Himalayan Salt Block, its Uses, Benefits, and Recipe

Himalayan Salt block is a large, short round, and square type salt slab, made up of hand-mined Himalayan Salt, extracts from the foothills of high mountains of Himalayas. Wholesale Salt blocks give a new touch to modern cooking and grilling. It is beautiful in color this color is due to the 84 basic minerals other than NaCl in it. These 84 minerals not just blessed it with an extraordinary color but also enhance its properties, by providing a unique and fun way of cooking, grilling, and serving while adding fantastic matchless flavor.

Salt blocks with their original unique look give an exclusive touch to our cookware. Commonly used cooking material is considered to be harmful to human health in one or another way, in contrast to this Salt slabs are 100% natural products with all its reserving benefits. Cooking on salt Block may be a new idea but it is definitely one to be explored. Aside from its attractive look, cooking on Himalayan Salt brick has a rainbow of benefits that we will discuss below.

Himalayan Salt block Cooking Benefits.

Nowadays, awareness about the use of Salt slabs is widely spreading and people making it a very essential part of their kitchens due to the long range of its benefits.

  • Salt have a fantastic heat resistance and distribution quality that is essential key for any good cookware. Salt blocks are exceptionally heat resistant, that’s why they are not just good for cooking or grilling but also for chilling.
  • Using a salt block gives a delicate salt flavor to our edibles rather than overpowering it. The addition of flavor is due to the low porosity of salt block.
  • If we microbiologically examine the structure of Salt it is made up of Sodium Chloride’s crystals,

This crystalline structure of the Himalayan Cooking slab is good for maintaining a specific temperature that is the key factor for grilling and chilling foodstuff.

  • Salt is a natural anti-microbial product so it is fit option for and excellent serving,
  • Cooking on Himalayan Slab infuse 84 essential minerals to our also add a beautiful color and look to our cooking material

Himalayan Salt block uses.

There are various ways in which we can use Himalayan Salt blocks in our kitchen. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • Himalayan Salt used for cooking meal.
  • Used as a serving plate to present our food in a decent and pleasant manner.
  • Grilling on Salt slab is the best way to add a different flavor to our food.
  • Salt slabs are efficient for curing meat especially fish or beef.
  • Best product to present our food either it is hot or cool
  • Salt blocks also use in preservation of different food stuff.
  • As Dry-aging Salt block, it is used in dry-aging process.
  •  Can also be used as substitute of cooking pans.

Himalayan Salt Block Recipes.

As there are many ways to use wholesale Himalayan Salt block so there are so many ways to make it an essential figure of our recipe. There are some very important points that we all should keep in mind while grilling or cooking on Himalayan Slab. Here are some tips to use properly Himalayan Cooking Slab.

  • First make sure slab is dry and at room temperature.
  • Always start heating your slab from low temperature to high.
  • Once it is reached to our desired temperature then allow it to stand on that specific point.
  •  Now it is ready to use. Make sure it is properly heat up and ready to cook on it.
  • Once properly heated cook directly on its surface.
  • It is the property of Salt Slab that due to the unique crystal structure it distribute heat from one crystal to another.
  • It is ideal to use for meat, seafood, vegetables and anything that in which you want tint of salty flavor.
  • Himalayan Salt block due to low porosity, it adds a milder taste to our food.
  • Use hot slab very carefully, because it retain a specific temperature for a long time.
  • Avoid using fat on cooking slab it will affect your slab’s life.
  • Try to use less surface as much as you can to avoid over- salting.
  • Anyone can use salt Slab for baking in same pattern in which we usually bake.

How to clean Himalayan Salt Block?

It is the method of dealing and cleaning your Himalayan Salt that defines the age and cleanliness of your salt slab. Usually, the salt slab age is 2 years. And we can use it maximum times in this duration.

Note some of the key points to clean and store your Cooking slab.

  • Allow your salt Slab to get cool back to room temperature.
  • Don’t use water directly to cool down. It may happens in crack or breakdown of your Slab.
  • Never wash your slab directly under water because salt dissolves in water.
  • Always use sponge or scrubbing pad to clean the surface of your block.
  • It is better to use same side of Salt Slab to have long time advantage.
  • After cleaning your slab dry pat your block dry and leave it on dry rack for some time.
  • Then store it at a cool and dry place.
  • If there is humidity in air always wrap your Himalayan Salt slab before storing it.

Thus we can say that usage of the Himalayan cooking slabs is getting very common nowadays due to their overwhelming properties and unique color combinations. Due to its chemical composition of NaCl and other 84 traced minerals Slab has numerous health benefits as we discussed above.

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