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How often to change bedsheets – Expert’s tips

When was the last time you got a fresh set of sheets for your bed? Having a good home cleaning routine is essential when it comes to living a joyful life. In fact, the external order displayed is but a glimpse of our internal state of being. 

One essential and sometimes neglected aspect of cleaning relates to our bedding clothes. If you are the kind of person who washes your clothes until the laundry basket is full, you probably more often than not find yourself without any fresh clothes at hand. Well feel no shame, many people get busy with other more evident chores, forgetting about laundry. Now, when it comes to bedding clothes, it is very important to keep an eye at the frequency with which you change them, as this has a direct impact on the quality of your night’s sleep.

Creating a changing routine

Now, how often should the linen be changed for a healthy, refreshing slumber? Before landing on a determined number of days or weeks, it is crucial to know the reasoning behind sleeping under fresh sheets. Your sheets can make a bundle of unpleasant things you can’t notice, just think about it: dead skin cells, dirt, dust mites, rests of food (depending on your habits), and so on. So, although changing every two weeks is a common rule of thumb, you may need to adjust this number depending on your particular needs.

Decisive factors to consider

Probably you already have an idea of the adequate frequency for changing your bed sheets. However, this list will help you make sure you are not missing any important consideration. Your linen need to be changed more regularly if any of these apply:

⦁ You struggle with allergies or are hypersensitive to dust
⦁ You tend to be a sweaty person
⦁ Your cat or dog sleeps with you
⦁ You are used to eat in your bed (meals or snacks)
⦁ You have a medical condition which requires to have a clean environment (i.e. wounds, burns)
⦁ You don’t shower before sleeping or taking a nap

A poor cleaning routine

If you fail to change your sheets as much as you need, you will be exposed to several illnesses, mainly caused by bacteria, animal dead cells, fungi, bodily secretions and oils, etcetera. Although this is a risk for everyone, the chances of developing a sickness increases if you already have a medical condition, such as asthma or skin infections.

Always be prepared

The best way to keep a changing routine is hands down by having an extra set of sheets ready beforehand. If you are not used to this yet, you will be glad to incorporate this habit into your cleaning routine. So, you can start thinking about the best bed sheets to buy and get yourself a couple of extra sets, in this way it is easier to have them ready and just make a quick changeover. Remember that taking care of your personal hygiene is one of the cheapest ways to stay healthy.

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