac devices, look no further. Our site has plenty more to offer and peruse.

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