Why You Should Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, contractor, or employee at a construction site, the true cost of construction accidents can be high. If you have lost a loved one in an accident on the job site, it is likely that you will need to hire a construction accident attorney in New York. In this article for The Construction Law Blog, we’ll explore the main reasons why you should hire a construction accident lawyer.

Why do You need to hire an Attorney?

When you get injured on the job, it can be tough to figure out which workers’ compensation laws you’re entitled to. Many people don’t know how much they’re eligible for or where to file a claim. So they hire a contractor’s insurance adjuster or an attorney. However, contracting with a general contractor is worth considering because it can cost more in the long run. When you are a victim of a construction site accident, it is important to hire a construction site accident attorney. A lot of people who have been injured in construction site accidents will tell you that they should have hired an attorney earlier in their case.

Types of Construction Sites

Different types of construction sites include residential and commercial. Residential construction sites include building a home, adding onto an existing home, or remodeling an area of the home such as the kitchen or living room. Commercial construction sites can be for office buildings, hotels, apartments, schools, shopping centers, warehouses, and more. Construction accident attorneys are necessary for these types of projects because they can protect you from liability if something goes wrong on your project that causes injury. There are four main types of construction sites: residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional. Residential construction sites are typically found in residential areas. Commercial construction sites are found in the business district or downtown core. Industrial construction sites are found in industrial areas. Institutional construction sites can be found anywhere on campus grounds like hospitals and colleges. Construction sites are inherently hazardous, as they have many highly flammable elements such as construction materials, scaffolding, and power tools. As a result, construction workers are susceptible to serious injuries that may require medical treatment and lost income for months. 

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Hiring the wrong lawyer can lead to frustration and costly mistakes. When a construction accident happens, it is critical that you find someone who knows how to handle construction accidents. When dealing with negligent contractors, safety professionals recommend hiring an attorney who specializes in construction accident litigation.

When Should I Call an Attorney

If you are involved in a construction accident, it is important to understand your legal rights. There are many reasons to hire a construction accident attorney, including insurance disputes and property damage claims. If you have been injured, your attorney will work with you to figure out what the best course of action is for your situation.


The construction accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Muroski, LLC offer free consultations and will work to provide you with representation for many types of construction accidents, like accidents involving defective materials or property damage caused by negligence.

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