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Getting bombarded by scam calls? You’re not alone

Scam calls started being common cases of stealing information or money by calling people and presenting a “gorgeous” offer for some kind of product or service.

“Sellers” of this type are all using the same strategies: they call people more or less randomly and then start, with a surprising confidence in themselves, to share the incredible qualities of some product that finally, if you think well, you maybe do not need. But they can be so insistent and not let you leave the call before you give them your credit card data or personal data that in other situations you wouldn’t provide. It is essential, in situations like this, to know what attitude to take, in order for your data to be kept safe.

Steps to take to avoid scam calls – check the phone number

First of all, you will need to and you can double check the number calling you, just before answering or giving any personal information. You can use a free tool called Werruft , created in order to help you find out who calls you and so avoid to be fooled by fake sellers. 

Block Unwanted Numbers and Calls

Another strategic attitude that you can adopt is to start blocking Unwanted Calls. You have an option to block unwanted calls and suspicious numbers. You can check on internet how to do that, according to the type of your mobile phone. And as people use to say: better prevention that treatment, right? In this direction, you can better avoid talking to suspicious people and not allow them to try to fool you.

How can you recognize a suspicious number or suspicious seller calling you?

You will be able to recognize sellers with bad intentions by the way they are presenting their offer, emphasizing too much the qualities of a product. But what do they need to do after realizing it is an illegal call and the seller has bad plans? Checking the number will allow you to make sure the number is not safe, in the first place. Using the tool mentioned above will allow you to avoid losing time and talking to people with bad intentions. And this is the right thing to do.

Hang up the discussion

Finally, you can choose to simply hang up and end the discussion if you feel it starts badly and people do not have sincere intentions, but bad interests. Let’s say that maybe it’s not a scammer call, but you feel that specific call is suspicious and what the company does is illegal, you always have the option to hang up and finish the call, then eventually block the phone number.

These are a couple of advices for you to apply and take care of you, while keeping your personal data safe. If you take them into consideration, you will avoid unpleasant situations. Feel free to share the information with the ones around you, if you feel this has been useful. People need to know they are not alone and there is still kindness in the world. They need to know that even if there are a lot of people with bad intentions and willing to steal their data or money, there is still hope for a better tomorrow and there are still trustworthy people, caring one about the other.

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