12 Hot Chess Players to Look for This Year

Males playing a sport is a common sight, but imagine females playing a sport that males mainly dominate; well, it is a sight to be seen. Similarly, we all know that Chess is a male dominating sport, with the majority of the players being male.

Moreover, a male chess player match is ok, but imagine watching a chess match of female hot chess players. Yes, most of us would prefer watching the female chess matches.

Similarly, in today’s article, we have prepared a list of hot chess players judging not only their looks but also their talents and skills. So stay focused on digging more about them. And who knows, you can find some secrets about them.

12 Players Chess Players Search 2022

Most important before we start rating, let’s notice that the list is not seriously. Because each player called here is the same talent, no one is less than anyone else. We can all understand that this rank is a simple belief.

1Dorsa DerakhshaniIran23
2Alexandra BotezCanada26
3Anna MuzychukUkraine31
4Tatiana KosintsevaRussia35
5Elisabeth PähtzGermany37
6Antoaneta StefanovaBulgaria42
7Anna Yuriyivna UsheninaUkraine36
8Anna RudolfHungary34
9Ayelén MartinezArgentina28
10Anna ZatonskihUkraine43
11Stavroula TsolakidouGreek21
12Lanita StetskoBelarus28

Lanita Stetsko

Lanita Stetsko is a weld weld-Russian chess champion. Keeps a lot of chess card titles and a respected athlete in the chess world. In addition, the name of grandfathers also grandfathers in 2015.

Similarly stabs international women’s houses in 2016. He also played for Belarus in Women’s Chess Olympiads (2010, 2012).

Moreover, Stetsko represented her country in the European Team Chess Championships 2013. Above all, after two years, she is the recipient of the 2013 FIDE International Women Master (WIM) award and the FIDE International Women Grandmaster (WGM) title.

Stetsko is not only talented in playing Chess but also in her degrees. She graduated from the Belarussian State University in Business and Management Technology Institute. She is among the hot chess player who you wouldn’t want to miss. 11. Stavroula Tsolakidou

Stavroula Tsolakidou

Stavroula Tsolakidou is in 11th place on the hot chess rankings. The Greek International is known not only for its beauty but also for its titles. This means that she holds the title of International Champion and Grand Master of Women.

In addition, the 21-year-old beauty won the U14 Women’s Chess World Cup in 2013. This led to the title of Woman FIDE Master.

Stavroula Tsolakidou is a flowering plant. (Source: Wikimedia)
Stavroula is also the holder of the Woman International Master 2014 title. In addition, she won the World Championship for Girls Under 18.

Stavroula also won the Italian Women’s Team Championship, where she played two matches and won two of them. Most importantly, Stavroula Tsolakidou is the number one Greek player of 2018. She has also been voted “the most elegant chess player in the Internet community”.

Anna Zatonskih

Anna Zatonskih is the 10th hottest leaderboard in the world. The 43-year-old beauty is an attractive and talented chess player.

Anna holds the title of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. Similarly, the Ukrainian four-time U.S. Women’s Champion coaches and competes in international tournaments worldwide.

Well, it seems Chess runs in her DNA because both her parents are professional chess players. Moreover, her father is rated 2300, whereas her mother is a candidate master. Likewise, you would be astonished to know that Zatonskih beat her mother at the age of 14. He also played on the team of the American Olympic Games in 2008, which later won bronze. In addition, she is the mother of the child, but she does not intend to quit.

  1. Ayelén Martinez

Move to ninth place on the list of hot chess player, we have Ayelén Martinez. A very talented chess player is known for her chess skills and beautiful appearance and appearance. In addition, instagram models are also models.

In addition, Martinez is also an international international master (WIM) with 1479. He also loves several children’s champion panic. And was a member of the Argentine Olympic Team.

In addition, he gave the classes of coaching students to adults and students. Like him he also provides online lessons for the blind, interested players and Spanish at the same time.

Anna Rudolf, 34, is a Hungarian chess player who holds the FIDE International Master and Woman Grandmaster titles.

  1. Anna Rudolf

In addition, Rudolf is great and has a lot of followers on Instagram (78.2 thousand in October 2021). He is also a popular chess sensation because he has worked as an analyst and commentator on many tournaments.

Similarly, outside of her chess career, she is also a TV reporter, chess broadcaster, freelance edutainer, Yoga/Zumba aficionado.

Rudolf tasted success at a young age after qualifying for the World Youth Chess Championships; she finished in the top ten under-12 girls’ division (1999).

Likewise, she became a three-time girls’ national champion at the under-12 and under-16 youth levels and the under-20 junior level in Hungary. In conclusion, Rudolf is a beauty with talent and dedication.

  1. Anna Ushenina

Anna Yuriyivna Ushenina is a Ukrainian chess grandmaster who was Women’s World Chess Champion from 2012 to 2013.

Besides having a smart brain, Anna is also equally blessed in terms of beauty. Her sheer presence on the chessboard will be enough to take your breath away.

Her killer eyes have an intimidating effect on her opponents. Wherever she goes, peoples admire her presence and attractive looks. Uhenen won the European Championship in Mamaia. It’s the tip of the iceberg; Makes a lot of titles and prestigious prizes. In addition, Ukrainian Hottie is evaluated by seventh hot chess players.

  1. Antaaneta Stefanova

Bulgarian Hottie Antaaneta Stefanova is on the sixth list of hot chess list.

Stefanova’s charming face and heart-racing eye contacts are sure to leave a lasting mark on her spectators.

Antoaneta Stefanova. (Source: Instagram)
In addition, she is a chess grandmaster and Women’s World Champion (2004 to 2006). Similarly, She represented Bulgaria in the Chess Olympiad in 2000 and has also been representing Bulgaria in the Women’s Chess Olympiad since 1992.

Most importantly, Stefanova is an eye-catchy chess champion and a member of Parliament for There Is Such A People as of 2021. Moreover, she was also nominated as the party’s candidate for the prime minister position.

  1. Elisabeth Pähtz

Ranked fifth on the top hot chess player list is Elisabeth Pähtz. Pähtz is an attractive professional chess player known to shine on the chessboard and the spectator’s eyes.

Moreover, she holds the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. Pähtz also won the German Women’s chess championship in 1999. Similarly, Pähtz became the World Youth Champion of the girls under-18 in 2002 and the World Junior Girls Champion in 2005.

Additionally, Pähtz won the bronze medal in the women’s World Rapid Chess Championship in 2017, followed by the European Women’s Championship in rapid Chess in 2018. Also, she won the bronze medal in the women’s European Individual Chess Championship 2019.

4. Tatiana Kosintseva

Tatiana Anatolyevna Kosintseva is a Russian professional chess player. She is number four on the top list of hot chess players. He also holds the title of FIDE Grand Master.

In addition, Kosinceva is a two-time European champion and also a three-time Russian champion. One way or the other, Kosintseva has definitely taken to her Russian gene for being such a hottie.

Likewise, Kosintseva’s blue star-colored eyes are sure to charm spectators and her opponent.

  1. Anna Muzychuk

Anna Olehivna Muzychuk is a 31 year-old Ukrainian chess grandmaster. She is in the third position on the top hot chess player list. Anna Muzychuk. (Source: Wikimedia)
Similarly, Muzychuk was the fourth woman to cross the 2600 Elo mark. In July 2012, it successfully achieved a rating of 2606.

In addition, she won the Women’s Rapid Chess World Championship in 2016 and the Women’s Blitzschaak World Championship in 2014 and 2016.

Even for his attractive personality, appearance and talent, he specializes in playing under the pressure of the times.

  1. Dorsa Derakhshani

Iranian girls are famous for their appealing looks and sharp features. However, Dorsa Derakhshani does prove it to be a fact. Given her pleasing personality and heart-racing body language, she falls at the number two spot on today’s listing.

To clarify, she is an Iranian professional chess player representing the United States. She started playing for the United States after Iran banned her from playing for the Iran national team or playing in any tournaments in Iran after she played in the 2017 Gibraltar Chess Festival without wearing a hijab.

However, given her conflict with Iran, Derakhshani is exceptionally outstanding in Chess. Dorsa bagged the Asian Youth Chess Championships gold medal three times (2012, 2013, and 2014). Besides, she is also a journalist for FIDE.

  1. Alexandra Botesová

Not only for Canada, but all over the world, Alexandra Botez is the hottest professional chess player. That’s why it’s number one on the hottest chess charts.

In addition, Botez is a professional player and commentator, streamer on Twitch and youtuber. It streams and publishes chess videos on both platforms. Since October 2021, it also has 471,000 followers on its Instagram.

Alexandra Botez (Source: Instagram)
Similarly, the American-Canadian chess player became a five-time Canadian National Girls Champion and won the U.S. Girls Nationals at the early age of 15.

Above all, she holds the International Chess Federation title of Woman FIDE Master. Also, she achieved her highest FIDE Elo rating of 2092 in 2016.

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